Monday, September 29, 2014


OH MY ZOMBIES - I have never been so terrified ! 

When I first heard about Hollywood Sports I was totally interested in checking out the Air Soft guns and paint ball facilities . I mean what mama doesn't want to shoot stuff ?!

BUT, then I was invited to Media Night at HAUNTED Hollywood Sports ! 
Haunted Hollywood Sports is what the regular every day paint ball facility is transformed into for the month of October ! 
I was not sure what to expect... Would I get shot? Would I get attacked by Zombies? Would I get ditched in a maze? I wondered if I would even make it out of the "Safe Zone Base Camp"! I'M SERIOUS!

From the moment you walk to the gate, you know it's going to get real and super fast.  You can hear the trucks, the flashing lights, the creams and the excitement! 


Before the event & the amazing Jerry P & I . 

Jerry is awesome !
He promoted the event through bloggers and media and did a great job of all of it with the HHSP staff ! 

As we walked up to the event, we noticed that the staff was in character from the get-go and there was no getting around it ! Everywhere you turned there was either a commander telling you what military vehicle to get into or someone screaming that the Zombies were getting everyone !
It really helped you get in the mood for a scary night!  

We were calmed down with food, deserts and a bar !

 These Bartenders were awesome ! 

We previewed a lot of amazing frights !
I'm glad hes on our side !  
 After everyone enjoyed some down time and music, we were greeted by the owners. They were super interested in making sure that everyone had a good scare while having fun ! 
 The Zombies were then walked into the mazes that we were previewing and got ready for us to shoot at them ! Yes, I SAID SHOOT THEM ! How cool is that ! COOLEST EVER I'D SAY !
At this point I started to worry a bit.... I mean I was terrified and I knew what was coming. The Maze Preview! I swear my palms were sweating ! 

We met an awesome PR group! They helped ease the fear a bit when they told us that there would be 2 mazes for preview. One was where only WE shoot, and the other was a Kill Zone where THEY touch and shoot too ! WHAT ?! OMG !

So... I myself chose to experience the maze where I SHOOT and I am NOT shot at. I figured that would be the best option for me since my left side was a bit of an issue more than normal. This way it would be easier for me to walk through and shoot and not have to run and hide  

Thanks for the Tip Mak at BLK MGC Creative Arts ! Matt you guys rock !

Plenty of FRIGHT and SCARY SIGHTS at Haunted Hollywood Sports! 

Amazing Staff and People that attend these nights make the whole event the best Scare Night ever ! 

While everyone waited for their color and or number to be called there was an awesome side show and preview going on of the entertainment that is at the events ! 

This was super cool..This guy was insane and full of insanity ! Oh but soooo awesome to see !

There were signs everywhere of ZOMBIES and FEAR !!!!!!!

With our Media Passes on we decided it was our turn to go where girls scared to the bone go .... the maze where WE can shoot but NOT BE SHOT AT !!!!! lol haaaa SUCKERS !

We survived a walk through sample of what terror would run this place on the actual nights its going ! I am not kidding when I say that just hearing the names of the mazes makes me cringe ...

Also I should admit that as a first timer, OMG, that was insanely fun to be able to shoot and not be shot at lol haaa  -  Yeah - I loved it! 

If you get a chance to make it over to Haunted Hollywood Sports YOU REALLY should ! It is the most interactive fright and scare activity I have ever been to !

The interaction of the surroundings alone will make you scream and if that doesn't try one of their 

  • 4 Terrifying Interactive Mazes
    Fog Hollow, Legacy of the Blackstar Canyon, Fort Bedlam: The Asylum & Venom©
  • 3 Atmospheric Monster Scare-zones
    Carnival of the Damned, Dead Zone
  • 3 Deadly Killhouses (Additional Charge)
    Zombie Killhouse, Voodoo Killhouse & Last Stand Shoothouse
  • Evil Axis Shooting Gallery
  • Suicide Rock Wall
  • Group Photo Booth
  • Safe Haven Vendor Area

When does this 23 Acre of terror event take place ?
Dates and Hours of Operations are:
October: 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, [26], 31
November: 1st (Day of the Dead)
(Ticket Box opens 7:30pm. Gates open 8:00pm and close MIDNIGHT)
BUT.... to help get the SCARE PARTY started, I have been given the opportunity to run a GIVEAWAY for two tickets to one of the nights of this event ! 

If you win you can pick what day you want to attend from the days listed below !
 Choose between October 10,11,17,18,24,25 for this Giveaway !
Your General Admission to Haunted Hollywood Sports includes all 4 mazes, 3 Scarezones and access to the Safe Zone Vendor Village. 
All other attractions are available with an additional charge.

Enter the Giveaway Below : a Rafflecopter giveaway Enter NOW - GIVEAWAY ends on 10/6/14 !
MUST be 18+ to Enter and Win !

Good Luck to All who enter ! 

