Friday, October 14, 2016

Irvine Park RR Pumpkin Patch Traditions

Our Favorite Pumpkin Patch! 

Irvine Park RR is not to be missed. There are only a few weeks left of the Fall Festive fun.

We had a blast and will probably go back for a bit more fun for the kids before the Pumpkin Patch is over! 

+IrvineParkRailroad . Does a fantastic job with all of their special events all year long.

My kiddos favs this year were Face Painting and Cookie Decorating...

I love that for us it's always the same tradition but the fun changes with the seasons.

We added a new tradition 3 years strong...New friends that have become family. We try to meet up and let the kids have fun together so that we can look forward to special moments with loved ones.

Old Traditions getting new additions! Love my girl Cat Follow her on her blog +Cleverly Catheryn 

No better place to keep traditions going than our favorite... Irvine Park Railroad!

What are your favorites about IPRR or if you have not been, what would you like to see or do first when you do go?

Happy Fall Everyone - Enjoy your family fun!

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