Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Silva's Fresh Eatery & Churrascaria Foodie Review

Calling All Brazilian Eats Lovers & Those That Have Not Tried But Should!

Silva’s Fresh Eatery + Churrascaria is delish and offers a variety of dishes with their buffet offerings.
Known to be an OC favorite for Brazilian and international fare, they have announced multiple updates including the addition of new meats to their diverse Chef’s Table.

We just dined in last week and had a lunch date with all the fixings! The ambiance and d├ęcor are welcoming and bright.

I've never had a Brazilian dining experience and this is with a twist. While there's fresh food and a lot of it, you serve yourself the majority of it buffet style.

While you can order appetizers like the Yucca fries and other off menu items the main meats & treats to explore are in the buffet.

The buffet has everything from salads, hummus and veggies to main home-style dishes that bring Brazil to Orange County.

Full of flavors, seasonings and the taste is as if there was someone's grandma in the back making it all.

There's also a full bar for date night experience... just saying.


Know Before You Go..
The restaurant is now open Tuesday through Sunday and offers a $26.95 all you can eat dinner with an expanded menu of proteins for their guests.
Silva’s Fresh Eatery + Churrascaria, which is located in the popular South Coast Metro area has added new meat offerings to their Chef’s Table which includes an eclectic selection of modern Brazilian fare and international favorites.


Guests can now enjoy Pork Ribs (marinated in lime juice & spices) and delicious Leg of Lamb (boneless) served alongside their already popular offerings of Picanha, Tri-Tip, Garlic Picanha and Skirt Steak.
An all you can eat lunch for $22.95 is available Tuesday through Friday and dinner for only $26.95 Tuesday through Sunday.

Silva’s has also unveiled their all-new $15.95 Power Lunch which is now available Tuesday through Thursday from 11:30am - 2pm. Hungry guests can enjoy a single pass through the Chef’s Table (4 oz of meat) and fill their plate with a wide variety of salads, local seasonal veggies, whole grains, internationally inspired sides and proteins that will please any discerning palate.

Silva’s also has happy hour offerings, which are available Tuesday through Thursday from 4-7pm. Guests can order half priced Brazilian pizzas, which include their Chicken Catupiry, Margherita, Four Cheese Bianco and their best selling Calabresa.
During happy hour guests can pull a seat up at their full bar and order $4 well drinks, $5 beers, $6 wine glasses and $7 specialty craft cocktails.
You can get all the deets here... https://www.silvasfresheatery.com/
Both my husband and I agreed that the Garlic meats were our favorite!

Do you have a craving yet or an idea of what you'd like to try?

One thing we forgot, probably since we were so full, desserts. They have a Brazilian Flan I really wanted to try... looks like I'll have to return!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Highlights From Universal's First Ever Minion Run! #MinionRun #UniversalStudios

Universal Studios Hollywood Gets Off to a Running Start with its “Minion Run,” Marking the Theme Park’s Inaugural “Running Universal” Series of Fun Runs 

We are Bananas over the Minions!! Minions Run Fun from Universal Studios Hollywood...

How cool is it that Universal Studios hosted this awesome event.
The Minion-themed 5K took place on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12, and gave participants an unprecedented insider’s view of the theme park and movie studio.

The course started at Universal Studios Hollywood’s iconic front gates, went winding through the historic backlot and finished at CityWalk’s 5 Tower stage.

Race started: 6am and the race ended: 7:30am

We really hope to attend the next event and my kids are super excited to hopefully participate!

 I'll have more information on the next Minion Run soon.


Monday, April 29, 2019

The LEGO Movie 2 Review Plus #Giveaway Cause This Songs Gonna Get Stuck Inside Your Head...

Loved it!! Everything is Awesomer!

Get ready to sing, dance in your seat and move your feet... 

Sing along here to get into the awesome mood.
We love The Lego Movie 2 and can not stop singing the most catchy song ever! 


Let's address the Elephant in the room... Okay I can not get enough of the one liners that cracked us up during the film.

The Lego Movie 2 is funny, entertaining and creatively done to show a good story line we can all relate to as parents and kids.

This songs gonna get stuck inside your heeaaddd...... We are so thankful to have been invited to attend a launch party kick off event for The Lego Movie 2 at the WB Studios in Burbank. (Hosted)

I loved that Emmet and Lucy as well as other Lego Friends were on site to snap pics, dance and play with the kids.

