Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feed Your Chick-Fil-A Need TWICE !!!

Receipt Day is BACK at Chick-Fil-A Foothill Ranch !

Today is the biggest day of FREE all year at Chick-Fil-A Foothill Ranch !! 
Whatever you buy today, receive again for FREE any day in January!
Plus buy one get one free on all party trays! 

Hurry in! We are open till 6pm today!

Get a snack while you finish up your Holiday Shopping !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Kick off 2015 with a repeat of your meal today


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More info at the FB page for FR CFA HERE

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Love Showing My Disney Side !

#LoveOurDisney !

Hope I am chosen to host a !

How do you show your ?


I will keep updating as I know more but I am so overjoyed I was sent an email to apply for this !

#ChEARs to all !

Goodnight Neverland......

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nutcracker - Evening Version - Part 2

What!? Another Nutcracker performance?! YES and it was Awesome!

Not only were we blessed to view one great Kids performance of the Nutcracker but we were headed to our 2nd performance for our mom and daughter fun! 

This performance was made possible by +Parenting OC Magazine , who graciously gave us 4 tickets to attend the performance of the Nutcracker at Huntington Beach High School, put on by Ballet Etudes of Huntington Beach ! 

Thank you to Ashley over there for the amazing night you were able to give to me so that i may take my daughter out. We are beyond grateful.

We decided to invite another mom and daughter to attend with us and enjoy the performance as a girls night out ! I could just see my almost 3 yo causing his own show lol. Oh My !

We met up with our friends at the High School. Huntington Beach HS is so rich in historic architecture. Its just beautiful to stare at and stand in the middle of. The theater is grand in its years of standing there in historic Huntington - a few blocks from the beach. 


As mom's of a 7 and 8 year olds we decided, that since this was NOT a kids version but one with no narration, if the girls could not last the 2 hours we would understand and be grateful for the time they did last. 
They were so excited to head into the theater and see where we would be sitting! We grabbed our program and looked around then went to our seats to get ready for the performance.

Zoe immediately asked if there was anyone that would come out and tell us the story as it was played out ?! I said , "no baby not at this performance - it's a bit more adult that this morning"
Since her friend had never seen the Nutcracker Zoe decided she would share what she saw earlier but narrating the main story as she remembered it.

So sweet and it was beautiful to see two young ladies chat about the theater and all it's perfection.

We may just have a few theater lovers... I know my girl loves to be on stage and perform (she's been doing that since the age of 3) but I am in love with the possibility that she just may be my theater buddy!

The first half was done and the performance was so good and captivating that none of us noticed that it had already been an hour!

We got a snack and sat outside to chat about the first half. The girls were in awe of the performers and how beautiful they looked on stage doing their best to entertain us all playing out the story line of the Nutcracker.

I can say that us moms thought it was great so far too ! Love going out with this mama and her girl !

We asked the girls if they were ready for the second half and of course they wanted to rush in to get to their seats and see more ! We were proud mamas !

Second half was just as wonderful as the first. The performers were spot on and even the little ones were adorable to watch light up the stage with their endless efforts. 

The movements of all the performers were flowing and the performance was over before we knew it. 
This is a group that leaves you wanting more. Great job team Ballet Etudes! You were able to entertain two thirtysomething moms, a 7yo and an 8yo for 2 hours in a theater.... You all ROCK!

After it was over the girls just did not want to leave... they were running in and out of the lobby telling all the performers what an amazing job the did and how much they loved watching them! 
We even took a pic with one of the "Spanish Dance" dancers cause that was their favorite.  

What a performance ! What a night ! What a great time spent with my daughter and friends !

Great job Ballet Etudes for an awesome performance and one more HUGE thanks to Ashley / Parenting OC Magazine !

I hope you get to check out a performance of the Nutcracker soon too ! 
I know we will be back for more-

Thanks for reading, 

For more info on the cast and Ballet center please visit Ballet Etudes .

For more info on an awesome parenting and family magazine please visit Parenting OC Magazine on their facebook page HERE .

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Nutcracker Weekend - Morning Version - Part 1

It was a Nutcracker weekend for us over here !

We were blessed to be able to enjoy two performances of the Nutcracker this past weekend. 

