Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rainy Days in SoCal !

Indoor Fun without the Sun !

We love to be on the go out doors - but what do we do when we have to keep warm, avoid getting wet and stay dry ?!

Yes you know .. those occasional days in sunny #socal where it actually rains. Hello #OrangeCounty

This week has been tough already on the attention span of my son and just forget about my daughter who has been in doors for recess too so there's some bottled up energy .

We have already had one evaluation done at the early start for my son and have one more with a few appointments as well and its a rainy week.... we need it and I love the way it smells but... you know it always wets your day a bit no matter what ...

Here are a few things we like to do to keep busy and entertained with out just turning the t.v on for those Holiday shows that you know you get suckered into ...

Crafting - check it out.. you can make a craft, spend time with your kid a bit and also get some dinner done. Set them up with an Ornament making craft that you can pick up at Michael's for maybe $5 after the 40% or 50% off coupon they always have. They usually make 24ish.. some make 12 but either way you can get the ones that are ornaments with holes for pics and give them as Holiday presents to family and friends.

Cleaning - well now with our Elves in the house we have a bit more caution to our behavior. So thanks to Penny and Crawly - my kids seem to be a bit more eager to help, listen and do as they are told. Here is a great opportunity to ask that room to be cleaned since you wont touch it and neither will you 7 yr old ! (This is my plan for today lol)

Reading - I find it a lot easier to get into a book of any kind if i can cuddled up and its a bit quieter than usual. I tell my daughter the same. I let her know that we can each read for 20mins while we sit by the fireplace or cuddle foot to foot on the couch . Then we share what we thought about our reading.. This is new for us so were working up to 30mins.. neither one of us "LOVES" to read but were getting there !

Board Games - I have a LOT of old school board games that I have introduced.. Hasbro has led the games at our family game nights for years since I had nights like that with my family ! I really love Monopoly and now so does my daughter - what a great way to bond ! My son loves to play operation with us and he also loves to "help" count the money and cards while we try to keep it all tidy lol . Love it !

Blocks - Because I have an almost 3yo and a 7yo we have Duplo, Lego, preschool and stacking blocks.. we play these a lot. How high can we stack them ? Who can knock it over ? Who can keep it standing ? Who can build a castle ? Who can guess what I built ?

Oh did I mention Disney or Knott's in the Rain ?! Best.Day.Ever ! It's low crowds and just fun !

there are a lot of things we can do to keep busy while learning and or having just plain fun when it's raining out...

One of my most favorite things to do after the rain clears on a cool evening.. drive to look at Holiday lights ! So festive and fun and so winter !

What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids and or family when it rains ?!
Share !!

Thanks for reading and sharing !

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