Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year - Ring in 2015 with Giveaways, Updates, Disney News, Sweets, Photos and more...

Happy New Year - Welcome 2015 - Bring it on !

I hope everyone had as much fun with their kiddos off for two weeks as we did ! 
I was kind of sad to have it all end since we still planned on making it to +legolandcalifornia . and @disneyland just once more.. we can never get enough ! 

With kids back in school and more time for work, play, or whatever it is you all have going on daily, what better way to keep you smiling into the new year than to announce some pretty cool news and fun I will have on my blog all before end of February ! 

Sit back and enjoy some night time, morning or break time reading, while I review some awesomeness headed your way ! Thanks for reading, following and liking this past year and into the new year.... #ChEARs to all of you !!!!! Thank you ! 

DISNEYSIDE @Home Party is headed our way in the next few weeks so that we can celebrate a CARS themed party for preschoolers ! I can not even tell you how excited I am about this ! My son LOVE LOVES LOVES "Mightming Macquuueeem" as he says and is going to love this !

I can not wait to get home to that #DisneyBox of fun one day soon ! Thank you so much to all that made it possible ! (Maria and Team) 

Learn more about your #DisneySide HERE

As if that was not exciting enough - I will have a few giveaways headed your way with in the next few weeks !

Look out for a Photo Inspired giveaway when I partner with @kimberlyloya and her amazing #photog skills ! She has taken our photos for over 7years and has always had me smile ear to ear over her shots of my family !!  See more of her #PhotogSkills HERE


Be on the wide eye for a #SweetTreat surprise... I love to partner up with #MichellesCakes for giveaways, they not only taste amazing but usually have some sort of art or fun driven inspiration to them !

CUTENESS OVERLOAD ! Ready... Set... Go.... check out Michelle's Cakes and all her baking creations HERE

and last nut NOT Least at all.... were headed to +Knott's Berry Farm for the #KomenOC - team up to fight against cancer ! #CancerSucks ! Our amazing friend and mom blogger Jamie is fighting this crappy fight now and we know she can STOMP IT OUT !

You can check it out at #Knotts starting January 5th !!! More info --->

I'm very excited to head into 2015 with some awesome opportunities for my fellow friends ! Thanks for following and I hope to pay it forward and give back to all who read my craziness even more in 2015 ~
Penny - #OnTheGoOC

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