For more info on the Haunted Hollywood Sports please visit HERE 
For more info on the Sports Park itself please visit HERE
For more info on BlKMGC Creative Arts please visit HERE

**I was given Media Passes to experience the festivities at HHSP - Also I was given two tickets to run a giveaway to the event. All reviews, pics and thoughts are my own**

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Apple Picking ! Traditions for Fall in Oak Glen

Oak Glen - A family Tradition ~

For as long as I can remember, as a family, we have gone to Oak Glen for not just the Apple Picking farms but for so much more. 

It has now become a tradition for my own family, and as one of my mama's most favorite things to do, I will never let this one die out. 

It really is something special to take a short dive (about an hour) and arrive in fresh, clean and peaceful air ! The moment we step out of the car we feel like we are somewhere much further away . 

The drive up really is not bad and were coming from Orange County ! 

Headed in from Yucaipa, Oak Glen is basically one loop around, and very scenic any way you loop it. 
Starting from the bottom of Oak Glen Road you will see Parrish Pioneer Ranch - this is Probably my favorite of them all.. not the biggest but to me the best ! They have a special western live show with real action ! They have wine tasting and by wine i mean all kids, from apple to peach and much more. As if that is not enough fun they have all the apples, fresh candies and home made snacks you can ask for. Once you are outside don't forget to take pics on the pumpkins and stand up cut outs while you listen to the live music !If you cross the parking lot you can see live animals and awesome little shops to look and see what may grab your attention. More on Parrish Pioneer Ranch HERE !


FAMILY TRADITIONS !  0ver 40 years of visits ! My Moms Fav !

                BEST Peanut Brittle in Oak Glen !

The next Ranch up the Road is Oak Tree Village . This Village is just that !! A village setting with everything there in one strip and spot - food, music, fun and lots of stores to check out local goodies.
There is also a petting zoo here, fishing and also usually they have the jump houses up.
More info on this area of Oak Glen HERE !

Right up the road we like to make sure we stop at Snow Line (Info HERE)
Oh My you cant miss this apple house ! This is our other TOP Favorite Ranch ! Snow Line Cider Mill has the BEST Cider we have ever tasted.. well and brought home... yes we bring home a lot when we visit.
My Favorite is the Cherry Cider but we cant pass up the Apple Cider so we get both .. they also have a Raspberry Cider that is so fresh too but the kids chose Cherry this time !
One of our most favorite things to do while in Oak Glen is EAT.. and what better to eat than the fresh apple cider donuts .. yes you read that right.. and they are AMAZING ! We usually end up getting 4 bags of these babies just for 10 of us to share.. were addicted to them. Info on the donuts HERE . This is definitely a do NOT miss !
There is good food served and it is BBQ so if you are hungry for more than apple cider donuts you can enjoy a bite to eat.
At the cider mill they have rows and rows of raspberries - if you get there before mid September the chances of berry picking are good but towards October the berries are almost gone. Its our tradition to head up towards the end of the berry season but more into fall so we usually miss the major berries but we always ask to pay to pick and usually because there are not many left ... the amazing staff allows the kids to just pick a few from the outside and enjoy.. I mean really what a better tradition !?

We even had a handful to being home to make a few cups of fresh Raspberry Lemonade !

We got a few things on the way like some Fugi apples, Mini Cross Bred apples that were sweet but tart, some brittle and a few others things ..  but now it was time to YOU PICK ! 

We love to You Pick at Riley's Farm - But sometimes, because of its popularity and historic entertainment, it can get very crowded so we usually chose to visit the You Pick over at its sister spot of Riley's at Los Rios Rancho. This ranch is right up the street of Riley's Farm and has a lot of you pick areas to select from on two sides of the street. Quite a selection ! We stopped to pick here and we were able to pick up a few bags of Red Delicious and Spartan apples... so good ! More info on all Riley's farm fun found HERE 

You can work up an appetite picking apples so we like to take a rest, snap some pics and enjoy some lunch at Los Rios Rancho - where you can get BBQ, Honey sticks, apple pie, and our favorite snack the BBQ corn on the cob with all the fixings ! We usually do all of the above lol ! They offer hay rides too ! More info on Los Rios Rancho HERE !

There are so many options of things to do, see and be involved in that the day easily goes long with out it feeling like it ! 

We usually spend from 10am to 4pm or so up in Oak Glen and could easily spend so much more time.. but a lot of the ranches also close at 4pm or 5ish for dusk . 

I hope you get to take a day and visit Oak Glen soon !

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just Chopped a lot of my hair off !

OMG ! It was time but I still had some anxiety !

I should back up a bit and say that I totally punkd my 7yo for her free haircut she won at the Taste of Lake Forest !

I know right ?! But before I totally feel horrible about it, everyone who knows me knows that, the kids come first. But what does a 7yo need a style and hair cut for... besides she just got her trim before school started in September and the last time I went in for a professional hair cut was.. well... yeah.. that's now long.

I called Headline Hair Studio, in Lake Forest off of El Toro Rd, to make my appointment. They were super friendly and got me in at my convenience a few days later.

I was really nervous cause my hair has been long, I mean long, for so many years that I have to admit the anxiety was already making my palms sweat.. yup.

