Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oceanside Art Walk - This weekend !

Weekend Fun in Oceanside ! 

The weekend is almost here - do you know what you are doing to get out and enjoy a beautiful #Socal summer day !?

Just a hop skip and a jump down south a bit and you hit Oceanside... a socal coastal beauty . 

Check out the +OceansideMuseum and the Oceanside Art Walk here on twitter for more details ! 
You can also find more info here at the #OceansideArtWalk direct site. 

Have fun and get #ONTHEGOOC

Look at What's New at the Discovery Cube !

Discovery Cube Updates ! 

**HOT OFF THE PRESS - JUST GOT THIS EMAIL TODAY !** Sign up for updates and see all the details here at the main site - discovery cube info

I can't wait to see what more they will come up with for our children to "discover" !

#KidsFun #DiscoveryCube #OCFun #ONTHEGOOC

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Favorite things to do at the Dinseyland Resort !

Our Top Disneyland Resort Favorites !

It is VERY hard to limit what our family loves to do, eat, see, play and discover at the @disneyland resort . I can not even tell you our favorite time of year to visit cause we visit year round to not miss a thing.

We thought about this as a family, not as my hubby and I going alone, kind of favorites list...
I should add that my daughter had a super hard time deciding on favorites so this list is in NO particular order and could really go on forever.

* Character Dining - there are so many options like The Plaza for breakfast inside the park, Goofy's Kitchen inside Disneyland Hotel for breakfast lunch and dinner, PCH Grill inside Paradise Pier for breakfast, Storeytellers Cafe for breakfast at the Grand Californian and Ariels Grotto. We have been to all of them !
See here for the link to Disney Character Dining

* Studio Disney 365 - Here is where my daughter would get ready for school if I let her ! A little girl or punk rocker boys dream to getting a make over. Hair, Make up and outfit and or more. Here you can chose how glamourized up you want to get ! We visit #StudioDisney365 regularly. They just got in new hairstyles this month . Frozen Inspired !
See here for the link to Studio Disney 365

* The Grand Californian Fire Place - Inside the #GrandCalifornian resort there is a very beautiful and peaceful fireplace. It is located right behind you if you are in front of the registration counter looking at the cast member. Ask them .. they will show you .

* Cars Land -  My kids say ALL OF IT ! The best time to visit old Rt66 is at night. One can really get the feel of how it must have been, or well, what perfect picture the movie itself paints of how it "must have been".. Flo's is not to be missed for a photo op and i have to saw that just starting at the main entrance walk down towards Radiator Springs and where Stanley's monument is. It really is a sight and feeling you will never forget.

* Fireworks - Enough said. No really they are amazing from anywhere in the park and outside of it and at any time of year. We actually like to go at time just to watch the fireworks and get desert . We sit in the area in between both parks and enjoy. We also love to watch the fireworks form inside right in front of the castle for the music and effects that you can not see outside or further away . Holidays are amazing since Disneyland ties in themes and or colors as well. We cant miss a season or holiday !

* World of Color - Water Show Supreme, the WOC show is a perfect way to end a night at the parks. You can get a WOC ticket for seating but just make sure you get one early.The earlier the better chance to get a closer view. All the viewing areas have good visibility. Some areas even get you a bit damp. My daughter loves to see the WOC show as often as we go. (sometimes we visit a few times weekly) and she knows now that she can enjoy it from the side, front or back by the Toy Story ride area. Perfect way to end a night at California Adventure.  Click here for more info on World Of Color.

* Sleeping Beauty's Castle - The Main shabang ! How can you miss out on walking up the stairs, around the corner, to the story of Sleeping Beauty's Aurora, in her castle ! My daughter wants to visit the inside most times we go . She loves to travel through it with my hubby, she insists on going with HIM to adventure through the magic.

* Meet and Greets - There are so many awesome opportunities to meet and greet some of our favorites! In both parks and around the resort you can see and take pics with a lot of Disneyland friends ! As often as we go I am still surprised that our kids love to hug and laugh with their favorites in the parks ! Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and of course the princesses for our daughter. My #kidreporter says that she loves going to the Fantasy Faire cause "they always treat me like a princess and talk to me about what I like, and Ariel is usually super funny !" More info on the fun meeting Princesses please see here .

* Food ! and more Food ! - At Disney there is no shortage of tasty treats. There are snacks we just can not pass up themed in every part of both parks. I mean who can pass up a snack in a cute cone from Cars land !? Who can walk right by a Mickey head ice cream and not remember how nomnom good they are and want one on a warm summer day !? I want it all ... no seriously... a few of our favorites are the Cozy Cone Snacks (all of them), a cold pickle (yes my daughter has one almost each time we visit), a nostalgic corn dog (ahhh a snack we've been getting prior to marriage and kids for us), Dole Whips (#dolewhip), a churro for the kids and a bite for me, the fried chicken at the Plaza on Main street (get it to go and eat it in front of the castle or at a spot you love to make it more of a private dinner in the parks) and so much more.. click here for all Disney Dining info.