This was our first ever live performance for Zoe and I, even though we have read the story many many times. 

Our first go was at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts featuring Pacific Symphony , Nutcracker for Kids !

This was an event that our girl scout troop set up for us all.

A few days before the event we were getting excited but that all came to a halt when we realized that we had misplaced our tickets. Not the whole troops but just ours. 

To avoid any more crying and panic from my 7yo I contacted the box office and the most amazing people were so helpful! 
I would like to thank Emily, Chuck and Louise for not only making sure that my daughter and I were able to get to our seats but took such great care of us they deserve a huge WERE GRATEFUL shout out !

Now on to the show....
these girls were so excited and so ready to see the story of the Nutcracker live.

 There were Carolers caroling and the mood was set - so perfect !

When we entered there was Nutcracker decor everywhere. The girls really seemed eager to get to their seats and get ready for the show. 

The view from anywhere in the Renee Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall is very nice ! We were up top and in the center. 

The show itself was perfect for younger kids. It was about an hour and partially narrated. I say partially because the narration was not the entire time and it was done so well it allowed the adults to enjoy it if they have never seen or read the story themselves. 

The kids and cast were amazing! They did such a great job of entertaining our kids while allowing them to experience a classic on stage. 

I am beyond grateful that we were able to enjoy this as mother and daughter. She had so many questions about theater after it was great!

I must admit that there was also a 35 min show when we got home - that is how inspired my lil entertainer was after the event!

We got home and my baby was so eager to share what she just saw and how much fun she had. 

Little did she know that our mom daughter surprise later in the evening was another performance - a bit ore mature but none the less, after seeing her at the morning performance, i knew she'd love it!

Thanks again to our troop leaders for setting it all up and we are beyond grateful for the top notch customer service we received from the box office and the management ! Thank you !

If you have never read the story of the Nutcracker, I totally suggest it, as well as seeing it live. I'm not a huge theater person but my daughter is . What I am huge on is bonding and living outside the box so trying new things and seeing my kids smile are all that matter! 

Try New Things !
Thanks for reading -

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Kids In The Kitchen - Yes Please !

Kids In The Kitchen - Last Event in December at Renaissance ClubSport !

Have you heard of Kids In The Kitchen at the Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo ?
Well, wow that was a lot of fun! My daughter and I both enjoyed the event in it's entirety. 

Ready to go enjoy some Holiday fun baking up a storm... 

I had never been to ClubSport AV so I was extremely excited to check out the all around family activities they have there ! I did not realize it was more than a hotel... well is sure is!
I should start by saying that the lay out and the decor is so beautiful. When you enter you immediately get greeted with smiles and a feeling of welcome. So we walked right in and were advised that our Kids In The Kitchen Event was outdoors, poolside under cabanas .... yes please!

The Chefs were awesome and had everything set up ready to go for the kids !
The kids were ready to get going and so eager to mix, make, bake and of courser try out their creations! Haa! Not going to lie... once I heard they were making Chocolate Chip cookies and Apple Tarts I was all over that!


So much fun for the kids and so messy everyone was enjoying the time outdoors learning to bake !

While the kids were busy "baking" we were able to chat with Elena who is in Membership and Christi who is the Jr. Programming Director... both awesome ladies that are out to help families get the most of the Club Sport.

As we chatted and the girls colored and listened to a story, our yummy goodness was baking away in the kitchen ! How cute are they waiting patiently ! Zoe and Emi are two peas to an "I'm up for anything fun with my mom" girls to a pod ! hehe !
Our goodies were ready a short time later and we enjoyed them - they came out perfect. All the kids and parents were so excited that it was a success .. we had to have a taste, naturally ! SOO GOOD ! 

WIN WIN WIN ! What an awesome morning spent with my girl ! We both had so much fun baking and eating .

After we took a tour of the facilities and I was blown away by just the KIDS WORLD setting. There is multiple rooms for muti aged kids, plenty of fun activities, games and crafts for all kids to do! I wanted to stay and check out more but my own kiddo at home was needing me so we had to leave a bit before we wanted to... my daughter was devastated in tears she wasn't able to stay and play more.. that's how awesome this Kids World is people lol !

