Monday, September 15, 2014

Awesome New YOGA in South OC !

Yoga me ! Baker Ranch Yoga has it all !

Let me start by saying - I have NOT done yoga in a studio setting since I was pregnant with my first kiddo .

I heard about a new Yoga studio opening up in Baker Ranch, a new community being developed in Lake Forest . #BakerRanchYoga

When I contacted the studio I was a little nervous cause I knew I wanted to get back to it but wasn't sure if I could physically handle it . I spoke with my Neuro and he suggested i def try it and if needed use the modified versions of the poses if my left side was just still too weak. So i thought.. okay well I've tried a lot of things and i go to PT regularly so lets give this a shot !

If anyone knows me personally reading this... you know i love to share the fun ! So what did i do .. i contacted a few other moms that i knew would want to join in on the fun . Some have experience with Yoga and some did not at all !

A group of about 7 of us attended our first class (by the way you can sign up for a free, yup free, trial class on line :) at HERE at Baker Ranch Yoga directly) this past Friday.

I walked into the studio to find it super new and dialed in . There was a spot for everyone to place their things, grab a mat (if needed - and I needed one) and pick up a block or blanket .

The Studio was warm and very relaxing. The space was large and open and there is AC and a fan too. So, depending on the activity of Yoga you are taking in the class you chose they can keep it warm, heat it up, cool it down or just create a breeze.

Before our class started, our group of amazing moms from our community, met up got ready and everyone was excited to get our Yoga on ! Our class time was 12:30 - you know just enough time to take a class, cool down and get the kids form school.. worked for most that I invited !

We all met Katelyn (a super sweet all smiles highly recommended instructor) and she helped us get sorted out, signed in and set up. You can see all sorts of fun info on the instructors HERE .

I noticed that after only a week of being OPEN the class had 4-5 regulars already that we were joining in on. Lets do THIS !

We began very slow and easy - instruction and calm voice was there at every move.. easily guiding each of us (all expert or not so much of levels) from one motion to the next . Katelyn somehow seems to keep a smile on her face the whole time and just has this voice of Yoga Reason for lack of a better way to explain it lol !

We did all the, what I would call, classic Yoga positions and poses. Katelyn guided us through with showing and telling so that we could all at our own pace keep up. We had older gentlemen, older women, moms both fit and unfit with nerve damage issue (points to self - yes that's ME) and a pregnant girl (adorbs), I mean how diverse of a class could we have been ! HAHA !

As we moved on into the hour the positions got a bit more demanding and I loved how Katelyn walked around and helped us into correct position if needed, while keeping focus on everyone in the room, again she rocked it !

I did a few of the poses in a very modified version that Katelyn showed and I did well just doing that. I was also watching how much I did just to be sure I was not going to irritate the nerves with something new first time.

At the end of our hour class, (I couldn't believe an hour had gone by already !) we entered the Savasana (nap like) position. WOW let me tell you I just about fell asleep. I was relaxing what I had worked out and feeling how I had stretched out. It was both a calm down and cool down. Awesome ending to a surprisingly great first time Yoga class. So grateful I gave it a shot !
     Learn more about the #Savasana calm down HERE

After the class the mats are sprayed down and cleaned, so if you did not bring your own and had to borrow, you can feel comfortable doing so ! (I did)

So for me it was awesome and I can not wait to go back for more ! If you happen to check it out let me know what you think too !

I wanted to mention a few things I thought were super cool...
     There is a hallway between the Yoga Studio and the Cross Fit .. in that hallway there is a room for kids to hang. See details about it HERE
Children's room

     also... Baker Ranch Yoga has a special right NOW ! Sign up at this rate !

Lastly I love that its owned by a family.. a totally cool and sweet Husband and Wife Duo !

The owner of Baker Ranch Yoga (adorable and sweet lil thing - seriously shes a doll) also owns, with her husband, the Cross Fit next door... just throwing it out there for you more HARDCORE fitness peeps and also for those wanting to keep trying new things. Check out that info HERE .

Get #OnTheGoOC !

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