Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A HIT with the family - Farm Rich Meatball Subs *GIVEAWAY*

A HIT with the family - Farm Rich Meatball Subs

Easy Peasy - Yes, a dinner that is semi homemade but tastes completely fresh and everyone loves it!

We have never tried Farm Rich foods before. When I was given the opportunity to make, try and serve a meal made from one of their products, I jumped at the chance.

I always cook at home but sometimes I just don't feel like sweating it at all.

I was given two coupons to select an appetizer type and a full meal from their smoke house line.

My family is SUPER picky about meatballs... I am Greek and my parents made everything from scratch especially meatballs. So I was really interested in tasting the ones that Farm Rich offers.

I chose the Original Style Meatballs and decided to go with a simple dinner - Meatball Subs with Cheese on top.
I started out by simmering as the directions say and slowly added the pasta sauce to it. I added a bit of pepper and a pink of garlic salt. Cause that's how Greeks are. I let it all simmer together and covered it all for about 10  minutes. I basically would only make the sauce from scratch if I had more time but jar sauce is just perfect for this fast tasty meal.

Ready to serve... So easy and so perfect for the crazy day I had. I even packed some up for my hubs to take to work! Loved it all around and will be doing this meal again...soon.

Thanks to +farmrichsnacks for the tastes and for sending me two sets of freebies. One was for me and the other... I will be doing a quick giveaway on my Facebook Page  so head over to OnTheGoOC and comment on the Giveaway post your answer and one lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a voucher for a free appetizer and a free smokehouse selection to try out for themselves!

ANSWER THIS QUESTION ON MY BLOG - leave answer on my facebook page as a comment...
If you win, what recipe will you try at home!?

Also you can follow Farm Rich along on their social media too - Farm Rich Facebook  , Farm Rich Twitter , Farm Rich Instagram

You can check out some of their recipe tips as well!

What is your favorite snack or meal to make that is Semi-Homemade?!
Share with me!

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