Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy KNOTTS BERRY Birthday !

Happy Knotts BERRY Birthday Ava 

   A few weeks ago we were able to spend the day at Knotts Berry Farm celebrating Zoe's adorable friend Ava's 7th birthday ! CHEERS !

She said she wanted to get on some roller-coasters and couldn't wait ! Well - neither could we !

   It was a Saturday and we decided to eat first a brunch since Knotts opened at 10am and have that meal help get us through the day to late lunch or early dinner... of course thinking Mrs. Knotts Chicken - oh yeah back to the day .
   We arrived at Knotts at about noon and most of the parking was full and the line was sent to the far south side of the park into the grass. We did off road a bit but made it and with a smile.

   Entering the park, everyone agreed that, we would go directly to #boomerang ! Yes please - let's do this friends !
   Ok let me explain the dynamic here.. we have four adults - a few don't like spinning a few don't like upside down and combine those for me and how I get nauseated .. well that left the 5 kids we had with us limited parents on each ride .. haaaa so there we go with a 9yo, 7yo, 6yo 4yo and 3yo in tow onto the next fun ride.
It was packed. we decided on the #logride. A classic goodie that all children and adults for that matter should definitely get on at least once at #knotts ! A lot has been updated in the parks, this being one of the updates, everyone who went on had a blast .

   Since we had a few little ones with us we deiced to check out Camp Snoopy that has also been updated and has 3 new rides ! The lines were super long so we did a few of these and got the bigger girls on #sidewinder - They loved it - winner there.

   A few snacks here and there and that carried us all over for a few more hours and rides. We did pick up a 3 pack of souvenir coups.. Thanks Chris ! They were $10 Each when you buy 3 and you can refill all day ! YES YES !

   The birthday girl was super stoked to hit up most of the major roller-casters and activities - you know you have to stand on the heart beat in the graveyard in Ghost Town - HELLO CANT MISS THAT !

   WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER - MRS KNOTTS Who can pass that up - Not us hehe
The guys went to get the meal and i refilled the souvenir cups while others went to restroom. Hey we handled this bunch very well considering the ages are all over the place and you cant bring alcohol into the park.. ha just kidding !
   We sat down outside of the park at some tables and the gents brought over our chicken dinner meal. We all shared amazing yummy crunchy fresh Mrs Knotts Chicken , mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, biscuits and more.. What did surprise me was that the #jelly wasn't Mrs Knotts it was #SmuckersJelly. Oh well. It was still so yummy for my tummy and filled us all up with energy for more rides.

    Ride they did ! I was so shocked at how many and what rides these girls wanted to and did ride. The one that the bigger girls and parents said was the best ride by far and made up for all the lines and heat..... was the Silver Bullet ... by FAR ! Parents Fave here !

   After a long day every one decided to head home and get our over exhausted thrill seeking girls into bed and take a rest ourselves.

   We will have to return to sit and see some shows since the day just wasn't long enough but hey who doesn't want another excuse to return to Knotts ! ? I sure do !

   Huge thanks to the amazing family we spent the day with - lots of fun and laughs that made the day a memory that is in us all .
   Also thanks in advance for the patience on the pics.. i lost my phone completely when it fried and would not turn on at all or charge after it died. I wasnt able to turn it back on since then or charge it so I did not get any of MY pics of our visit. Thanks to those in our group that are letting me use their pics !

   Oh did I mention where we sat fore dinner was next to #PinksHotdogs - oh yes they have a Pinks there right outside the main gate to the right if you are facing the street to your front. No need to go to #sunset with the family when you can get #amazing Pinks Hotdogs and a visit to Knotts with a #FunnelCake to top it off.
   Funnel Cake, yes please, thank you and always my favorite ! Had to get one on the way out for the evening with strawberries and whip cream... delightful as usual - very nostalgic and brings me back to my youth visiting the park with my parents and brother.. perfect.

A few quotes from our #KidReporters and parents -
     "that was super fun and the best day ever... my favorite ride was Ghost Rider - and the second time at night cause I know it went faster. that was so much fun !!!! " - Ava the birthday girl
     "I love silver bullet.. best ride" - everyone who rode it
     "wow the little ones can ride a lot in camp snoopy" - Zoe sister to the 2yo
     "that was amazing and so fun - it got hot but you don't want to stop going" - Mike (parent) !
     " the mailbox letter that went up and down with Mikey" - Lexie (about the mini supreme scream in Camp Snoopy) 

Yes it was eventful and too short.. need a return visit asap to get more thrills... perhaps Knotts Scary Farm ?! hee heee ! 
The moms did take a tour of the Haunted Museum that has memorabilia and props form years past Scary Farms ! Loved that all.

PS - they sometimes run deals and promos.. they have advance purchase prices as well as twitter and FB price codes etc.. so look out and follow, like and enjoy #knotts .

More information on all #Knotts events, hours, prices and details - please visit HERE

Thank you - get OnTheGoOC !

