Monday, April 27, 2015

Bear Awareness Day at OC Zoo

    Bear Awareness Day at the OC Zoo is coming up ! 

    On May 2nd from 10an to 4pm the OC Zoo will be having their Bear Awareness event. The event will be held at the OC Zoo, inside of Irvine Regional Park. 

    • Come learn more about bears and have fun at the OC Zoo! Activities include crafts for kids, special zookeeper chats about bears, and a learning station where you can find out more about bear conservation and research, how to “bear proof” camping sites, and what to do if you see a bear.
    • Reservations are not needed.
    • Zoo admission is $2 per person; ages 2 & under free.
    • Parking fee is $5 per car.

    For the flyer and detailed information on the event please see HERE !

    We love Irvine Park and all the fun that is to be had so we gladly support the Zoo and all efforts to raise awareness for any and all animals !

    Have a great week ! 

    Sunday, April 26, 2015

    Disney On Ice Review

    We had a blast at Disney On Ice Worlds Of Fantasy !

    Disney On Ice Presents Worlds Of Fantasy 
    Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt 

    We love to enjoy activities and spend time together as a family. One of our favorite traditions every year is Disney on Ice ! There are so many different shows and new shows created yearly that we just can't get enough! 

    This year was a bit different for us. My son, who is in an ABA behavior and speech based program, attended with us for his first show at 3yo !

    Seated and Ready for the Show !
    The hubs had to work so we brought
    Papou aka Grandpa 

    Popcorn - So festive 

    Cars Fun for my Boy ! Happy Smiles !
    Kicking off the Show - ChEARs from Mickey and Minnie !

    There is so much going on in each show of Worlds Of Fantasy ! 

    First up in the story line were the Cars of Radiator Springs. They were all there. This is my son's most favorite movie, ride and play set. We all enjoyed the fun that Tow Mater, Lightning and the crew brought out onto the ice ! Kachowww !
    It's LIGHTNING !!!!! The cars were awesome on the Ice!

    Next up was... can you guess ?
    The Little Mermaid... my daughters most favorite movie and princess of all time.
    The skaters and props are spot on to the story line. The lights the sound.. just perfect with the action going on !

    Ariel and Eric Defeated Ursula and lived Happily Ever After ! They did... we saw it !
    Wishing we could be part of her world we watched as Ariel and Eric left for their castle.

    Whats this ? Always a surprise and in the air ? It's Queen of all the pixies and shes here to make sure that Tinerbell has everything set and ready, even if Vidia is trying to get her into some thistle trouble! So So SOOOOO cute ! It really was like watching the movie live. They did a great job of rolling it all into a portion of the show.


    Pixie Hollow is safe and just in time cause up next was Toy Story and all the mania that goes along with these awesome toys that come to life for Andy !

    Everyone was there... from the Green Men, the Claw, Aliens, Lotso Bear and all our usual favorites that have been in all three of the Toy Story movies. Again, an amazing effort to create a mini story with in a story to keep everyone very entertained !

    He may smell so good but he sure is a naughty bear !

    In the end all is right in the World Of Fantasy ! We had so much fun !

    My daughter sang along and danced in her seat. My son loved every moment of Cars and Toy Story and was stuck on Little Mermaid since it's one of our most favorite rides to ride. He lasted the whole show. He did get a bit tired towards the end and wanted to kick off his shoes.. yes I know... but hey he is 3 and after being a super good boy for 2 hours plus intermission ... he deserved it.

    Here are some of the super cute and fun souvenirs that you can get before or after the show !

    Hope everyone has a chance to see one of the Disney on Ice shows... up next for us (we already bought our tickets) is Disney On Ice FROZEN ! Do you have your tickets yet ? We know they will sell out fast so that will be a mom daughter date we can look forward to beginning of next year !

    Love our Disney Fun ! 
    Thanks Feld Entertainment for putting on such an awesome round of shows !

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    Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with 30 million people in attendance at its shows each year. Feld Entertainment’s productions have appeared in more than 75 countries and on six continents to date and include Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, Monster Jam®, Monster Energy Supercross, Nuclear Cowboyz®, AMSOIL Arenacross, Disney On Ice Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt, Disney Live! Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt and Marvel Universe LIVE!  More information about Feld Entertainment is available online at #Ad #Spon We were given tickets to attend the show for review and blog. +Stonyfield Organic 

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    Thank You ClubMomMeOC ! Spring Family Fest

    Family Fun For Everyone ! ClubMomMeOC Spring Family Fest - AMAZING !

    Thank you to Club MomMe and all the partnerships from brands that made Spring Family Fest such a memorable event !

    Photo Credit ClubMomMe Oc

    My daughter an I were super excited to attend together. Last year at the Fall Fest she was unable to attend since she had a birthday party to go to, so this year she was looking forward to kid tweeting all about it. Even better, we met up with our blogger friends +So Cal Pocket Memories and let the girls explore together !

    Walking the Red Carpet ready to tweet about Spring Fest !
    There is so much effort put into family first at this event ! From the get go walking in you are stepping down the red carpet into an event for families, about families and catered around families !
    +Club MomMe does an amazing job of making sure that nothing is left out.

