Monday, January 14, 2019

Marvel Super Hero Adventures Series - You Can Watch NOW! #DisneyMarvel #MarvelSuperHeroAdventures

Have You Heard About Marvel Super Hero Adventures?

Disney and Marvel, two of our favorites, collaborate to bring us awesome adventures in family - friendly entertainment.

All Opinions are my own based on our own experiences.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures

Never heard of this series? It's okay neither had I until a few days ago. Though, I am a little bummed I didn't know about the episodes sooner!

MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES is a new series of super cute preschool shorts titled “Marvel Super Hero Adventures” available on YouTube, DisneyNOW App and seen on Disney Channel between scheduled programs.

In line with this video series are age-appropriate chapter books and Playschool Toys by HASBRO

These days it's so easy to watch anywhere at any time. I love it.

With Disney Now we can watch all the kid safe programming we want.

I can even walk away and start dinner feeling comfortable knowing there will not be anything inappropriate popping up.

Last night while my older one was at soccer I sat down with my younger kiddo to catch a little bit of Marvel Super Hero Adventures and see what it's all about.

We loved it. For me anything that is kid friendly and relatable in real life is a win. It's great to see how the kids can gain courage, confidence and knowledge of basically how to be good and helpful to others and to oneself.

There is a hero in all of us.
My son who is on the Autism spectrum relatea to courage and confidence directly but its nice to see that others will take from the series something good for themselves and as well.

Check it out on YouTube too here

Check out the videos for this show on DisneyNow App 
But wait!! For being an awesome reader I've got a special Disney magical treat for you.

This a BONUS video that is unlisted! Only people with this link can see it!

We are officially Marvel shorts fans and cant wait to check out the comic books too. Talk about edufun!

Enjoy!! Let me know what you think of the series too.


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