Shots from the day of fun - all ages had a blast ! Happy Birthday lil Miss Ava and thank you for inviting us along ! #greatFamilyFun

                                              The Birthday Girl and her Crew of Fun !
                                    An Oldie but such a goodie ! Nostalgia in a Mining Cart !

                                   Are they READY ? Our kiddos are the smallest two on there !


                                        Always a Favorite for everyone... the classic #swings !

                                           In the Spirit of #GhostTown and #theHaunt... until next time....


I see a DATE NIGHT for the Haunt ...hee heee

Friday, August 15, 2014

KIDZ BOP Concert ! (from earlier post winning tickets)

Zoe was on Stage at Kidz Bop ! 

The time came !!!!! Our tickets that we won would be sitting at will call and we would be ready to leave on time for Kidz Bop at the Fox Theater in Riverside ! 

Oh yes we did win 4 tickets from #MacaroniKidYL - and when I asked Zoe who she wanted to take with us for her birthday ... she told me her friend Sabryna ! I was excited since the girls have birthdays a week apart and I have not hung out with her mom Kathryn for a while.. you know life gets in the way so here was our mom moment to hang and be cool in the girls eyes. 

I put a bunch of glam into Zoe's hair and did a little make up per her request . We put her in the outfit that she chose for both girls to have. We gifted the same outfit to Sabryna at her party the weekend before the concert.. TWINS.. yeah the girls were so excited ! Well so were the moms lol .

The lovely ladies picked us up about 3 for the concert that started at 5pm. You know Riverside traffic and if you do not.. its horrible.. most time of the day it is just stop and go and not flowing very well at all. But today seemed to be a lucky birthday day ....the traffic was manageable and we arrived at the venue about 4:15ish. 

There was parking directly at the Fox theater for $5 ... are you KIDDING me !? That's it --- SOLD !

We walked up and went to will call. Thank you to #MacKidsYL for this amazing opportunity.. Our Seats were orchestra and row N... basically so close we could see the Kidz Bop Kids facial expressions.  

Before the show started the four of us girls took a walk around the place to check it out. We noticed that there was an amazing smell of pop corm coming from a small room off to the left.. we walked in and it was filled with kids and parents in lines for popcorn and drinks. By drinks I mean both alcoholic and non. We got a few drinks and ordered a few popcorn bags and noticed that the pop corn line was growing and growing. As we glanced over to the left we saw this old school little popcorn machine that was working so hard sweet little thing at over popping as fast as popping can happen to maybe fill everyone's need before the show started ! lol loved that little thing.

We went to our amazing seats and the girls were going craycray !!!! They ran up to the stage and took pics in front of it and continued to sing and dance at their seats. 

Meanwhile .. well us moms... decided to take part in the #tweet contest. The most tweets from one tweeter lol would win a meet and greet with the Kidz Bop Kids after the show... Oh yes I am ON IT ! 

While I tweeted pics of the girls singing, laughing and posing silly, one of the producers for the show came up and asked if Zoe would go back stage and the on stage with one of the pre-show performers. Noah, a former Kidz Bop Kid was supposed to have Zoe sit on a chair and he wold serenade her ! She got all the way to the back, up to the stage and then got a little nervous that a 13yo would be serenading her ! I would too at 6yo !
The nice producer said that she would love if Zoe and her friend Sabryna would come up on stage to dance and sing with Kidz Bop and that they were so ecstatic to do ! 
When the time came the girls went to stage right and we patiently waited to see them on stage. 

The girls ROCKED the stage. Zoe was jumping up and down, dancing and singing all around. Sabryna was dancing and playing the part of the Fox for what does the Fox say like a pro . It was such a rush for us moms to cheer for and see our girls up looking like super stars. What a great experience for all ! 

After the girls ran back and were hyped up the rest of the show.. dancing in their seats, hollering at each other and singing the songs so loud we couldn't help but act like the girls too. Get Loud.. there's a time and place and this was sure it ! 
The girls were adorbs in their twinsie matching outfits on cloud 9. 

At intermission we went out and snapped a few pics with Noah (the serenade superstar boy) and then headed towards the restroom.
By the time we got to the line the girls were bombarded at least 3 times with "fans" asking if they were part of Kidz Bop and telling them they were amazing on stage. One mom even told Zoe, "wow that was you on the far left.. you were awesome like you were part of the real show".. again Zoe was on cloud 9 as happy as she could get with her dreams of being a superstar on stage were coming true for a moment.. she was humble and kindly said hi to her "fans" and told one little girl, who couldn't get words out cause she was so shocked she was looking at someone on stage, that she loved her outfit and thank you for saying hello". Again, pure perfection of a night for our girls !

Second half of the show as just as awesome as the first and the girls continued to sing and cheer for our tweets that appeared on the jumbo screen on stage. We came in second on the most tweets... but gladly for the opportunity for our girls to have been on stage with the Kidz Bop kids.. ill trade that any time. 