* Ride the Monorail - A simple but historic ride, you can take the monorail into Disneyland park or out from the park . Depending on how you take the ride, it can take you to and from downtown Disney into the park, dropping you off next to Autopia, after taking you on a round about tour of the outskirts of the right side of the land and also directly through the the middle of the two parks and also next to California Adventure. It really is a nice ride to enjoy and or relax on white going to and form the park and DTD. More info on the monorail fun here .

* Small Side Shows - We enjoy these all day any day . They are small stage side shows that are in the parks. One of these is Pixar Play Parade (our favorite) in CA Adventure park that brings a bunch of favorites to life. We love to get loud and play with the Pixar friends. The Bugs get down and the Incredibles glide by too ! Click here for all entertainment at the parks.

* Disneyland Railroad - Main Street USA - All Aboard ! Hop on for a Ride around Disneyland park or you can just hop on for a stop or two to get to another land to explore. We like to take this train ride often. Its a nice way to get form the back of the park by Toon Town to the front of the park or even to the stop by Autopia to catch the monorail out of the park ! Get more info on the RR Ride here .

Wow we could go on and on forever about what we love to do at the Disneyland Resort but this list is definitely one to start with !

So now it's your turn to Get On The Go OC !

#Disneyland #DisneyParks #FamilyFun #DisneyFamily #OCFamilyFun #VisitDisney #LoveOurDisney #DontMissThis

**we love Disney- the smile on the kids faces and the enjoyment we share while at the parks is priceless to us !

Monday, July 21, 2014

Get FIT - on Mom Time ! I was a sz 14 and now.....

Getting Fit - On a Mom's Schedule ! 

Let's do this ! 
I have had a few friends and mom friends tell me that they want to start walking or at least moving a bit - some have done a routine of some sort before and others have not. 

I have done the sort of routine, that I will tell you about, after two babies and it has worked well for me. I have also shared it with a few others that I have seen become more fit, healthier and more mobile to get more exercise into daily crazy life. 

I am not one that has a lot of time to get a lot of working out in and I am also one that has some health and nerve issues that prevent me from doing most of the more active activities at this time. So I start small and keep doctor involved and go from there. 

This is what worked for my HUSBAND and I . Please remember to talk to a Dr. and each person is different. 

Here is what I typed up for a few friends on the KEY THINGS we did to drop weight. Now to gain muscle we would have gone another route with emphasizing more weights and such but we did cardio and light lifting. 

There was no huge secret to this.. just eating better and moving more.

Now I think that all we should all have is a simple pedometer ... if you have a fancy one.. awesome.. if not one from CVS that just count steps will work for you too !                       
What has worked for a few others and myself in the past is to try to hit 10K steps daily (not easy for me and doesnt happen daily but we can try) or at least 3-5 times a week to get going.                                       
It seems like that is a lot of steps but once we get going you will start to see how and what can increase your movement daily.. maybe its walking to the bathroom on the other side of house or when you go out to the car to get something you walk around the car four times and then head back into the house... just little things like that.                                                            
I also have a thing for swapping out lighter colored veggies for darker green colored veggies. Try to do this to at least dinner so that the bigger portion of the greens are taken in ! Green Beans, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli.. you get the idea.                                                        
So the plan of attack is simple.... Walk at least 45mins a day .. ideally an hour would be great at a good pace. Now make sure that its a comfortable pace for you but an hour of a brisk walk will help you get to the 10k steps faster than you think !                                                       
How to track it ?! Well i'm not one for weight watching cause I hate it but I would suggest getting a start weight and writing down what you do daily once you do start this.         
I have started this chart that you can modify as needed. Its just a basic log... very basic. 
Please keep in mind that everyone is different and please modify as needed to your comfort level. 
Ready.Set.Go !

I will give you my own testimony !
After we had our first kiddo my weight hit about 205lbs at 5'7" and my husbands was at maybe 230 lbs and he is 6'3" . It was a nightmare to get up the stairs of our condo. We realized it was time to start slowly working this weight off.

We started to slow it was painful.. literally and figuratively lol . After a few months of working towards our targets of steps and eating healthier weekly, we started to notice the changes in ourselves.

It almost seemed like the more we walked the further we got.. DUH right.. but then we noticed that after 30-40 days of working in a routine of daily activity of some sort, it became more of a natural thing. We found ourselves wanting to walk or grab a healthier dinner. The great thing about working on this is that you can have the foods you like and get your stepping on and work it off.. where as before you would eat it and just not work it off at all.

