Monday, August 4, 2014

BBQ Festival - Long Beach 2014

Long Beach BBQ Festival is coming our way !!!!!

Hip Hip Hip - I love BBQ, yes I do , I love BBQ, HOW ABOUT YOU !!?!?!?!

If you answered yes and started to sing along, I'm right there with ya ! Im eager to check this messyness out !!! Yes sir, mam and kid.. whatever.. YES PLEASE !

Just before summer ends Long Beach does it again with another #yummy festival - mmmmm BBQ 

Some of the highlights that are offered are :
* Live Music 
* Dance Floor 
* Giant FOOD Court 
* Cantinas 
* Live Sports Tent 
* Arts and Crafts 
* Children's Area ...
and more.....

Featuring the BEST BBQ national rib grillers of America ! 

WOW for those hardcore feasters, there will also be a VIP Rib Village - with all you can eat #Ribs , #Drinks , #Sides , #Dessert !
 for this VIP package it will cost you $80 for adults, $22 for young adults and $12 for children - #nomnomnom 

General Pricing is $15 for admission and children 12 and under are free. 

More info on their main site HERE 
also additional info on their Facebook page HERE and their Twitter page HERE .

So much fun and great food in one place - we can NOT wait to CHECK THIS OUT !

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Here is a savings for you - sign up and get $2 off admission .