Thursday, October 20, 2016

TOP SLIDERS Perform a Special Collaboration at Queen Mary Dark Harbor Plus Recap Of Event

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor has the best Sliders Coming at YOU!

I had such a blast at Dark Harbor this year. The intense feeling of the Mystery of the Ship itself creates that extra spooky feeling for me. 

I love the use of the ship for some of the haunted mazes. There is something about walking through feeling the historical vibes as you take each step up, down and around the ship itself. 

One of my favs.... "Is she looking at me?"

The Photo Opps are hands down awesome! Creepy enough yet... hehe

The dark path ways, living quarters, stories of the pool and other ghostly tales create the most amazing atmosphere for a perfect Dark Harbor!

There are monsters and spooky ones everywhere and what I liked is that the Sliders don't just slide at you but totally give a performance. 

It was fun to watch them attempt limbo Sliding down the walkway past us still creeping us out. 

I can not wait for next year to see what Scary Mary, the Captain and all their ghostly crew have conjured up to make me scream. 

Check out this creepy video of Scary Mary I got while on the Queen Mary Ship! Yikes... that's real enough for me! 

I have to add that there are sweet snacks and food to take a break with. Refuel so you can ditch the scary monsters and make it thought a maze with energy haa!

The Screaming Festive fun does not stop there... Something special and unique is headed to give Dark Harbor even more clout!

Have you heard?
Dark Harbor Presents the Top Sliders from Across Southern California with a Special Collaboration Performance!

SoCal’s Most Elite Sliders Take Over Dark Harbor for the First-Ever Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma

the Sliders of Dark Harbor - PC:Queen Mary DH

HOW COOL IS THIS! They were amazing at Dark Harbor and did some pretty special tricks not just sliding and scaring!

Here are the deets:

WHEN: Wednesday, October 26 at 9:30pm and 11:20pm

WHAT: The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, SoCal’s most terrifying haunt, will welcome elite sliders from across Southern California to perform in the first-ever Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma for one night only on Wednesday, October 26 with two performances at 9:30pm and 11:20pm.

For one night only, Dark Harbor will push the artistic boundaries of sliding by bringing the best sliders from across Southern California to the authentic haunt. Creating a spectacular demonstration of talent and skill, Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma, will entertain guests with jaw-dropping tricks, high-speed slides, scares, and more. With metal plates strapped to knees and gloved hands, the sliders will effortlessly and speedily move across the ground in synchronized patterns for a frightfully fun choreographed performance.


Dark Harbor
The Queen Mary
1126 Queens Highway Long Beach, CA 90802

If you go, I would love to hear all about the event!

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