Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SEAFOOD SCAMPI - Recipe by Request

Seafood Scampi Recipe 

Seafood Scampi - this is my made up yummyness !

Seafood: I used 1lb of muscles, 1lb of shrimp and 2 fillets of skinless Salmon

Herbs Needed: Kosher Sea Salt (two to three pinches to taste and like), Pepper (2 pinches), Garlic (chopped half of a clove) and Lemon Pepper Seasoning (one pinch), Garlic Salt (1 pinch)

Liquid / Base Needed: 2 table spoons worth of butter, Olive Oil (I used a cup but you may notice you need to add a little more), Lemon Juice (I used one whole lemon and a lime - they have different taste and give different flavor) Orange Juice (half cup), Optional : Cream Cheese with Chives (2 tablespoons worth for creaminess - sometimes I add this

Ok Lets get to the fun part !
In a larger skillet style with lid start warming the butter and olive oil.. do not burn it. Once its heated almost where the garlic can start to sizzle toss it in there and immediately lower the heat to a little over medium. toss in half of the lemon juice and half of the orange juice and a tiny bit of the seasonings to get the bottom of the pan seasoned too. (here is where I sometimes toss in the little bit of Chive Cream Cheese - i DID use it this last time)
Salmon cooks fast but not as fast as shellfish ! Start with the salmon and lay it on top of the juices, put a bit more of the seasonings and cover with lid. Salmon is cooked when its pink and flaky .. and easily overcooked ! Give it maybe 7-8 min and when it looks like its half cooked thru and half raw flip it over and do the same..
At this time you can check t make sure that the other seafood is cleaned divined and ready to go .
When the salmon is almost complete (3mins or so into the flip side) you can toss in your shrimp. I like to use wild caught peeled and divined. Shrimp will go from that grayish to a cooked shrimp pink color all around when done. Important to cook all the way thru.  Toss in a bit more of your herbs at this time as well as most of the juices left form orange and lemon.
When the shrimp looks half done (one side is pink the other side is still raw cooking) toss in the muscles - muscles steam fast so at this time put the lid on and enjoy a moment of yummy smelling goodness !
Once you see the muscles open up now it is time to toss in the remainder of the seasonings and juices left... make sure to swish it around a bit (careful with the salmon) and get the juices all over the Seafood and in the shells of the muscles ! (oh yes!)
Once it all looks good and done let the lid sit on and simmer it for a few moments.. its DONE ! Taste it and make sure you don't need anything extra.. I love lemon so I usually end up adding a bit more to taste !
I love to serve this with white or brown rice and add the juices on top of it. A huge hit for my 6yo daughter too and it's healthy for them ! A side of fresh veggies or maybe nothing at all cause it is amazing by itself !

Enjoy ..

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