So after a few months we noticed it was all flowing a bit better, our health overall, was improving.

We were at a great mile stone at about 6 months in where we had dropped weight and physical size in a healthy way while building some muscle. Now we are both athletic so we once have had a body in decent health to play sports.

By the time our daughter was about 2yo we had dropped significant weight !

 We were maybe down to 170lbs for me and the hubs was maybe at 200lbs.

Well we continued to work at the routine.. not to sounds like it was perfect... it was NOT. There were times when we would slip up and get to our walking maybe 3 times a week. I would tell myself that My GOAL was 3 days a week at least and to shot for 5 days a week of 10K steps each day !

Oh did I mention I love "In N Out" oh and not just anything there.. I love the ANIMAL STYLE FRIES ! Oh yeah that is my weakness, and chocolate and sour candies .. uhh yeah i am just like you .. HUMAN and WEAK at times !

One day, my daughter was bout 3.5yo, I ran to old navy cause I had realized that I had gone from a size 14 jean to an 10 jean and now clearly the ones I had were too big but no way was I smaller than an 10 !?!? I've never been that small ... ever !

So I grabbed a few jeans that said 10 anyways and totally convinced myself that it was the denim that was stretched out .. right...

I put the jeans on and walked out of the dressing room and there was a cute mom and daughter duo.. you know the ones that look alike and can fit into the same size too.. just adorable mom and daughter.
They BOTH looked at me.... the mom said.. "oh honey you need to get smaller jeans.. they sag in the butt and leg.. look in the mirror" ... I was thinking to myself.. they were a little lose but no way are these too big !

This lady was so nice. I don't know if she knew I was losing weight, had a toddler, was losing baby fat or what but she made me feel awesome in my own skin for the first time in YEARS ! Her simple compliment telling me I needed smaller jeans convinced me I must !

I asked the girl in the dressing room, for the first time in my life, for a size 8 pair of the "flirt" jeans .. yes that's what they are called, not what I know how to do at all. LOL ! I did not win my hubby over flirting lol .
She brought them to me... duhn duhn duhn.. they were too big ! I asked her for, dare i saw it, a size 6 !?
Yes I asked and yes she brought !
Those fit like a glove.. I was standing there in shock ! The mom that urged me to get a smaller size was looking at me with a smile and said that she knew I was wearing baggy jeans with out realizing they were too big.. the belt doesn't always help .... I get it that now..


Keep it up Keep it up ! By the time we got to our daughters 4th birthday we were at about 150lbs for me and about 180lbs for the hubs (with muscle addition in us both) .
Here is a picture of us around the time she was almost 4yo !


Now at this time I was getting into a size 4. I was so proud of myself !

Again we did nothing CRAZY and nothing out of the ordinary . Eating healthier, working out a bit, walking the steps and oh yeah drank a ton of water !

So get up and GET ON THE GO OC !!!

Basic Notes used to chart my progress until I got a routine down and my steps regular.
                                                Steps Taken Today :
        Minutes On Actual Walk:
20 Squats or # done :
50 Sit-ups or # done :

PS : What you wont know from looking at the picture of me.... I was a few weeks pregnant with baby #2. I began getting nauseated that night at the wedding we were at and left early for home.

That is another blog story coming soon - cause pregnancy number two was just two years ago and a horror I mean love story in itself ! lol

PSS: this is our story.. results and people vary . always as a Dr before you do anything and if it works for you and its healthy ... why not do it !

Sunday, July 20, 2014

SUNDAY FUNDAY in Orange County !

Get ON THE GO OC and check out what fun things you can do this Sunday !

Sunday Funday ! Are you looking for something to do OUTDOORS ?! Here are a few things that are going on in local OC . #familyfun #OrangeCounty 

Sawdust Art Festival
June 27, 2014 to August 31, 2014
Address: 935 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Pageant of the Masters
July 09, 2014 to August 30, 2014
Address: 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Blue Whale Watching *With Underwater Viewing Pods**
July 01, 2014 to July 31, 2014
Address: 24440 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, CA 92629
Venue: Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Safari
Times: Daily departures. Trip times vary - please call.
Admission: $59 adults; $39 kids 2 - 12. Under 1 free.
Recurrence: (Recurring daily)

2014 OC Fair
July 11, 2014 to August 10, 2014
Address: 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Venue: OC Fair & Event Center
Times: Wed-Fri Noon-Midnight, Sat-Sun 10 a.m.-Midnight

2 Hour Whale Watching Adventure-SAVE 40% OFF Promo Code VISITOC
Started June 25, 2014
Address: 34675 Golden Lantern St , Dana Point, CA 92629
Venue: Dana Wharf Whale Watching- SAVE 40% OFF Promo Code VISITOC
Times: 12pm, 2pm, 5pm
Admission: $45 Adults, $35 Seniors, $25 Kids SAVE 40% OFF Promo Code VISITOC

Pacific Marine Mammal Center, open daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the hospital where injured, sick or starving sea lions and seals are taken when rescued along the southern California coast. See those who are close to being rereleased into the ocean as they bask in the sun and dive and play in their manmade pools. 20612 Laguna Canyon Rd., Laguna Beach.

