Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Powerpuff Girls On Hulu Plus #Giveaway & Contest to Enter

The Powerpuff Girls are on Hulu!

Last weekend we were able to have our lovely friends cover the Powerpuff Girls Day!
The experience was meant to show the girls they can do anything they put their minds to - and it totally did. With Mad Science, Dancing, Arts and more the girls were able to experience some new things while having a extreme Powerpuff FUN time.
From the start the girls were treated like Powerpuff Girls in action...
The girls arrived and were greeted and immediately. They were escored on a mini red carpet to get their picture taken. Fancy!

Yummy ,tasty snacks and treats were served upon arrival.( Powerpuff girl themed of course)

There was a green screen Powerpuff Girls photo op station. We love photo booths.

Special treat to the girls ... the Parents were sent to a loft while the girls were sent to the fun workshops.

The girls grouped together and three workshops were offered to experience the fun.

Deets on the workshops for the lovely ladies...

1. Dance Class- The girls learned choreography. Together they mastered the steps and did a dance.


2. Mad Science Workshop- Everyone learned how rockets get launched into space, they also learned how to and then made cardboard mini rockets. Love it! 

3. Animation & Art Station- Girls learned how to draw Bubbles and learned how to make her fly with a flip book. Who remembers flip books?! I do!!


After the workshops were done, a panel inspirational girls spoke to the group. One was a Vegan animal rights activist. She came up with "No Meat Mondays." The second girl was a Jiu Jitsu Master. And the third girl was a 12 year old CEO entrepreneur of a beauty products.

The young panelists talked about how they achieved their goals, and the girls can do anything they dream to.

How Inspirational Is THAT! So glad the girls had the opportunity to experience this but even more happy that the Powerpuff Girls are on Hulu to stream anytime!


The complete library of the popular animated franchise The Powerpuff Girls “classic” is exclusively streaming on Hulu now, and on March 24th the newly, reimagined and Emmy Award-nominated animated 2016 series of the same name will make it’s exclusive streaming debut.

As part of the launch, we’re looking for some “Girl Power” and who better to show us, than you!

What does it mean to be a Powerpuff girl?

The Powerpuff Girls are smart, strong, and inspiring. We are looking to find real girls who embody the spirit of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

Do you have an awesome, inspiring young girl in your life?
Enter the Hulu #RealLifePowerpuff Girl contest!

And don’t forget to check out
The Powerpuff Girls on Hulu.
To add to the excitement we are doing a Powerpuff Hero Giveaway!
I noticed that both of my kids have gone thru stages of loving Powerpuff Girls - Boy and Girl.
Just so happened that our cape for Mikey was BLUE! Perfect for Autism Hero well HULU Hero too! hehe

I love that all kids can connect to one of the character story lines and enjoy the show. It really is a great show.
We have paired up with Hulu and Powerpuff Girls to do a giveaway to put some extra fun into the mix...
What do you need to do to win?
Head on over to my FACEBOOK POST on this Giveaway and drop a comment letting me know who your kids favorite Powerpuff Girl is and why?!
Share the giveaway and get an extra entry!
All comments will be entered into a giveaway for the following:
* Lip Balm (1)

* Cape (1)

* Sunglasses (1)

Two Winners! Good Luck to All! 

Thank you Creators Media and Hulu for inviting our girls to be "Real Life Powerpuff Girls" for a day. All opinions are my own.

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