Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Century Stadium 25 & XD Theater by Cinemark in Orange Upgrades Your Movie Going Experience

Best Movie Going Experience In Forever! 

We loved our movie theater experience at Cinemark Century Stadium 25 & XD Theater in Orange.


It's been a while since we went to the movies and last time we were at the drive in. Sometimes it's just a bit more comfy with our own seats and car to lounge in.

Thanks to Cinemark we had the best movie night. My daughter and I went on a date and had so much fun... all opinions are our own.

The upgrades to comfort and overall experience are really amazing. The reclining seats are so spacious and comfortable it was like being at home... but... there was also a food tray so we could eat while we watched. 

Eat we did! We ordered popcorn and movie theater coke, as we call it, but we didnt stop there. 

We devoured the deluxe nachos and some candy too. They also have multiple full snack bars with hotdogs, ICEE machines and even serve alcohol.... Why not!


The space between rows is plentiful since the reclining chairs do just that. Not only can you sink into the seats and stretch out but they are heated too. I know right! 

Don't get too comfy or you may end up being tapped by a friend to wake up or in our neighbors case by his wife to stop snoring. Hehe. Talk about relaxing in the moment. 

We loved it so much and as a mom of two that wants to come back with my family I love that you can sign up for their free movie club and recieve $5 admission on Tuesdays! Yes please. 

Our experience was awesome and we can not wait to return for more movie memories. 

Up next... Frozen.. we have to go back for it!

Full deets on the renovation and rejuvenation of Century Stadium 25 Theater...

Cinemark Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s largest and most influential movie theatre companies, announced that construction on Century Stadium 25 and XD theatre has concluded. 
This renovated theatre includes customer preferred amenities including heated Luxury Loungers, an additional Cinemark XD auditorium and cosmetic interior and exterior upgrades. 
This upgraded theatre will include a variety of new amenities such as:
  • Two Cinemark XD auditoriums – featuring the number one, private label Premium Large Format (PLF) in the world; 
  • 25 auditoriums featuring Cinemark Luxury Loungers – electric-powered, plush, oversize recliners with footrests, cup holders, swivel trays and heat-controlled seats;
  • Reserved seating with online, kiosk and app ticketing capabilities;
  • Expanded seating area in the Café; 
  • Revamped interior and exterior with fully refurbished carpeting and newly painted facade.
The Century Stadium 25 and XD theatre is located at 1701 W. Katella Ave., Orange CA 92867 within the Stadium Promenade. For more information on showtimes, click here.  
Stay connected with Cinemark at cinemark.com and through Cinemark's social media channels at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Cinemark or #Cinemark). 

We hope you get to experience the luxury of movie going at an affordable price soon too!

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