San Clemente Ocean Festival, July 19-20. This is one with the much beloved rubber duck race but also includes a fishing derby, sand sculpting competitions and surfing contests. Lots of kids stuff. San Clemente Pier,

Friday, July 18, 2014


Do you like to clown around... !? Get hired to be a Clown !

Ringling Bros. is looking for some clowns for CA and TX upcoming shows . 

This is a once-in-a–lifetime opportunity to audition to become part of
The World Famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Clown Alley !

Have fun sharing this one ! 
On The Go OC 

Happy Friday ! 

#RinglingBrosandBarnum&Bailey #circus #beaclown #clowncollege 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Very Affordable Visit to CASTLE PARK !

Hey check this out for some semi-local or semi-oc fun !

We used to go to Castle Park in the 90's a lot.. I mean a lot !

First time I rode on the flying saucer thing where you stick to the wall while it spins super fast was there @castlepark in Riverside !

First time we enjoyed #minigolf as a family was at Castle Park too.

@Goldstar Has an amazing deal RIGHT NOW - Click Here ! for the link now and have fun .

Get On The Go OC !

#castlepark #closetoocfun #familyfun #minigolf #rides


Coffee - Coffee - Get some Coffee !

Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE a great fresh dark roast of brew . I like it fresh, strong but not bitter and it better not leave an after taste that I don't enjoy 'cause what mama On The Go needs that !?

I was invited to sample Chick-fil-A's new iced and hot coffee at the location in Foothill Ranch. 

First, I should start by saying that, I love everything at Chick-fil-A so I went in with some high expectations ! 

I met with Melissa, a super adorable girl, who was just as excited for me to try the coffee as i was to try it myself - I love when someone is smart, bubbly and sweet. She's just that... a perfect fit for the way Chick-fil-A prides itself on their employees treatment of the customers. 

I sampled the straight black coffee and I LOVED it ! The brew itself is what I look for. It has a very fresh taste to it, a bold yet not bitter after taste as well. It's great and now I get to try a flavor into it !

I first put some vanilla creamer into the coffee and it was extremely tasty . 

Now for the moment I have been waiting ALL morning for !!!!! ICED COFFEE !!!!!

I chose to add vanilla to it. I asked if it is a syrup or a creamer or what !?

Chick-fil-A uses a syrup for all their flavors in the flavored Iced Coffee and it is very good. I have to be careful what artificial sugars and sweets I eat and drink.. I have a bit of a weaker GI. 

I took my first sip and felt like I was refreshed in a cold coffee bliss !

Syrup at bottom so I can show before mixed and after

Every sip was super yummy and as the ice melted the taste was not changing too much. That surprised me ! I told Melissa that I was so surprised after 15 mins my iced coffee did not taste watered down but still cold, fresh and like coffee lol. 

She told me that Chick-fil-A put a lot of efforts and research into getting the Iced Coffee just right. She let me know that the key to keeping the great taste as long as possible is that Chick-fil-A makes their ICED COFFEE with FRESH BREWED COLD COFFEE !!! well duh right.. I mean we all know that when you pour or brew coffee over ice it now becomes watered semi iced coffee . 
Its not the case over there, they have a system and it works for great taste !

Melissa took me back behind the scenes and gave me a tour of where, what and how they work the Iced Coffee process for us consumers . 

Here she shows me how everything is ready to go and set up so that the window server can efficiently make and get coffee ready whether it is hot, cold or flavored. 
I also was shown the flavored syrup used that helped me enjoy my iced coffee so much . 
Great taste here..

Something I did notice, while I was there for about 40 mins, I saw the coffee checked at least 3 times. I naturally asked why it needed to be checked so much !?

Melissa was VERY proud, as she should be, to tell me that the coffee is changed every hour regardless if its is finished or not, it gets changed with fresh brew !

WHAT !?!?!?!?
 I have never seen that, the nest i have seen is every 2 hours or so or when the coffee runs out.. NOT at CFA ! They are on top of freshness for sure !

Melissa offered me a breakfast item to pair it along with the coffee. all the times I visit our local CFA i have never tried the burrito ... I know I know .
I enjoyed every bite - it was wrapped in a tortilla, soft chicken, bell pepper, onion, egg and just yummy, like a breakfast fajita almost . Tasty to a "T" 

I sat and chatted with Melissa a bit more about how proud she is to work for such a great owner and establishment that prides itself on making their customers feel at home too ! 
I feel it every time I visit.

