Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mimi's Cafe Brings Happiness To Lunch With New Menu Items All Week Long

Mimi's Café Has A New Lunch Menu

It's been a while since I've eaten at Mimi's Café....
Thank you for having me out to try your new lunch menu. All opinions are my own.

Mimi's is special to me in a memory of my mom kind of way. We used to drop in for some yummy fresh breads and French Onion soup. Loved those times.
I remember her loving our time spent chatting and enjoying a good meal. We loved sharing a sandwich or a quiche and taking time to enjoy the moment.
It's little memories like this that were traditions for us before she passed. Now its nice to experience a lovely lunch with friends that have turned family.
Lunch has been updated along with a full new look to classic favorites and new bites in the whole menu.
With lunch combos you can choose a soup and sandwich that will also come with fries.
All of this for under $11 is a great deal to me.
We tried a few of the features and of course the savory soups.
The 5 Cheese Grilled Cheese 

The Turkey Royale

The Chicken

The Ham

Everything was delish and full of fresh flavors that I'd totally return for.
The French Onion soup is just as I remembered it from a few years ago and that is a taste of memories to me.
A lunch with friends is always refreshing and a way to recharge your energy. Laughs, food, fun... my style.

Mimi's Café is offering their lunch combo specials Monday To Friday from 11 to 4... enjoy!


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