Monday, December 15, 2014

Nutcracker - Evening Version - Part 2

What!? Another Nutcracker performance?! YES and it was Awesome!

Not only were we blessed to view one great Kids performance of the Nutcracker but we were headed to our 2nd performance for our mom and daughter fun! 

This performance was made possible by +Parenting OC Magazine , who graciously gave us 4 tickets to attend the performance of the Nutcracker at Huntington Beach High School, put on by Ballet Etudes of Huntington Beach ! 

Thank you to Ashley over there for the amazing night you were able to give to me so that i may take my daughter out. We are beyond grateful.

We decided to invite another mom and daughter to attend with us and enjoy the performance as a girls night out ! I could just see my almost 3 yo causing his own show lol. Oh My !

We met up with our friends at the High School. Huntington Beach HS is so rich in historic architecture. Its just beautiful to stare at and stand in the middle of. The theater is grand in its years of standing there in historic Huntington - a few blocks from the beach. 


As mom's of a 7 and 8 year olds we decided, that since this was NOT a kids version but one with no narration, if the girls could not last the 2 hours we would understand and be grateful for the time they did last. 
They were so excited to head into the theater and see where we would be sitting! We grabbed our program and looked around then went to our seats to get ready for the performance.

Zoe immediately asked if there was anyone that would come out and tell us the story as it was played out ?! I said , "no baby not at this performance - it's a bit more adult that this morning"
Since her friend had never seen the Nutcracker Zoe decided she would share what she saw earlier but narrating the main story as she remembered it.

So sweet and it was beautiful to see two young ladies chat about the theater and all it's perfection.

We may just have a few theater lovers... I know my girl loves to be on stage and perform (she's been doing that since the age of 3) but I am in love with the possibility that she just may be my theater buddy!

The first half was done and the performance was so good and captivating that none of us noticed that it had already been an hour!

We got a snack and sat outside to chat about the first half. The girls were in awe of the performers and how beautiful they looked on stage doing their best to entertain us all playing out the story line of the Nutcracker.

I can say that us moms thought it was great so far too ! Love going out with this mama and her girl !

We asked the girls if they were ready for the second half and of course they wanted to rush in to get to their seats and see more ! We were proud mamas !

Second half was just as wonderful as the first. The performers were spot on and even the little ones were adorable to watch light up the stage with their endless efforts. 

The movements of all the performers were flowing and the performance was over before we knew it. 
This is a group that leaves you wanting more. Great job team Ballet Etudes! You were able to entertain two thirtysomething moms, a 7yo and an 8yo for 2 hours in a theater.... You all ROCK!

After it was over the girls just did not want to leave... they were running in and out of the lobby telling all the performers what an amazing job the did and how much they loved watching them! 
We even took a pic with one of the "Spanish Dance" dancers cause that was their favorite.  

What a performance ! What a night ! What a great time spent with my daughter and friends !

Great job Ballet Etudes for an awesome performance and one more HUGE thanks to Ashley / Parenting OC Magazine !

I hope you get to check out a performance of the Nutcracker soon too ! 
I know we will be back for more-

Thanks for reading, 

For more info on the cast and Ballet center please visit Ballet Etudes .

For more info on an awesome parenting and family magazine please visit Parenting OC Magazine on their facebook page HERE .

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