WOW ! Great show form some amazingly talented sweet kids. Wish them all the best of luck as they continue their tour !

After the show we decided to visit the Mission Inn, Riverside. Just a few short steps away from the Fox theater you have the walkway between the Mission Inn and Historic downtown. Really is a beautiful place to see at night ! (oh and Christmas time for sure !)

We took the girls over to +Casey's Cupcakes and let them each pick one marvelous cupcake to eat there and we each had to get 6 sweet yummies to go ! Yes I know.. but we had to ! Once you eat one you just want to taste all the rest ! #sorrynotsorry !
I got a few of the decadent dark chocolate, an excellent espresso, a peanut butter pizzazz, and a rockin red velvet - all so tasty and great we had to share them at home to each get a taste of that awesomeness. 


We got a bite to eat for dinner and had the girls sit and enjoy their sweet cupcake. We, you know.. us moms.. vegged out a bit and enjoyed the amazing architecture and history that the Historic Mission Inn holds all around itself. 

Knowing we have beat the evening traffic we started to head back to the parking garage around 8ish... a nice drive home with girl chat and laughs was much needed and much appreciated. 

Cant wait to do it again and see my baby smile like it's the best night of her life ! Happy Birthday little bug and may all your dreams come true.. even the ones of rockin the stage ! 

With an amazing show and a great venue we had one of the best times on a mom daughter date I think we have had ever ! Thanks ladies ! 

For more information on our evenings fun please see direct links below :
Fox Theater , Riverside CA - HERE 
Kidz Bop Kidz - HERE
the Historic Mission Inn , Riverside CA - HERE
Casey's Cupcakes - HERE
     Side note there are a few Casey's Cupcakes located in OC - North and South Check it out . #yummy 
Macaroni Kid Yorba Linda - Thank you for the Tickets - More info and to sign up for the newsletter visit Mac Kids HERE 

#mackidsyl #macornikidsyorbalinda #kidzbop #concertforkids #HistoricMissionInn #FoxTheater #CaseysCupcakes #Riverside #FamilyFun #GNO #SoCalFun  

Monday, August 4, 2014

BBQ Festival - Long Beach 2014

Long Beach BBQ Festival is coming our way !!!!!

Hip Hip Hip - I love BBQ, yes I do , I love BBQ, HOW ABOUT YOU !!?!?!?!

If you answered yes and started to sing along, I'm right there with ya ! Im eager to check this messyness out !!! Yes sir, mam and kid.. whatever.. YES PLEASE !

Just before summer ends Long Beach does it again with another #yummy festival - mmmmm BBQ 

Some of the highlights that are offered are :
* Live Music 
* Dance Floor 
* Giant FOOD Court 
* Cantinas 
* Live Sports Tent 
* Arts and Crafts 
* Children's Area ...
and more.....

Featuring the BEST BBQ national rib grillers of America ! 

WOW for those hardcore feasters, there will also be a VIP Rib Village - with all you can eat #Ribs , #Drinks , #Sides , #Dessert !
 for this VIP package it will cost you $80 for adults, $22 for young adults and $12 for children - #nomnomnom 

General Pricing is $15 for admission and children 12 and under are free. 

More info on their main site HERE 
also additional info on their Facebook page HERE and their Twitter page HERE .

So much fun and great food in one place - we can NOT wait to CHECK THIS OUT !

#ribs #foodfestival #bbqfestival #familyfun #augustfun #nomnomnomnom #BBQGoodness @LBBBQFESTIVAL 


Here is a savings for you - sign up and get $2 off admission . 

Kids Consignment Event in OC !

SELL !  SHOP !  SAVE !  - Kids Consignment Sale 

 Do you have baby and kid stuff you need to get rid of !?
Are you tired of posting on Facebook only to have the buyer flake or not show up... or even worse try to offer you half of what you are asking ?!


I have never heard of this event before but I picked up the flyer from our pediatric dentistry office and thought I would look into it !

They advertise that you can :
Sell - turn your gently used children's items into CASH (have items ready and drop them off to be sold for you !)
Shop - check out what others are selling !
Save - 50-90 % odd babies to teens items

There is a local event coming up, in Lake Forest, on September 11th through 14th !
The location will be the #LakeForest #Sun&SailClub located at 24752 Toledo Lane
  Corner of Lake Forest and Toledo

You can find more information on their FB page HERE
and on their Twitter page HERE

It looks like a great event - I have never been - so I hope to check it out and blog it.
If anyone attends please let me know your thoughts on it too !

Have a great Monday !


 Orange County's Premiere 4 Day Boutique
Semi-Annual Kids Consignment
Fall Sale
Registration & Tagging Service NOW OPEN!
September 11 - 14, 2014
Thursday to Sunday
Lake Forest Sun & Sail Club
24752 Toledo Lane, Lake Forest, CA