Melissa told me there was going to me more events and opportunities for the community to get involved in the next coming months. How awesome is that !? Super cool for CFA Foothill Ranch to be doing so much and putting so much effort to the local community and giving back . 

Thanks to CFA for the invite and I will be back for a fresh treat and snack very soon ! 

Thanks and Get On The Go OC 

#ChickFilA #IcedCoffee 

**all photos are mine and this is all my opinion**


Kids Cooking Class - Fondue @ The Melting Pot !

A Fondue Cooking Extravaganza!

Let us help you keep those little
summer hands busy.

Learn how to make cheese and chocolate fondue ~
and eat it too!

Class also includes an apron and your own personal chefs hat to decorate.

Sunday, July 20th, 11am

* Get a behind the scenes tour of
The Melting Pot kitchen.

* An afternoon of cooking fun 

* Fondue goodies to try at home.

$24.95 per person
All ages welcome

Adults participating in cheese & chocolate with children $14.95 per person
Call 949 955-3242

Sounds like a lot of fun for both parent and child ! 
Get On The Go OC !

@mpirvinefondue  #funthingstodo #fondue #kidscooking 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Read & Ride at OC FAIR

Read 2 books for 3 carnival rides (ages 5-11)

Click HERE to download book report form to print, read books and have it filled out ! 

Submit the completed book reports to the Information Booth @ Centennial Farm for FREE ride tickets
(Valid July 11- August 10, 2014)

Happy OC FAIR time 

On The Go 

@OCFAIR #OCFAIR #freeridesatocfair 



Have you ever wanted to spend the night inside Disneyland Today Park ? What about overnight in the HAUNTED MANSION !?

Sound like your perfect evening ? 

Well sign up and enter here for a chance to win an overnight stay and much much more ! 


#Disneyside #disneyrocks #hauntedsleepover

On The Go OC !

Meet the SNOW SISTERS in Newport Beach !


MEET the SNOW SISTERS at Francesca's Fashion Island in Newport Beach this Friday , July 18th, from 12-1pm !!!!!

Also Visit their FB page at - tell them ON THE GO OC sent you over !

These sisters are a hot commodity so if you are local or in the area swing by for some Fashion and Frozen fun !


#SnowSisters  #newportbeach #Frozen #familyfun  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Disney Store - Summer Play Days ! Free and Going on NOW

Did you know that the +Disney Store hosts Summer Play Days ?!

Swing over to the closest #DisneyStore to you for some fun indoors and i'm sure some shopping or at the least browsing while the kids get to do activities and hang out Disney style !

The events take place EVERY DAY from June 3rd to September 1st !

Call to confirm the times and note that minimum age to participate is 3yo.
No Line Ups prior to 30mins before event start time.

More details here at the Disney Store Disney Store Events !

Have fun !

On The Go OC


The "WET" Brush - Does it help my 6yo and her rats nest ?!

We need to try something else !!!!! I can not tell you how many times I have said this about brushing my 6yo daughter's very long and semi-thick hair. 

When you go to the store to "check out brushes" you are most-likely there for a specific reason... I mean, I will go for any paddle brush and I know I will be fine with it when I use it at home . 

I do not know what it is about little girl hair ?! Why it gets knotted up in the back bottom underneath.. not the top where you can hold and brush but the under-bottom where you have to grip, turn hair, leverage on your arm or something and hold while brushing .. ohhh in sections too... but I swear I am in a love hate relationship with the length and keeping it that long on my own daughter !

Here you can see her long hair down and up ! Long and nice colors so I would love to stop torturing her with the brushing !

But... she loves her hair, I mean this girl wants it longer and longer. What do I Do !? I was telling my husband that I cant take it anymore and he said that he had heard of the "WET" brush from my cousin who has really curly hair and in an add a while ago... WHAT ?! Another thing to try on her hair along with the leave in conditioner, conditioning de-tangling sprays and positive thoughts lol ok let's try it !

We looked around and did not seem to find it anywhere.. I was about to order it online somehow, when my husband stopped off at Babies R Us for some stuff for our toddler, and FOUND IT ! SCORE now let's do this !

I got her in the shower and told her when she got out we would have a new brush to try and I had faith it would be a good one ... I have to tell her this cause she just fears the pain ! If it fails I will tell her i'm sorry, thanks for trying and lets buy a new nail polish.. yes for her efforts to keep trying to find a solution, I will reward her .

I took a look at this brush ... the "WET" brush.. interesting. Okay so my hubby got a blue one. Its cute blue color is cool. The soft blue wrap around has an easy grip texture to it and is light over all. The bristles are soft too and flexible - they call them "Intelliflex Bristles" (R) with "Soft Tips" (tm) . 
Here are a few pics !


