Sunday, July 13, 2014

What to do at Disneyland when You are 2 ?! - Catching up with Kate tells us !

What do you do with a TWO year old at Disneyland !?

One of my favorite bloggers Kate, from "Catching up with Kate", tells us all how to deal with figuring out what to do with toddlers.. in specific our two years old mickey lovers !

Check out the link above for some awesome tips and to see how Kate and her entourage spent their day at the Disneyland parks ! 

A few of the best tips on her review and a few from me (and my two year old goes to Disneyland A LOT !) are these :
* Visit the meet and greet spots in both parks - some are indoors and outdoors but most are shaded and always fun for all ages
* Parades - Fun for all ages
* I have a 2yo CRAZY BOY ON THE GO lol no really... so for me I love to take him to Bugs Land and let him free and also to Monsters area... usually unpacked until the evening or later afternoon .
* Playhouse Disney in California Adventure is always a winner - I agree here - dance, sing, laugh and watch .. it's interactive and we all end up grooving a little bit - HOT DOG !
* Fantasyland - crowded for me but a 2 yo can sit on lap or next to most rides and also ride carousel but if you have a park hopper.. i suggest heading over to the one on CA Advent side and ride King Triton's with less of a wait
* Splash pads in bugs land are always a way to get fresh and move onto the next fun thing
* Cars Land is one of my sons favs.. he is in awe just looking down the road on rt66 and at night.. well that's a sight to remember and we always will.. like you are in the movie itself it brings YOU to life too !

Here are a few of MY pics of our toddler and kid fun !


 Cars Land, Bugs Land and Meet and Greet !

Relax on Heimlich's ride around yummy scents and scenes !

Catch a ride on Flicks Flight and be a BUG !

and always.. I mean always... GOOF around !

 We cant forget to swing my the ESPNZone at Downtown Disney to check on the world Cup standings !

Did you know they have had a big screen and special menu items along with some festivities specifically for World Cup 2014 Viewing !
Disney always knows how to do it ! #disneydoesitbest !

Much more on Kate's review so check it out and enjoy a day at Disneyland .. even if you have a toddler.. You will have an amazing time !


**The review mentioned above in link was written by Kate on her blog.. I added a few of my own thoughts into it myself on my post and pics on this post are mine.** 

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