There is so much that ClubSport AV offers for the whole family. I wanted to highlight just a few of the fun and education, yes I wrote educational, things that are offered to members and NON members ! Yup you can get in on the fun too, even if you are NOT a member ! How awesome is that !

Here are a few.. just a few of the programs offered for the whole family at multi levels. 

What I thought was brilliant ?! They have a huge emphasis on education and learning!! Check out more details and ask them about their ClubSport University! Hello?! How super genius is that... have your kids in a bit of extra learning and get your exercise or relaxation on in house there a few feet away from where your kids are! (Drop off programs are also offered!!!!)

It really is all around family and individual hidden gem ! 

Are you still looking for something special to do for the Holidays to see Santa ?! There are limited spots still available for their Breakfast With Santa event. This event will take place Sunday, December 21st at 9:30 am.. more details call and see HERE . Spots are limited!

Well okay I could not leave out one for the adults, so here is one weekly event that can even be for the guys! Build Your Own Bloody Mary ! Details below..

We enjoyed ourselves and I for one can not want to get back to check out the spa and pool. I know that this was looking great to my kiddo and she was read to dive right in ! 

Looking forward to returning to take part in more of the fun and fitness that is offered for one or all at the ClubSport in Aliso Viejo !

Check out the Kids In The Kitchen event and see what else you will want to return for !

Special Thanks to Family Review Guide and Christi for inviting and setting up this awesome event ! Can't wait for the next one ! 

Happy Holidays, 

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the New Canon Camera at Best Buy is Picturesque - Lights Camera Action !

the New Canon at Best Buy ! Lights Camera Action - Holiday Season !

 Happy Holidays to you !!
We love everything about the Holidays in our house. The smell of cinnamon, the trees going brown, yellow and orange and of course the decor going up everywhere. 
These wonderful things make for the BEST pictures ! 
Not only do we love to dress up for the festivities these months, we also love to get into the spot light a bit for our Holiday cards. LOVE IT ! 
I have been in the market for a good camera for a while and the more I research the Canon EOS Rebel T5i, the more I fall in love with it's perfection. 
I am by no means a professional but to me it seems like the user friendly Canon EOS lives up to all other awesome Canon cameras... fun and ready to shoot . That works for me. It also has so many options that the professional Photog would be in shutter heaven . 
So here are some details on it and where to find it -
Best Buy is the ultimate destination for the latest cameras to capture your holiday memories. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is one of the best-selling DSLRs. This camera makes advanced photography easy and fun, and gives you exceptional image quality, along with a host of features to enhance your creative expression.
•      Capture Hollywood caliber full HD video
•      Continuous autofocus while taking HD video
•      Features an 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 5 image processor to ensure vivid, crystal-clear images.
•      The 3" vari-angle touch screen simplifies navigation.
Save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy*. (*offer valid 12/7-12/20)
Visit BEST BUY today for all the details on this awesome picture maker !
Happy Holidays, 
Here are some images of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Canon - EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-135mm IS STM Lens - Black - Front Zoom Canon - EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-135mm IS STM Lens - Black - Left Zoom Canon - EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-135mm IS STM Lens - Black - Back Zoom Canon - EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-135mm IS STM Lens - Black - AlternateView1 Zoom 
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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Hope For The Holidays" - Join Foothill Ranch Chick-Fil-A !

Local Give Back With Chick-Fil-A Foothill Ranch !

Let me start by saying I love our local Chick-Fil-A !
There is always a festive event(s) going on monthly.

It's always fun to enjoy a night out at a place where your kids can play and you can eat good food.

It's even nicer to see that the place you enjoy is making efforts to "Give Back" !

NOW through December 31st the Chick-Fil-A  in Foothill Ranch is hosting their "Hope for the Holidays" program.
Stop in or drive through and donate $6.00 to buy a "Hope Box Meal" for someone that needs it and is local to our community !

Chick-Fil-A is working closely with local outlets Saddleback Church and the OC Rescue Mission to bring some meals to those in need. Together we can reach the goal of 1000 meals given out !

This is a great way to spread joy through filling a belly !

If you are interested in participating in this - please visit Chick-Fil-A Foothill Ranch and help feed someone in need today !