Were ready to rock n roll or brush and scream in this case....
 Note - I know the package says "shower brush" but shes 6 and i'm not getting in the shower to make sure it's done right.. so this has got to work outside of the shower too !

I sectioned off her hair best I could like usual and added in leave in conditioner (#Johnson&Johnson green bottle). I then took each section and started to brush from bottom up ... a few inches at a time. It was not a struggle.. the "WET" brush was gliding through her hair !

Now keep in mind she has a LOT of hair.. so I needed to also brush from the underneath. Here is where I freaked out a bit and went for it. I brushed under and she was not screaming, not trying to duck out of the way, not saying that I was ripping her hair out but that she was doing okay and she was comfortable !

HOLY you know what ! It is WORKING ! So i am half way thru her hair and so far so good. I section off a bit more and that seemed to hurt her more than the actual brushing . I asked her if it hurt she said "no,I don't feel the pulling and my baby hairs hurting" (by baby hairs she means the hair that is close to the tender spots.. upper neck underneath by lower scalp) .

We are DONE ! It took about 10 mins.. 1/3 of the time it can take to get her hair knot free and done .

She looked at me and couldn't believe we were done brushing her hair and she didn't feel much of a thing .

I looked at the brush after and figured I would see a lot of hair on the brush that came out of her head.. nope not at all.. a few pieces and that was it ! Yeah !!!! Hip Hip !!

I know this sound so silly but to know i'm not hurting her and still getting her hair brushed feels great ! Makes me so happy ! Makes her so happy !

She even said she should send a video to the maker of the "WET" brush to share with other little girls . Love her sweetness .

Thanks to my hubby for finding the "WET" brush and thanks to #JDBBeautyGroup for developing this great de-tangle brush !

If you have trouble hair that knots up and or know someone who does. Suggest it to them and I hope they find the ease we found in the chore of brushing hair !

Thank you !
On The Go OC

@JNJCares @TheWetBrush #tangledhair #detanglebrush #momproblems

*All pics are mind and I did not get any compensation for this review*

SEAFOOD SCAMPI - Recipe by Request

Seafood Scampi Recipe 

Seafood Scampi - this is my made up yummyness !

Seafood: I used 1lb of muscles, 1lb of shrimp and 2 fillets of skinless Salmon

Herbs Needed: Kosher Sea Salt (two to three pinches to taste and like), Pepper (2 pinches), Garlic (chopped half of a clove) and Lemon Pepper Seasoning (one pinch), Garlic Salt (1 pinch)

Liquid / Base Needed: 2 table spoons worth of butter, Olive Oil (I used a cup but you may notice you need to add a little more), Lemon Juice (I used one whole lemon and a lime - they have different taste and give different flavor) Orange Juice (half cup), Optional : Cream Cheese with Chives (2 tablespoons worth for creaminess - sometimes I add this

Ok Lets get to the fun part !
In a larger skillet style with lid start warming the butter and olive oil.. do not burn it. Once its heated almost where the garlic can start to sizzle toss it in there and immediately lower the heat to a little over medium. toss in half of the lemon juice and half of the orange juice and a tiny bit of the seasonings to get the bottom of the pan seasoned too. (here is where I sometimes toss in the little bit of Chive Cream Cheese - i DID use it this last time)
Salmon cooks fast but not as fast as shellfish ! Start with the salmon and lay it on top of the juices, put a bit more of the seasonings and cover with lid. Salmon is cooked when its pink and flaky .. and easily overcooked ! Give it maybe 7-8 min and when it looks like its half cooked thru and half raw flip it over and do the same..
At this time you can check t make sure that the other seafood is cleaned divined and ready to go .
When the salmon is almost complete (3mins or so into the flip side) you can toss in your shrimp. I like to use wild caught peeled and divined. Shrimp will go from that grayish to a cooked shrimp pink color all around when done. Important to cook all the way thru.  Toss in a bit more of your herbs at this time as well as most of the juices left form orange and lemon.
When the shrimp looks half done (one side is pink the other side is still raw cooking) toss in the muscles - muscles steam fast so at this time put the lid on and enjoy a moment of yummy smelling goodness !
Once you see the muscles open up now it is time to toss in the remainder of the seasonings and juices left... make sure to swish it around a bit (careful with the salmon) and get the juices all over the Seafood and in the shells of the muscles ! (oh yes!)
Once it all looks good and done let the lid sit on and simmer it for a few moments.. its DONE ! Taste it and make sure you don't need anything extra.. I love lemon so I usually end up adding a bit more to taste !
I love to serve this with white or brown rice and add the juices on top of it. A huge hit for my 6yo daughter too and it's healthy for them ! A side of fresh veggies or maybe nothing at all cause it is amazing by itself !

