Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Thank You to our Veterans! #AmericanVeteranPBS

Talking about #VeteransDay with the kids?

We've partnered with PBS to share some of the stories from PBS Voices series American Veteran: Keep It Close

We have many levels and branches of military in our family. We are proud of each of them and honored to support them all.

My daughter loves to collect boxes of girl scout cookies while selling them to hand deliver and donate to local military on base. We always want to show our appreciation. 

So may ways to say thank you and so many stories to hear from our amazing veterans.

Click my Playlist link for a special way to honor Veterans with your family this week.

Currently Playing on American Veteran: Keep It Close “What a Stuffed Bunny Means to This Military Family”. When Yolanda Mayo was a newlywed, she deployed to Iraq for Desert Shield/Desert Storm with her Marine Corps unit. Her husband sent her a stuffed bunny for Easter and the memento quickly became a source of shared joy for her and her tent mates.. CLICK FOR MORE:  Playlist

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