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Get FIT - on Mom Time ! I was a sz 14 and now.....

Getting Fit - On a Mom's Schedule ! 

Let's do this ! 
I have had a few friends and mom friends tell me that they want to start walking or at least moving a bit - some have done a routine of some sort before and others have not. 

I have done the sort of routine, that I will tell you about, after two babies and it has worked well for me. I have also shared it with a few others that I have seen become more fit, healthier and more mobile to get more exercise into daily crazy life. 

I am not one that has a lot of time to get a lot of working out in and I am also one that has some health and nerve issues that prevent me from doing most of the more active activities at this time. So I start small and keep doctor involved and go from there. 

This is what worked for my HUSBAND and I . Please remember to talk to a Dr. and each person is different. 

Here is what I typed up for a few friends on the KEY THINGS we did to drop weight. Now to gain muscle we would have gone another route with emphasizing more weights and such but we did cardio and light lifting. 

There was no huge secret to this.. just eating better and moving more.

Now I think that all we should all have is a simple pedometer ... if you have a fancy one.. awesome.. if not one from CVS that just count steps will work for you too !                       
What has worked for a few others and myself in the past is to try to hit 10K steps daily (not easy for me and doesnt happen daily but we can try) or at least 3-5 times a week to get going.                                       
It seems like that is a lot of steps but once we get going you will start to see how and what can increase your movement daily.. maybe its walking to the bathroom on the other side of house or when you go out to the car to get something you walk around the car four times and then head back into the house... just little things like that.                                                            
I also have a thing for swapping out lighter colored veggies for darker green colored veggies. Try to do this to at least dinner so that the bigger portion of the greens are taken in ! Green Beans, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli.. you get the idea.                                                        
So the plan of attack is simple.... Walk at least 45mins a day .. ideally an hour would be great at a good pace. Now make sure that its a comfortable pace for you but an hour of a brisk walk will help you get to the 10k steps faster than you think !                                                       
How to track it ?! Well i'm not one for weight watching cause I hate it but I would suggest getting a start weight and writing down what you do daily once you do start this.         
I have started this chart that you can modify as needed. Its just a basic log... very basic. 
Please keep in mind that everyone is different and please modify as needed to your comfort level. 
Ready.Set.Go !

I will give you my own testimony !
After we had our first kiddo my weight hit about 205lbs at 5'7" and my husbands was at maybe 230 lbs and he is 6'3" . It was a nightmare to get up the stairs of our condo. We realized it was time to start slowly working this weight off.

We started to slow it was painful.. literally and figuratively lol . After a few months of working towards our targets of steps and eating healthier weekly, we started to notice the changes in ourselves.

It almost seemed like the more we walked the further we got.. DUH right.. but then we noticed that after 30-40 days of working in a routine of daily activity of some sort, it became more of a natural thing. We found ourselves wanting to walk or grab a healthier dinner. The great thing about working on this is that you can have the foods you like and get your stepping on and work it off.. where as before you would eat it and just not work it off at all.

So after a few months we noticed it was all flowing a bit better, our health overall, was improving.

We were at a great mile stone at about 6 months in where we had dropped weight and physical size in a healthy way while building some muscle. Now we are both athletic so we once have had a body in decent health to play sports.

By the time our daughter was about 2yo we had dropped significant weight !

 We were maybe down to 170lbs for me and the hubs was maybe at 200lbs.

Well we continued to work at the routine.. not to sounds like it was perfect... it was NOT. There were times when we would slip up and get to our walking maybe 3 times a week. I would tell myself that My GOAL was 3 days a week at least and to shot for 5 days a week of 10K steps each day !

Oh did I mention I love "In N Out" oh and not just anything there.. I love the ANIMAL STYLE FRIES ! Oh yeah that is my weakness, and chocolate and sour candies .. uhh yeah i am just like you .. HUMAN and WEAK at times !

One day, my daughter was bout 3.5yo, I ran to old navy cause I had realized that I had gone from a size 14 jean to an 10 jean and now clearly the ones I had were too big but no way was I smaller than an 10 !?!? I've never been that small ... ever !

So I grabbed a few jeans that said 10 anyways and totally convinced myself that it was the denim that was stretched out .. right...

I put the jeans on and walked out of the dressing room and there was a cute mom and daughter duo.. you know the ones that look alike and can fit into the same size too.. just adorable mom and daughter.
They BOTH looked at me.... the mom said.. "oh honey you need to get smaller jeans.. they sag in the butt and leg.. look in the mirror" ... I was thinking to myself.. they were a little lose but no way are these too big !

This lady was so nice. I don't know if she knew I was losing weight, had a toddler, was losing baby fat or what but she made me feel awesome in my own skin for the first time in YEARS ! Her simple compliment telling me I needed smaller jeans convinced me I must !

I asked the girl in the dressing room, for the first time in my life, for a size 8 pair of the "flirt" jeans .. yes that's what they are called, not what I know how to do at all. LOL ! I did not win my hubby over flirting lol .
She brought them to me... duhn duhn duhn.. they were too big ! I asked her for, dare i saw it, a size 6 !?
Yes I asked and yes she brought !
Those fit like a glove.. I was standing there in shock ! The mom that urged me to get a smaller size was looking at me with a smile and said that she knew I was wearing baggy jeans with out realizing they were too big.. the belt doesn't always help .... I get it that now..


Keep it up Keep it up ! By the time we got to our daughters 4th birthday we were at about 150lbs for me and about 180lbs for the hubs (with muscle addition in us both) .
Here is a picture of us around the time she was almost 4yo !


Now at this time I was getting into a size 4. I was so proud of myself !

Again we did nothing CRAZY and nothing out of the ordinary . Eating healthier, working out a bit, walking the steps and oh yeah drank a ton of water !

So get up and GET ON THE GO OC !!!

Basic Notes used to chart my progress until I got a routine down and my steps regular.
                                                Steps Taken Today :
        Minutes On Actual Walk:
20 Squats or # done :
50 Sit-ups or # done :

PS : What you wont know from looking at the picture of me.... I was a few weeks pregnant with baby #2. I began getting nauseated that night at the wedding we were at and left early for home.

That is another blog story coming soon - cause pregnancy number two was just two years ago and a horror I mean love story in itself ! lol

PSS: this is our story.. results and people vary . always as a Dr before you do anything and if it works for you and its healthy ... why not do it !

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