Enjoy ..

Sunday, July 13, 2014

What to do at Disneyland when You are 2 ?! - Catching up with Kate tells us !

What do you do with a TWO year old at Disneyland !?

One of my favorite bloggers Kate, from "Catching up with Kate", tells us all how to deal with figuring out what to do with toddlers.. in specific our two years old mickey lovers !

Check out the link above for some awesome tips and to see how Kate and her entourage spent their day at the Disneyland parks ! 

A few of the best tips on her review and a few from me (and my two year old goes to Disneyland A LOT !) are these :
* Visit the meet and greet spots in both parks - some are indoors and outdoors but most are shaded and always fun for all ages
* Parades - Fun for all ages
* I have a 2yo CRAZY BOY ON THE GO lol no really... so for me I love to take him to Bugs Land and let him free and also to Monsters area... usually unpacked until the evening or later afternoon .
* Playhouse Disney in California Adventure is always a winner - I agree here - dance, sing, laugh and watch .. it's interactive and we all end up grooving a little bit - HOT DOG !
* Fantasyland - crowded for me but a 2 yo can sit on lap or next to most rides and also ride carousel but if you have a park hopper.. i suggest heading over to the one on CA Advent side and ride King Triton's with less of a wait
* Splash pads in bugs land are always a way to get fresh and move onto the next fun thing
* Cars Land is one of my sons favs.. he is in awe just looking down the road on rt66 and at night.. well that's a sight to remember and we always will.. like you are in the movie itself it brings YOU to life too !

Here are a few of MY pics of our toddler and kid fun !


 Cars Land, Bugs Land and Meet and Greet !

Relax on Heimlich's ride around yummy scents and scenes !

Catch a ride on Flicks Flight and be a BUG !

and always.. I mean always... GOOF around !

 We cant forget to swing my the ESPNZone at Downtown Disney to check on the world Cup standings !

Did you know they have had a big screen and special menu items along with some festivities specifically for World Cup 2014 Viewing !
Disney always knows how to do it ! #disneydoesitbest !

Much more on Kate's review so check it out and enjoy a day at Disneyland .. even if you have a toddler.. You will have an amazing time !


**The review mentioned above in link was written by Kate on her blog.. I added a few of my own thoughts into it myself on my post and pics on this post are mine.** 

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Is Legoland for all ages !? Let's ask my 73yo dad and 6yo daughter what they thought !

Legoland and Sealife Aquarium - #KidReporter Reports !

It's Perfect ! 
Well according to my 73 year old dad and 6.5 year old daughter, Legoland is "just perfect" . 

We arrived at the main gate of Legoland about 12:45p on Thursday - it was about 80 deg. Whats great about Carlsbad, the breeze, that is constant. 

My dad has never been to Legoland and was super excited to just go check it out and see what all the kids love about it so much !

As we approached the turnstiles my daughter asked if we could do Sealife first since she remembered that the earlier we go the better the chances are to catch a feeding or more active sea life !

There is a questionnaire that you can answer as you go through the aquarium that asks related questions to where you are at with in each part of it. Once you answer them all you can turn it in for a sticker Sealife Expert and a Sealife Card in the gift shop at the register ! 

They have newly opened the JELLYFISH Discovery area - between the lights, glow and actual Jellyfish we were having a great time watching these creatures swim around !

Up next - Touch and Feel .. who doesn't like to get hands on with Sealife !?!? 
My Kid Reporter was asking all the right questions to get information on the tide pool Sealife and was using the "two finger" touch preferred method to get hands on !

     "its awesome to feel this Anemone ?! - is that what the clown fish like Nemos family lives in ?!"  #kidreporter Zoe asking about Sea Anemone's in the touch pond !

We got stuck at the Ray Reef where they have just added a few new and larger ones ! Amazing and so beautiful !  
On our way out to finish up we stopped by Poseidon and the ship ruins....


Amazed that we spent only an hour dong all of this we started to head to the last room towards the exit of the Sealife Aquarium so that we could make our way into Legoland Park . (by the way if you have access to both, there is a side entrance and exit that joins the two parks for easy entry and re entry to each if wanted to go back and forth... you know for some AC and shade on a hot day.. wink wink)

The last room had a donation bin where we naturally wanted to give a few dollars to help keep Sea Life research and improvements going... 

Oh Did i mention on our way out there was another touch stand set up with a more Sealife to touch and feel !  Here is a picture of a Shark Pod - that holds the Shark Egg . Wow how cool is that ! 

WHAT to do next ?! We jam into Legoland Park with smiles on our faces.. I mean what is better than taking my dad and daughter for some fun .. now will my 73yo father be able to ride the rides and walk the walk for the rest of the day ? The park doesn't close until 8 and its only 2pm ...