    Just some of the amazing brands that are featured at ClubMomMe Spring Fest
    Check out the SWAG bags that everyone was receiving as they entered... It was so much that the suggestion was to take it back to the car cause of the weight !


    We had to check out the VIP breakfast, you know, while our girls worked their social media angle.

    Kid Bloggers Zoe and Lali post a pic of their breakfast.
    Fresh Fruit, Granola, Yogurt, Bagels, Juices, Coffee and more.

    Breakfast - done.. and we are ready to have some fun !

    I was so excited to run into the winner of my ticket giveaway - They are the cutest ever !

    Winners of my Giveaway, Melissa and her sweet girls. 

    Let the fun begin... the girls knew exactly where to head off to, and we followed !

    Thanks so much for the sugar rush of fun ...
    All you want Cotton Candy - YES PLEASE ! 
     With happy girls and happy mamas it was time to check out all the brands representing at Spring Fest. There are so many and a lot of my favorites !

    Learning a lot about Essential Oils lately.
    The Healing Family from Young Living were there to chat.
    +Essentia Water - One of my favs. So glad you were there to keep my hydrated ! Love it ! 

    +Califia Farms (Corporate)
     - I had the Cold Brew Coffee and it was so good. +Califia Farms 
    My kids cant get enough of these - not going to lie, I like them too ! Fresh.

    Probably MY most favorite item at the event... +JuJuBe Kids +tokidoki diaper bag ! YES PLEASE and THANKS !

    Zoe's most favorite park of the event ... A closet on wheels.. she was sold !
    Possibly the best all around products out there ! IMO - +Babyganics 
    So many quality products to check out and I found myself so stuck on the Cambria Booster Seat by Diono ! I know this sounds crazy BUT I also have a 7yo that is the size of a 10yo. Most booster seats do not work for her and her height and weight for that matter. I am loving the fact that it converts to a backless booster and goes up to 120lbs ! I KNOW RIGHT ! I really want to get my kiddo into one and see how she does. 

    Another family favorite for us is +AquaBallDrink ! My kiddos have liked +AquaBall for a few years now so Zoe was so excited to tweet about it ! 

    "Blog It"
    Future of Social Media right here ! 
     While Zoe was checking out the aqua ball drinks, I was totally brainstorming when and where I could take this crafty little sidekick ! The Summer Born Free Gear team was there and I fell in love with this light weight, easy to pack up and out, shaded play/nap area ! I was told they are available at +Right Start .
    Perfect for Beach, Parks or anywhere - with a cover too !

     As a mama, I had a great time checking out all the brands and products I love. As a kiddo, my daughter wanted to dip into the fun fest part.. so we did...
    Thirteen Apples was on hand
    to let everyone create their own!

    My baby loves to get her face painted... always has ! They did a great job ! Thanks Living Fit Kids and Couture Paintings OC !
    She just LOVED it so much ! 

    We gave the girls the opportunity to color and play in the play date area while we listened to some speakers. These moms, dads, advocates and doctors are so passionate and educated on what they stand for it's inspiring !

    Thank you for all the efforts you all give and are giving to spread awareness of all hot topics including, but not limited to, autism, vaccinations, importance of social play and so much more !

    They KNOW their stuff - such a great panel !


    My baby and I had such a wonderful time at Spring Fest and we were able to test out and check out a lot of awesome family brands ! We are grateful to have been invited to attend !

    In our walkabout we were also give a new chapter book called "Pachas Pajamas" by, Aaron Ableman and Dave Room. It came with a CD as well for younger kids called, "We Are All Connected".
    I will be reading the book with my daughter and enjoying the music as a family. Please look out for our review in future blog post ! We are excited.. thank you Aaron ! You are doing great things.. keep it up ! 

    There was so much to see and so much to do ! Jillian, who created the app for moms called +MomCo App  is just the sweetest most friendly mama ever ! She is doing great things for moms in a big way .. check her and her app out ! 
    and...We had to check out the photo booth before we left... the girls had so much fun in there. There was a lot of props and it was easy to get in and out of ! If your looking for a friendly and fun photo booth I suggest you check out iHeartMomoPhotoBooth !
    Pretend City is always there to support kids, moms, families and pretend play for all ! Thank you to +Pretend City Children's Museum for handing out citizens passes - we love to play at Pretend City.

    ClubMomMe THANK  YOU !
    Rocking the Red Carpet 
    Four girls having a blast at Spring Family Fest !
    Thank you Club MomMe 

     With a bag of goodies in tow and a lot of fun had, we walked out of ClubMomMe's Spring Family Fest with faces painted, tattoos sprayed, cotton candy eaten, brands discovered, products demonstrated, smiles and ready for the next Club Mom Me event !

    Speaking of swag... here are some of the awesome finds we discovered in our bag of goodies when we got home !




    Huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this event rock our socks ! We look forward to the next one and wanted to tell EVERYONE over at Club Mom Me what an awesome job the whole Club Mom Me OC team did ! Thank you for the invite and the amazing speakers could have run on for another hour and I would have kept listening !

    Until Next Time - Have fun and enjoy your family time ...
    OntheGoOC & OnTheGoOCKid

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