Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Magical Moments when Dream Foundation Partners with Grand Legacy At The Park

The Dream Foundation and the Grand Legacy at the Park Successfully Bring a Magical Dream to Life for a special family!

Welcome to OC Fletcher Family!

I am so honored to have been at the Fifth, the Grand Legacy rooftop Lounge, on Tuesday to see the faces of this beautiful family enjoy making memories together that will surely last them for years to come.

This wonderful family spent the day at California Adventure and soaked up as much of the Disney fun they could before arriving at the Rooftop for dinner and a beautiful sunset view.

When we first started chatting they were super friendly and opened up right away and express their gratitude to everyone for making this dream come true. Getting everyone together to that her mothers kids and grand-kids were all in one place... priceless.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dream Foundation Partners with The Grand Legacy at the Park to Honor A Wish Upon A Star Visit to Disneyland

Dream Foundation and The Grand Legacy at the Park are Making a Final Dream Come True

The 5ifth at the Grand Legacy at the Park Supports the Dream Foundation

To honor and appreciate the love Karen Fletcher has given to so many who know her, the Dream Foundation and The Grand Legacy at the Park are coming together to make a last wish come true for her. 

This amazing 61yo grandmother, who is diagnosed with ALS, wants to celebrate her life at the Happiest Place with her happiest people. 

The Dream Foundation and The Grand Legacy at the Park are going to make this Dream Come TRUE!

PC Dream Foundation

I am so grateful to how compassionate and giving the Grand Legacy at the Park is. This Disneyland Resort Neighboring Hotel REALLY does care about it's community and giving back beyond it's neighborhood. 

We love staying at the Grand Legacy at the Park but it's such an easy choice to make to stay and play when you can feel good about what the Hotel does for others. 

I will be at the event that will Honor Karen and her family and I an so Honored myself to cover this Magical visit. 

Please follow along and share Karen's story and appreciation of Life - The event is on the 25th of this month and all the details are below. 

I will do my best to recap the event and all the precious moments I am being gifted to be a part of. 

Wishing Karen and her family the most Pixie Dust filled time at the Grand Legacy at the Park Hotel and the Disneyland Parks. Huge thanks and shout out to the Dream Foundation for making Dreams like this and so many others come true. 

Official Details of the Memorable Dream event.....

Why I LOVE Supporting CHOC Walk in the Park - October 30th Registration Open Now

CHOC Walk in the Park Returns to the Disneyland Resort October 30th!


Have you ever participated in the CHOC Walk at Disneyland? There are so many opportunities available to help out one way or another.

You can sign up to just donate to the walk or you can form/join a team and walk the walk!

For years we have participated in CHOC Walks. CHOC hits close to home for us, for me and for my family. 

About 9 years ago my nephew was born, yes born, with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme that covered 70% of the left side of his head. It was on the brain stem. We were all sitting there hearing that he may not make it and they needed to talk to the Neurologist and Oncologist Doctors at CHOC and immediately operate and get the tumor out.


Fast forward to 9 years later, my nephew, George is alive, we can kiss him, hug him and he is here! CHOC acted fast on that emotional day, they immediately took action. Doctors came up with the best plan and after multiple surgeries, a stint shunt, g-tube and recovery, George is in remission and Cancer Free... he has been to this day. He continues to work on his motor skills and is in a wheel chair and has brought our family closer than we would have ever imagined. Thank you Dr. Muhonen for never giving up your faith that your steady hands would serve their purpose. 

A few years later we had two more family members need CHOC. My Niece Kaylen was born with heart defect and for 3 months CHOC did everything and beyond to help her and although she did not make it our family walks CHOC Walk in her name as Team Kaylen Faith. My other nephew Joshua was born with a smaller dysfunctional kidney. CHOC again came up with a plan and removed the kidney and Joshua is a thriving 6yo playing sports and running around loving life. 

We have so many reasons to be grateful to CHOC, my heart will always support, but so can my feet! I love participating in CHOC Walk and hope that one day all of you who have not done so, get an opportunity to do so too!

TOP SLIDERS Perform a Special Collaboration at Queen Mary Dark Harbor Plus Recap Of Event

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor has the best Sliders Coming at YOU!

I had such a blast at Dark Harbor this year. The intense feeling of the Mystery of the Ship itself creates that extra spooky feeling for me. 

I love the use of the ship for some of the haunted mazes. There is something about walking through feeling the historical vibes as you take each step up, down and around the ship itself. 

One of my favs.... "Is she looking at me?"

The Photo Opps are hands down awesome! Creepy enough yet... hehe

The dark path ways, living quarters, stories of the pool and other ghostly tales create the most amazing atmosphere for a perfect Dark Harbor!

There are monsters and spooky ones everywhere and what I liked is that the Sliders don't just slide at you but totally give a performance. 

It was fun to watch them attempt limbo Sliding down the walkway past us still creeping us out. 

I can not wait for next year to see what Scary Mary, the Captain and all their ghostly crew have conjured up to make me scream. 

Check out this creepy video of Scary Mary I got while on the Queen Mary Ship! Yikes... that's real enough for me! 

I have to add that there are sweet snacks and food to take a break with. Refuel so you can ditch the scary monsters and make it thought a maze with energy haa!

The Screaming Festive fun does not stop there... Something special and unique is headed to give Dark Harbor even more clout!

Have you heard?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Painting A New Fall Family Tradition

Pumpkins!! Carve or Paint - Old Tradition Meets New Crafty Way to Celebrate Halloween!

We have ALWAYS carved pumpkins for fall family fun. This year we decided to try something a bit different. 

Pumpkins are still in the mix but the creativity has gone crafty!

Painting our Pumpkins was super easy and less of a mess.

Steps and Tips for a painting pumpkins family time crafty party...

Friday, October 14, 2016

Irvine Park RR Pumpkin Patch Traditions

Our Favorite Pumpkin Patch! 

Irvine Park RR is not to be missed. There are only a few weeks left of the Fall Festive fun.

We had a blast and will probably go back for a bit more fun for the kids before the Pumpkin Patch is over! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Save More, Play More with Discount LEGOLAND® Tickets from Reserve Direct and Enter Giveaway

Save More, Play More with Discount LEGOLAND® Tickets from Reserve Direct and Enter Giveaway

Happy Fall - Take advantage of the BOGO Ticket offer for LEGOLAND® California Resort, SEA LIFE® Aquarium through Reserve Direct.

Sometimes you just need a day trip to an entertaining place with special people to remember making memories doesn't have to be as tough as it is always feared to be.

One of our favorite places to visit in Southern California is LEGOLAND® California Resort and SEA LIFE® Aquarium. It has been a few years since my dad (Papou - Greek for Grandpa), who is 76 years old, has been and we wanted to take him back for a revisit.

I love technology and everything you can do with the ease of having the internet at your fingertips. Given the opportunity to book through Reserve Direct, we instantly realized how easy it was to book our tickets and make our way to LEGOLAND® California Resort and SEA LIFE® Aquarium.

Right now Reserve Direct has an exclusive offer for LEGOLAND® California Resort + SEA LIFE® Aquarium tickets.

Kicking off fall, Reserve Direct is offering a BOGO FREE kids ticket with an extended usage date! When you buy an adult LEGOLAND® California Resort + SEA LIFE® Aquarium hopper ticket, you get a kids ticket FREE. Max out this deal for your whole family and maybe some friends too since 15 tickets per order can be purchased.