"What is that ride where you pedal around and see whats below?" My dad is asking after he gets off the Safari Trek Ride with my kiddo. 
Oh perfect he wants to ride the Sky Cruiser (my nerve on left side was acting up so that is just perfect for me too) . 

A ride through Fairy Tale Brook - my dad thought it looked "So cute and little" . 

Heading over to the Sky Cruiser we stopped off in Fun Town so that my daughter could take a drive on her own on Driving School !

 The Kid Power Towers gave them both a work out but they both a work out that was manageable for young and older to enjoy racing to the top and screaming on the way down !

The Sky Cruiser had a bit of a wait but well worth it to get them to enjoy another ride they would both love !
The ride operator was suggesting to other guests that the best time to get on this one is early or late.

Over in Fun Town they attended Skipper School - well a few bumps and splashes later they were back at port !

NOSTALGIA kicks in for my dad as he sees the control your boats in the Miniland Marina. He used to do this with my brother and I at every opportunity he got ! We loved it ! So did my daughter and guess what.. so did I Love watching them relive "our" youth . Perfect moment for us all right there ...


 You have to take picutes in MINILAND !

Star Wars comes to LegoLife !
                                  Here is one of my most favorite pics of the two of them all day !

 My Dad is a HUGE Medieval era FANATIC ! He loved seeing all the Master Builder Surprises in Castle Hill !
Young and Older Rock the  Dragon !

It is now 6pm and we have made a loop around Legoland hitting up all the rides my daughter wanted her "Papou" to make sure he got on ! Love them !

Do we leave.. no no no not yet ! Why leave the park when CHILDREN EAT FREE from now until August 23rd 2014 - After 5pm ! You can take advantage of this at multiple locations : Pizza Pasta Buffet, Fun Town Market, Garden Restaurant, Knights' Table Barbecue and Wok N' Bowl Ramen (this is where we ate and it is a lot of food !)
       My dad and I shared the Ramen Noodles with Chicken and Veggies and my daughter ate super yummy chicken and rice for free ! And the kids meal comes with a drink, the main dish and fruit or a small side like raisins, so you cant beat that for a cheap and yummy break at end of day !

It's now 6:45pm and we have full bellies and content energy... but do we stop there.. NO - "we have time for a bit more",  says my 73yo father who has been working himself up and down and on and off... Let's do whatever she wants to do !

So were off again, headed to finish up our amazing day winding down at the Sealife Aquarium once again . 

One Stop I thought was extra SUPER cool was "Station 44" - it's almost like a baby, rescue, and sealife Hospital or Treatment Center, if you will :) 
A sneak peek through the little window and you can sort of see a behind the scene look at what goes on there. I would love to get a tour of this little gem one day ! 

It's a wrap everyone ! It was a successful day filled with laughs, fun, grandpa and granddaughter memories and priceless time spent with my 73yo father. 

A few things he (my 73 yo dad) said about the day : 
* they got a lot of entertainment in less walking than other amusement parks
* there are rest sport with shade all over the place 
* there was not one ride that he was uncomfortable on that he rode
* very family friendly for single mothers - he noticed a lot of single moms and dads that had not one but two kids with them and were getting around just fine
* I did not get as tired as i thought I would and there are a lot of opportunities to use the restroom 
* each of the themed areas fit well with the whole lego enterprise in general 
* Miniland was so realistic and had such detail I couldn't stop looking around 

A few things my daughter said about the day :
* when are we coming back ?
* Papou got to ride everything he wanted to ride with me 
* the apple fries are yummy 
* I loved the touch pool and all the sea life 
* We were here for 8 hours already ?
* I loved the live singing and dancing show - can I try out to be in it too ?
* my favorite part of the boat ride was seeing the presidents faces on the rocks !
* its nice how you can still get wet in Pirate area even if we are not doing the water park same day 
* i love spending time showing Papou new things 

I myself can say that it was perfect.. the whole day .. perfect. The park is totally perfect for young and older and lots of endless fun for both ! 

We totally suggest doing a hopper so that you can freely visit both Legoland and also the Sealife Aquarium as you like !

I wold love to stay on the property at the Legoland Hotel one day .. if I ever do, I will definitely blog on that in a heartbeat ! 

Thanks for reading and remember to Get On The Go Oc !
- OnTheGoOC 

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Lego land is open for summer ! Hours are posted here Lego Land California Hours .

For information on Sealife Aquarium please visit here Sealife Aquarium Info . 

**Next visit to Legoland, we plan to visit the water park and the new Chima addition to the water park and will blog about that too ! Stay tuned .... 

Get OnTheGoOC !

**All Photos and comments are my own. I was not compensated for my blog review.**