Thursday, July 17, 2014


Coffee - Coffee - Get some Coffee !

Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE a great fresh dark roast of brew . I like it fresh, strong but not bitter and it better not leave an after taste that I don't enjoy 'cause what mama On The Go needs that !?

I was invited to sample Chick-fil-A's new iced and hot coffee at the location in Foothill Ranch. 

First, I should start by saying that, I love everything at Chick-fil-A so I went in with some high expectations ! 

I met with Melissa, a super adorable girl, who was just as excited for me to try the coffee as i was to try it myself - I love when someone is smart, bubbly and sweet. She's just that... a perfect fit for the way Chick-fil-A prides itself on their employees treatment of the customers. 

I sampled the straight black coffee and I LOVED it ! The brew itself is what I look for. It has a very fresh taste to it, a bold yet not bitter after taste as well. It's great and now I get to try a flavor into it !

I first put some vanilla creamer into the coffee and it was extremely tasty . 

Now for the moment I have been waiting ALL morning for !!!!! ICED COFFEE !!!!!

I chose to add vanilla to it. I asked if it is a syrup or a creamer or what !?

Chick-fil-A uses a syrup for all their flavors in the flavored Iced Coffee and it is very good. I have to be careful what artificial sugars and sweets I eat and drink.. I have a bit of a weaker GI. 

I took my first sip and felt like I was refreshed in a cold coffee bliss !

Syrup at bottom so I can show before mixed and after

Every sip was super yummy and as the ice melted the taste was not changing too much. That surprised me ! I told Melissa that I was so surprised after 15 mins my iced coffee did not taste watered down but still cold, fresh and like coffee lol. 

She told me that Chick-fil-A put a lot of efforts and research into getting the Iced Coffee just right. She let me know that the key to keeping the great taste as long as possible is that Chick-fil-A makes their ICED COFFEE with FRESH BREWED COLD COFFEE !!! well duh right.. I mean we all know that when you pour or brew coffee over ice it now becomes watered semi iced coffee . 
Its not the case over there, they have a system and it works for great taste !

Melissa took me back behind the scenes and gave me a tour of where, what and how they work the Iced Coffee process for us consumers . 

Here she shows me how everything is ready to go and set up so that the window server can efficiently make and get coffee ready whether it is hot, cold or flavored. 
I also was shown the flavored syrup used that helped me enjoy my iced coffee so much . 
Great taste here..

Something I did notice, while I was there for about 40 mins, I saw the coffee checked at least 3 times. I naturally asked why it needed to be checked so much !?

Melissa was VERY proud, as she should be, to tell me that the coffee is changed every hour regardless if its is finished or not, it gets changed with fresh brew !

WHAT !?!?!?!?
 I have never seen that, the nest i have seen is every 2 hours or so or when the coffee runs out.. NOT at CFA ! They are on top of freshness for sure !

Melissa offered me a breakfast item to pair it along with the coffee. all the times I visit our local CFA i have never tried the burrito ... I know I know .
I enjoyed every bite - it was wrapped in a tortilla, soft chicken, bell pepper, onion, egg and just yummy, like a breakfast fajita almost . Tasty to a "T" 

I sat and chatted with Melissa a bit more about how proud she is to work for such a great owner and establishment that prides itself on making their customers feel at home too ! 
I feel it every time I visit.

Melissa told me there was going to me more events and opportunities for the community to get involved in the next coming months. How awesome is that !? Super cool for CFA Foothill Ranch to be doing so much and putting so much effort to the local community and giving back . 

Thanks to CFA for the invite and I will be back for a fresh treat and snack very soon ! 

Thanks and Get On The Go OC 

#ChickFilA #IcedCoffee 

**all photos are mine and this is all my opinion**


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