Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Carnitas (Pork Shoulder) at HOME !

Winner Winner Carnitas Dinner ! 

I love food and usually I will post about places to eat that have good deals or are just phenomenal ...but occasionally I like to share my own #yummyformytummy creations too..

My #slowcooker #carnitas is yummy..even my kid loves it ..in a taco..with sides..or just as is !

Slow Cooker / Crock pot or a Rice cooker that slow cooks too
Garlic fresh 4 pieces of the clove
Garlic salt
That's it ! Sometimes I add a little lemon too..

I start with pork shoulder ... I cut a few slits into it and fill it with chopped garlic.. then save the rest for the top of it

I then put just a 1/4 water into crock pot..you don't have to..the juices will be there but I like it to not stick while heating up..

To the water add a few pinches of all the seasonings ..stir it up ..

Drop in your pork shoulder and again season...season the top and sides with all you seasonings to taste..we like garlic so I use more of that than salt but season to your taste

That's it !

I've also added oregano and rosemary but more to a pork loin ...not for carnitas 

Close the lid and I set the slow cooker for a total of 4.5 hours..but at the 3 hour mark I open and look at it.. I leave it for the extra time so it's super soft and almost falls apart... an additional 1 hour to 1.5 hours is what I suggest but check and adjust to your liking..just make sure it's fully cooked 

A great side would be mashed potatoes too cause you can use the juices to make a quick gravy ...but... for carnitas it's taco time in our house !!!

Either way it's #yummygoodness and I'd love to hear if you try it and like it ...or if you too have a recipe that you'd like to share !!

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First pic is at the 3 hr mark ..second two pics are at 4.5 hrs and on warm for 30 mins.

Have a #HappyTuesday all !

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