Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just Chopped a lot of my hair off !

OMG ! It was time but I still had some anxiety !

I should back up a bit and say that I totally punkd my 7yo for her free haircut she won at the Taste of Lake Forest !

I know right ?! But before I totally feel horrible about it, everyone who knows me knows that, the kids come first. But what does a 7yo need a style and hair cut for... besides she just got her trim before school started in September and the last time I went in for a professional hair cut was.. well... yeah.. that's now long.

I called Headline Hair Studio, in Lake Forest off of El Toro Rd, to make my appointment. They were super friendly and got me in at my convenience a few days later.

I was really nervous cause my hair has been long, I mean long, for so many years that I have to admit the anxiety was already making my palms sweat.. yup.

Here is my hair before .. it was too long to do anything fun with it and too much to keep maintained with style. Since its in between curly and wavy - I usually had it in two braids or one of just up !

I got to the hair studio and Lindseay was at the front desk greeting everyone.
I had my 2yo with me so I was hesitant if I should even keep the appointment or come back with out him .
I gave him a few things to snack on and Lindseay gave him a few clips to play with and we started.

So we all knew I needed a change and a good cut since it has been years. We looked at my hair and decided a good 5 to 6 inches would be good.

She started to cut and I took it much better than I thought I would .. I know that sounds crazy but I am telling you this is HUGE for me ! HUGE !

There it went.. falling to the ground like leaves from a tree in the Fall ... my hair was getting chopped...

My kiddo was doing great and he even fell asleep in his stroller. That was perfect.. Lindseay cut away as we chatted .

When she was done cutting my hair she asked what I wanted to do with it !? UHHH Do with it !? You mean not put it in a pony tail and go ...

She laughed and said it's not that hard to style a simple curl into your hair and ill show you .
So there she went.. she showed me how much hair to grab each time and how to wrap it around the curling iron. I was thinking I can do that at home !

I didnt even realize she was done . Shes awesome and my cut and style looked perfect to me ! I love it !
She also told me that my attempt to Hombre look (that I knew I messed up) my hair wasn't as bad as I thought since we cut so much off it kind of evened out... as i'm thinking to myself.. haa.. oh super.. im glad lol !

I totally love my cut and style and I really enjoyed chatting with Lindseay while she worked her magic on my hair !

Thanks Headlines Hair Studio

For More info on the studio please see HERE

Here is an after pic !

Lindseay and I - Awesome Hair Stylist !                           My New Style ! I just have to recreate it lol

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