Each hand delivered "Hope Box Meal" will include Chick-Fil-A Sandwich, Waffle Fry Kettle Chips, Chocolate Chunk Cookie and a message of hope.

The best way to help a neighbor in need is not to know who they are but just to give and let it snowball from there... we are all in need at different levels and we can be in anyone position at any time in our lives . I love that Chick-Fil-A is striving to show that community cares !

Details :

Proud to be a #ChickFilAMoms and to see our local community doing their part to give back ! Thanks CFA and partnering supporters for making this possible !


#HappyHolidays #ChickFilA #GivingBack #HopeForTheHolidays #HopeBoxMeal #CommunityOutreach #FoothillRanch #PayItForward #LoveChickFilA

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rainy Days in SoCal !

Indoor Fun without the Sun !

We love to be on the go out doors - but what do we do when we have to keep warm, avoid getting wet and stay dry ?!

Yes you know .. those occasional days in sunny #socal where it actually rains. Hello #OrangeCounty

This week has been tough already on the attention span of my son and just forget about my daughter who has been in doors for recess too so there's some bottled up energy .

We have already had one evaluation done at the early start for my son and have one more with a few appointments as well and its a rainy week.... we need it and I love the way it smells but... you know it always wets your day a bit no matter what ...

Here are a few things we like to do to keep busy and entertained with out just turning the t.v on for those Holiday shows that you know you get suckered into ...

Crafting - check it out.. you can make a craft, spend time with your kid a bit and also get some dinner done. Set them up with an Ornament making craft that you can pick up at Michael's for maybe $5 after the 40% or 50% off coupon they always have. They usually make 24ish.. some make 12 but either way you can get the ones that are ornaments with holes for pics and give them as Holiday presents to family and friends.

Cleaning - well now with our Elves in the house we have a bit more caution to our behavior. So thanks to Penny and Crawly - my kids seem to be a bit more eager to help, listen and do as they are told. Here is a great opportunity to ask that room to be cleaned since you wont touch it and neither will you 7 yr old ! (This is my plan for today lol)

Reading - I find it a lot easier to get into a book of any kind if i can cuddled up and its a bit quieter than usual. I tell my daughter the same. I let her know that we can each read for 20mins while we sit by the fireplace or cuddle foot to foot on the couch . Then we share what we thought about our reading.. This is new for us so were working up to 30mins.. neither one of us "LOVES" to read but were getting there !

Board Games - I have a LOT of old school board games that I have introduced.. Hasbro has led the games at our family game nights for years since I had nights like that with my family ! I really love Monopoly and now so does my daughter - what a great way to bond ! My son loves to play operation with us and he also loves to "help" count the money and cards while we try to keep it all tidy lol . Love it !

Blocks - Because I have an almost 3yo and a 7yo we have Duplo, Lego, preschool and stacking blocks.. we play these a lot. How high can we stack them ? Who can knock it over ? Who can keep it standing ? Who can build a castle ? Who can guess what I built ?

Oh did I mention Disney or Knott's in the Rain ?! Best.Day.Ever ! It's low crowds and just fun !

there are a lot of things we can do to keep busy while learning and or having just plain fun when it's raining out...

One of my most favorite things to do after the rain clears on a cool evening.. drive to look at Holiday lights ! So festive and fun and so winter !

What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids and or family when it rains ?!
Share !!

Thanks for reading and sharing !

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ride the Irvine Park Christmas Train for FREE this THURSDAY !


Catch a ride if you can make it  - FREE !

Please join us Thursday morning, December 4th, when KTLA Channel 5 and Henry DiCarlo will broadcast LIVE from Irvine Park Railroad to accept new and unwrapped toys for the Salvation Army's annual toy drive. 

Each person that brings a new and unwrapped toy will receive a free regular train ticket*. 

The broadcast begins at 4:30 am and continues through 10:00 am. Come and ride the Christmas Train and enjoy the Christmas Train activities at no cost this morning.

Ride the Christmas Train: 4:30 am - 7:30 am 
Christmas Train Activities: 8:00 am - 10:00 am
There will be NO COST to ride the train this morning only and you may bring your personal camera to take pictures with Santa.

Irvine Park Railroad will continue to collect toys for the Salvation Army through December 19th. Also through this date, each person that brings a toy to the train station will receive a free regular train ticket*.