Here is my hair before .. it was too long to do anything fun with it and too much to keep maintained with style. Since its in between curly and wavy - I usually had it in two braids or one of just up !

I got to the hair studio and Lindseay was at the front desk greeting everyone.
I had my 2yo with me so I was hesitant if I should even keep the appointment or come back with out him .
I gave him a few things to snack on and Lindseay gave him a few clips to play with and we started.

So we all knew I needed a change and a good cut since it has been years. We looked at my hair and decided a good 5 to 6 inches would be good.

She started to cut and I took it much better than I thought I would .. I know that sounds crazy but I am telling you this is HUGE for me ! HUGE !

There it went.. falling to the ground like leaves from a tree in the Fall ... my hair was getting chopped...

My kiddo was doing great and he even fell asleep in his stroller. That was perfect.. Lindseay cut away as we chatted .

When she was done cutting my hair she asked what I wanted to do with it !? UHHH Do with it !? You mean not put it in a pony tail and go ...

She laughed and said it's not that hard to style a simple curl into your hair and ill show you .
So there she went.. she showed me how much hair to grab each time and how to wrap it around the curling iron. I was thinking I can do that at home !

I didnt even realize she was done . Shes awesome and my cut and style looked perfect to me ! I love it !
She also told me that my attempt to Hombre look (that I knew I messed up) my hair wasn't as bad as I thought since we cut so much off it kind of evened out... as i'm thinking to myself.. haa.. oh super.. im glad lol !

I totally love my cut and style and I really enjoyed chatting with Lindseay while she worked her magic on my hair !

Thanks Headlines Hair Studio

For More info on the studio please see HERE

Here is an after pic !

Lindseay and I - Awesome Hair Stylist !                           My New Style ! I just have to recreate it lol

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Friday, September 26, 2014

REVIEW - Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch !

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch Fun !

Clearly the best Pumpkin Patch in OC !

Irvine park is one of our favorite places in OC - I've been visiting since I can remember and now I love taking my family there - in fact i had my first birthday there.. so I have a special love for Irvine Park.

We take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch yearly and this time we were given the opportunity to attend the media day . We had the best time, as usual, and loved spending hours together with all the activities available the fun is endless.

We started out in the pumpkin patch cause its a tradition for us to take a family pic... yes we love the family silliness we can have everywhere in the patch.

The activities are endless for all ages. 

My daughter loves to get her face painted and the same face painters were there from last year.. and they do an awesome job. 

My son is 2 and he loved jumping in the toddler jump house. thanks for offering that Irvine Park.. it was a much safer option for the little little ones !

Every corner you look there is something to do ! 

Did you know that this year the Pumpkin Ring toss is NEW ! Try it out ... everyone wins :)

There are all sorts of pumpkins to chose from and all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. We loved just looking at all of them and enjoying that fall is finally here ! 

The Pumpkin Patch is huge.. you don't want to miss a thing ! 
On the opposite side there is the option to ride the John Deere mini tractors.. my 7yo thought that was super fun and as she was passing by saw the stand for the panning for gold..

Well that was a HIT in itself.. she could have stayed there learning to pan for hours. She came home with some fools gold and rocks that she panned herself ! How cool is that ! SUPER COOL !

I had my own fun while she was panning her gold.. he he !

Just around the corner from this was the Cookie Decorating and boy was that a fun time for all of us. We all added a little bit of spooky to that cookie and shared it as a snack . 


I thought the Hay Maze was perfect for both my kids.. in fact for my hubs and I too !
We all went though it and had a lot of hay fun but then my kids wanted to keep it going and kept on running a much in it ! So much fun !

We had so much to do in one place we didn't even realize it had been over 2 hours ! 
We still were not done ! 

My son loves trains so we headed over to take a ride on the Irvine Park Railroad !!
It has the cutest decor all over it and made fall really come to life -
My boys had a great time and well us girls..we enjoyed the view ! Even caught a rainbow on the lake.

Were not done yet.. my kids totally loved the day and as a special treat my daughter was able to ride the ponies .. yes i know right.. they have IT ALL AT IRVINE PARK RR !!

Yes after we had a ride on the ponies we had to finish up what we missed at the pumpkin patch ! I'm telling you there is so much to do you will hit 3-4 hours in no time.. best fall family time ever !


Im not sure about you but we love to have traditions in our crazy fambam ... so this is one we do yearly.. and I love that Irvine Park takes so much time to present opportunities for yearly traditions big and small !  Yes that is my TALL 7yo and TALL 2yo ! They had a BLAST and so did we !

 Irvine Park RR does such a great job of bringing all their events to life with all the efforts they put into each one ! 

We hope you get the chance to visit Irvine Park RR.. there is so much to do in one place that you too will find that this could be your best Fall tradition too !

Have fun everyone ... get OnTheGo !

Thanks to @IrvineParkRR for the amazing memories and see you next year.. or wait... for your Holiday train !!!!!

More info and details on the Pumpkin Patch found HERE
More info on the Pumpkin Patch can be found HERE

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(we were given media package to attend the event and also a giveaway for a family 4 pack - winner was chosen Monday)