Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A MUST Do - Free Kids Fishing Clinic & Fishing Trip Every Sunday with Dana Wharf - Review

Fish On!!! Dana Wharf Fishing Clinic for the Kids...

At Dana Wharf in Dana Point there are a lot of options you can choose from for a quality fishing experience.
Thank you for inviting us nit to experience one of those. All opinions are our own.

There are fishing options of half day, three quarter day and even all day fishing with Dana Wharf.
My husband and I have done one other sportfishing trip and it was not the greatest catch and left us wanting more time on the water.

When we learned about the Kids Fishing Clinic held free on Sunday's we totally got excited!

Our kids love to fish but, at ages 7 and 11, sometimes it gets challenging to know the right weights, bait and depth of water when fishing on our own.
The kids found out about the different types of fish in our local ocean and about sustainable fishing.

The clinic was bout 30 minutes and perfect to give the kids basic info on beginner fishing. They also held a raffle for all the kids on board.


All of this is made super easy with Dana Wharf sport fishing.

You can bring you own rod. Reel and weight or you can rent then on site.
Live bait is included as well as parking permit as needed.

Don't forget fishing license is needed for anyone 16 years and older.

On The Water
Purchase a fish bag for $2 and enter the pot for biggest catch for $5 if you want to... my hubs came in 2nd place.. so fun.
Our whole family appreciated the helps of the deck hands. Tanner is amazing and took his time with everyone helping each family.

We began to fish and the Captain decided to move to another spot. Good thing he did... we dropped our lines and immediately felt bites!!
We all started to reel in and it was not easy but sooo fun!! The thrill of the catch hehe.
I would suggest bringing gloves to use while reeling in. Reel and reel and reel... my son even sat down to keep reeling...

The water depth off of the coast of San Onofre was about 300 feet .. that's a lot of reeling.
Fish on.. two fish on.. 6 fish on!! With 4 rods we landed 6 fish.. on double hooked lines with a 14oz weight!!

My kids we ecstatic and floored in their proud moment.
Dropped lines and kept catching fish!! Score we landed a good catch. Within two hours we scored reeling in over 35 fish on our 4 rods alone!
Red snapper, rock fish and sand dabs.... amazing catch!!
All that fishing makes you hungry!
You can bring you snacks onto the boat or you can purchase fresh burgers, hot dogs and more on board too.
Look at this cheeseburger... hit the spot after a few hours at sea reeling in my fish for dinner ha!

Now What!? What do you do with your fish!?
We love fish so we couldn't wait to get home to fry some up and grill on the bbq!
The deck crew will clean your fish for $1 each and have them ready to go for you by the time the boat docs.

You can also bring a bag and pack up your own to take home as is.
We caught over 35 fish! We have enough still here at home in the freezer for a few more meals and that's perfect for passover and Lent too!

Best Trip!!
We had such an amazing time out with the crew from Dana Wharf that we can not wait to return.
I suggest bringing sweaters and a blanket for littles as it gets cool even on a warm day.
Bring waters and sunscreen both help on the water even if it's cool out.
Autism tips...
Let the crew know of any special needs. They arevtruely empathetic and so patient... they have a love for fishing and just want the kids to love it too.
We brought anything my son would need as far as blanket and snacks. He had the best time and worked so hard with Tanner reeling in for hours they he crashed on the way back in to the docks with his blanket in hand.

We enjoyed the fresh air, the breeze, the experience and family time.
I would totally suggest giving it a try and bonus is that when you do the Kids Foshing Clinic the kids are free and well more rods on the water means more fish too!
Happy fishing everyone... for more info you can head over to www.danawharf.com and also check out some of our video on the water under my highlights on Instagram under Fishing!

Keep up with all the fishing and whale watching fun with #danawharf #danawharffishing and #danawharfwhalewatching . 


  1. omg, 35 fish?!?!? u guys hit the jackpot. congratulations, that sounds like an amazing time.

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