This event may be cancelled by KTLA Channel 5 ONLY if there is major, breaking news. We suggest that you visit this page, our Facebook page, or Twitter before you visit the park for this event.

*Not valid to ride the Christmas Train

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Let the Christmas Festivities begin.... Kicked off the season with a visit to Irvine Park RR aka the North Pole !

Sunday Funday turned into Holiday fun with a trip to the North Pole at Irvine Park RR ! 

It was raining on and off most of the afternoon, so for a moment I thought we may not make it to Irvine Park's Christmas Train fun -
But with a little song and dance... rain rain go away...sung all afternoon in our house... the rain seemed to be spotty enough to pack up and get on with our fun!

I love seeing all the lights as we pull into the parking lot. It was the perfect weather for a sleigh ride or in our case a train ride to the North Pole to see Santa !

The Christmas Train was ready to board at our time and we hopped on with full excitement - lets do this and get to the MAN himself !

My daughter was giddy with Holiday ChEAR (Disney is always with me lol) and ready to tell the big man all her wishes and hopes for this Christmas. The lists were made and the kids were in line... oh my gosh it was almost time !
With a deep breath and a stare.. we were almost there. Waiting in line to meet Santa himself we sang and played with friends all around !
A magical night to see everyone happy and see Santa chat with my baby as she smiles ! Priceless to me -
We took lots of pics with Santa (you can bring your own camera) and got our candy cane for being on the nice list...

We rode the Christmas Train back to Santa's Village where there were games and fun waiting for us.
There is so much to see and so much fun to be had.... and if you are looking for a tree - check out their fresh cut tree farm - a first this year for Irvine Park RR !

A few notes :
 At the North Pole, visitors may purchase coffee, hot chocolate, freshly-popped popcorn, hot pretzels and cookies from the Elf House Snack Bar.

Visitors may take their own pictures with Santa or you may purchase a picture taken by Irvine Park Railroad. Each 5” x 7” photo will be presented with an Irvine Park Railroad border and available for pickup shortly after being taken.
After visiting with Santa, hop back aboard the train and enjoy the colorful Christmas lights and decorations, as well as the magical “Tunnel of Lights”, on the ride back to the station.When visiting the Christmas Train, remember to dress warmly, bring a camera and arrive early to avoid crowds.

The Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train is open on the following dates: THEY SELL OUT FAST !
Christmas Train Dates           Christmas Train Hours       Christmas Train Activities
December 5th - 6th                  5:00 pm – 9:00 pm              Activities open at 4:00 pm
December 7th                          5:00 pm – 8:00 pm              Activities open at 4:00 pm
December 12th                        4:00 pm – 9:00 pm              Activities open at 3:00 pm
December 13th and 14th         2:00 pm – 9:00 pm              Activities open at 10:00 am
December 15th through 19th  4:00 pm – 9:00 pm              Activities open at 3:00 pm
December 20th and 21st         2:00 pm – 9:00 pm              Activities open at 10:00 am
December 22nd and 23rd       4:00 pm – 9:00 pm              Activities open at 3:00 pm.

     While waiting to board the train, there are many activities for children to enjoy in Santa’s Village located next to the train station or you can always do like we did and play after you see Santa !

     Activities will open one hour prior to when the Christmas Train runs and include:
* Story Time with Mrs. Claus
* Christmas Cookie Decorating
* Carnival Games
* Ice Fishing
* Santa Claus Moon Bounce
* Christmas Coloring Corner
* Picture Stands          

We had a lot of fun with friends with Mrs. Claus and her home... its adorbs !

We love the stand out cut outs for pics ! Cute and fun for everyone !

**Prices for activities vary; for additional information and cost please see HERE . Tickets may be purchased online ONLY and can be purchased beginning November 1st. Tickets may not be purchased in person.**

Please click HERE to purchase Christmas Train Tickets now and for more details.

Don't forget to being your wish list !

Thanks to Irvine Park for a lot of family fun and entertainment. They really know how to do it and do it right for young and old !

We love going many times a year and sometimes just because.
Hope you get a chance to head over and enjoy the winter festivities too !

Happy Holidays,

More info on Irvine Park RR below.