We were able to sit back and enjoy some Lego building and cookie coloring with the kids.

I love The Lego Movie 2 since it was meant to do just that.. sit and play together.

My kids often get on each others nerves but I remind them they are 4 years apart and one just ants to play with the other or see what the other is doing out of pure interest.

It is nice to see that once again Lego puts the effort to show family values and the importance of pretend play.

Thank you to WB & The LEGO Movie 2 for the Epic Tacos for lunch too...

Okay lets get to the Movie right!?

Here are the deets on the release and combo packs.

It’s time to go where no brick has gone before when “The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part” arrives on 4K UHD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD Special Edition and Digital. The much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed, global box office phenomenon that started it all, “The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part” reunites the heroes of Bricksburg in an all new action-packed adventure to save their beloved city.

Reprising their starring roles from the first film are Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Jurassic World”) as Emmet; Elizabeth Banks (“The Hunger Games” movies, “Love & Mercy”) as Lucy, aka Wyldstyle; Will Arnett (“The LEGO® Batman Movies,” TV’s “Arrested Development”) as LEGO Batman; Alison Brie (TV’s “GLOW,” TV’s “Community”) as Unikitty; Nick Offerman (“Fargo,” TV’s “Parks and Recreation”) as MetalBeard; and Charlie Day (the “Horrible Bosses” movies, TV’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia”) as Benny. They are joined by Tiffany Haddish (“Girls Trip,” “Keanu”) and Stephanie Beatriz (“Short Term 12,” TV’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) as new characters Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi and General Mayhem, respectively, and Maya Rudolph (“Bridesmaids,” TV’s “Big Mouth”), as Mom. 
Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Animation Group present, in association with LEGO System A/S, a Rideback/Lord Miller/Vertigo Entertainment Production, “The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part.” The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc of The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part” will feature a Dolby Atmos® soundtrack remixed specifically for the home theater environment to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead. To experience Dolby Atmos at home, a Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver and additional speakers are required, or a Dolby Atmos enabled sound bar. Dolby Atmos soundtracks are also fully backward compatible with traditional audio configurations and legacy home entertainment equipment.
The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part” will also be available on Movies Anywhere. Using the free Movies Anywhere app and website, consumers can access all their eligible movies by connecting their Movies Anywhere account with their participating digital retailer accounts.
Fans can also own “The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part via purchase from digital retailers beginning April 16.
It’s been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are now facing a huge new threat: LEGO DUPLO® invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than it can be rebuilt. The battle to defeat the invaders and restore harmony to the LEGO universe will take Emmet (Chris Pratt), Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett) and their friends to faraway, unexplored worlds, including a galaxy filled with fantastic planets, strange characters and catchy new songs. It will test their courage, creativity and Master Building skills, and reveal just how special they really are.

“The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part” 4K UHD Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack contain the following special features:
·         Everything is Awesome Sing-along – Sing-along, trivia, games and more!
·         Commentary – Fun behind the scenes commentary by filmmakers
·         They Come in Pieces: Assembling The LEGO Movie 2 – Featurette highlighting A-list voice talent including Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Tiffany Haddish
·         Emmet’s Holiday Party: A LEGO Movie Short – Holiday themed animated short
·         LEGO Sets in Action – Animations of the LEGO product tied to The LEGO Movie 2
·         LEGO Designers – LEGO toy designers highlight key play sets in TLM2 product line
·         Outtakes & Deleted Scenes – Never before seen scenes
·         Super Cool Music Video – Music video by Beck featuring Robyn and The Lonely Island
·         Promotion Spots – Fun custom spots featured during the theatrical campaign
“The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part” DVD Special Edition contains the following special features:
·         Commentary – Fun behind the scenes commentary by filmmakers
·         They Come in Pieces: Assembling The LEGO Movie 2 – Featurette highlighting A-list voice talent including Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Tiffany Haddish
·         Emmet’s Holiday Party: A LEGO Movie Short – Holiday themed animated short
·         LEGO Sets in Action – Animations of the LEGO product tied to The LEGO Movie 2
·         LEGO Designers – LEGO toy designers highlight key play sets in TLM2 product line
·         Outtakes & Deleted Scenes – Never before seen scenes
·         Super Cool Music Video – Music video by Beck featuring Robyn and The Lonely Island
·         Promotion Spots – Fun custom spots featured during the theatrical campaign
  and... thank you for always supporting our adventures and letting us know what you too like to do, see and or want us to review.

