Friday, December 12, 2014

Kids In The Kitchen - Yes Please !

Kids In The Kitchen - Last Event in December at Renaissance ClubSport !

Have you heard of Kids In The Kitchen at the Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo ?
Well, wow that was a lot of fun! My daughter and I both enjoyed the event in it's entirety. 

Ready to go enjoy some Holiday fun baking up a storm... 

I had never been to ClubSport AV so I was extremely excited to check out the all around family activities they have there ! I did not realize it was more than a hotel... well is sure is!
I should start by saying that the lay out and the decor is so beautiful. When you enter you immediately get greeted with smiles and a feeling of welcome. So we walked right in and were advised that our Kids In The Kitchen Event was outdoors, poolside under cabanas .... yes please!

The Chefs were awesome and had everything set up ready to go for the kids !
The kids were ready to get going and so eager to mix, make, bake and of courser try out their creations! Haa! Not going to lie... once I heard they were making Chocolate Chip cookies and Apple Tarts I was all over that!


So much fun for the kids and so messy everyone was enjoying the time outdoors learning to bake !

While the kids were busy "baking" we were able to chat with Elena who is in Membership and Christi who is the Jr. Programming Director... both awesome ladies that are out to help families get the most of the Club Sport.

As we chatted and the girls colored and listened to a story, our yummy goodness was baking away in the kitchen ! How cute are they waiting patiently ! Zoe and Emi are two peas to an "I'm up for anything fun with my mom" girls to a pod ! hehe !
Our goodies were ready a short time later and we enjoyed them - they came out perfect. All the kids and parents were so excited that it was a success .. we had to have a taste, naturally ! SOO GOOD ! 

WIN WIN WIN ! What an awesome morning spent with my girl ! We both had so much fun baking and eating .

After we took a tour of the facilities and I was blown away by just the KIDS WORLD setting. There is multiple rooms for muti aged kids, plenty of fun activities, games and crafts for all kids to do! I wanted to stay and check out more but my own kiddo at home was needing me so we had to leave a bit before we wanted to... my daughter was devastated in tears she wasn't able to stay and play more.. that's how awesome this Kids World is people lol !

There is so much that ClubSport AV offers for the whole family. I wanted to highlight just a few of the fun and education, yes I wrote educational, things that are offered to members and NON members ! Yup you can get in on the fun too, even if you are NOT a member ! How awesome is that !

Here are a few.. just a few of the programs offered for the whole family at multi levels. 

What I thought was brilliant ?! They have a huge emphasis on education and learning!! Check out more details and ask them about their ClubSport University! Hello?! How super genius is that... have your kids in a bit of extra learning and get your exercise or relaxation on in house there a few feet away from where your kids are! (Drop off programs are also offered!!!!)

It really is all around family and individual hidden gem ! 

Are you still looking for something special to do for the Holidays to see Santa ?! There are limited spots still available for their Breakfast With Santa event. This event will take place Sunday, December 21st at 9:30 am.. more details call and see HERE . Spots are limited!

Well okay I could not leave out one for the adults, so here is one weekly event that can even be for the guys! Build Your Own Bloody Mary ! Details below..

We enjoyed ourselves and I for one can not want to get back to check out the spa and pool. I know that this was looking great to my kiddo and she was read to dive right in ! 

Looking forward to returning to take part in more of the fun and fitness that is offered for one or all at the ClubSport in Aliso Viejo !

Check out the Kids In The Kitchen event and see what else you will want to return for !

Special Thanks to Family Review Guide and Christi for inviting and setting up this awesome event ! Can't wait for the next one ! 

Happy Holidays, 

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