It's giveaway time.... thank you to Warner Brother and The Lego Movie 2 - Good Luck All!


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Universal Studios Our First Family Visit - All You Need To Know Plus Autism Tips & Something I'd Never Do! #UniversalStudios

Universal Studios Hollywood is Pure Movie Magic Brought to Life

First Visits Are Always The Best... We've waited a while to visit Universal Studios Hollywood as a family.

It's a big step to take to enjoy everything Hollywood Movie Magic with kids and one on the Autism Spectrum.
Thank you to Universal Studios for having us out to experience Dark Art show on the Hogwarts Castle. Not only did we enjoy wizarding entertainment but we explored the park early beforehand! All Opinions are my own.
Since it was our first visit I thought it would be fun to do a complete separate post on just that! Tips and feedback on our 6.5 hour day at Universal Studios Hollywood. You can find our blog post on all things Wizarding World of Harry Potter here.
The lay out and navigating Universal Studios
There is really no way to start or finish as we found that returning to all the lands or parts of the park were a must to see more.
When you enter the main gate and of course take that iconic shot... grab a map and pick a starting point. Snaps some photos of your favorites along the way!

Upper and lower lots are filled with things to do but main events and shows are on the upper lot.
We were told by a Universal team member that it's best to take the Studio Back Lot Tram Tour during the day so that we would be able to see everything. So I'm passing along that tip.
The lower lot is stair or escalade accessible. If wheel chair is needed you can take an elevator down one leave then catch a bus ride to the bottom. Always a way to help everyone enjoy.
Jurassic World will be open later this year but you can peek at the construction going on coming down the escalators or riding up.

Lower lot you will find Transformers and Mummy Rides. Both are amazing and the whole family rode them.

We totally loved both rides. Lockers are available to store your goodies.. do it.. not only is it asked and suggested but the ride is super bumpy and crazy fun so just keep your bags safe!
The upper lot has just about everything else.
Catch that Studio Tour Tram and enjoy an hour of so much interactive movie set history it will keep you on the edge of your seat. So much so that my son had to swap over to the middle from the window seat.. haha!

I love that I now know how my parents felt watching my face as Jaws went by the tram when I was a kid. Priceless really!

Growing up the Simpson's were always a comedic relief weekly from school or soccer so of course we had to introduce the iconic funny family to our family.. right!? Yes.

Everything you can imagine seeing on TV is exactly what you walk around on site at Universal Studios.


My sons favorite is the Despicable Me movie line... he's a huge fan. Who am I kidding we all are.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hogwarts Castle Overcome by Dark Arts Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood is Wizarding - A Must See! #DarkArts

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Is A Must See In Person

It's whimsically magical, with a twist of dark wizardry, the Dark Arts At Hogwarts Castle is magnificent for all ages to see.

While our recent trip, our first family trip, to Universal Studios Hollywood we were privileged to catch a preview of the new show. All Opinions are my own, thank you Universal for the experience.
Step into Hogsmeade and walk into a whole world of Wizarding adventures....
I was in awe watching not only what was happening right in front of my eyes that seemed like reality but also listening to my kids ask if the Castle would be okay cause we could see the inside!
We've seen a few videos on YouTube and they just don't do justice to seeing something like this in person. I can not rave enough about the reality you think you are seeing while the lights and even drones used captive you in those 7.5 minutes of the show.

If anyone is sensitive to loud noises, bright lights or effects be aware to see a video on line and prep for any special needs. There is closer up viewing and further back so that may help too
Inside Hogsmead it is really as if you were on set walking the streets and ready to shop for your wand, pet, sweets and robe.

Around Hogsmeade
Ready to board the Hogwarts Express... must do photo stop.

Everything  about the Wizarding World is just potterhead amazing. One could get lost in the shops for hours and come out with many things from wands to chocolate frogs. A must right.
There's two rides,  a roller coaster that is pleasantly smooth and fun for the whole family and of course one inside the castle.

Keep an eye out in line and on the ride for special effects that bring you right into the movie as you remember it!

Everything about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is so cool there is just no other way to say it. We loved it!!
Ideally we would have loved one more hour to brows around and look at all the fine details but more of a reason not return.
There is a lot to see and so we could have spent the whole day there really.