Thursday, February 12, 2015

HP... My Photos... and ME !

Love PRINTING pictures !

So there is something about printing a picture and having it handy that just makes me smile. I don't know if it's cause it reminds me of my childhood or if it's because we are always crafting !

Either way I LOVE what +HP offers for hands on, in the moment and innovative printing.

OnTheGoOCKid and I attended an event in San Diego for moms who love to print - and wow did we PRINT ... hehe

We must have printed over 30 pictures. There was so much focus on all the fun print options, and what HP could do to improve anywhere and anything that we wanted to try everything.

Photo paper that is a sticker - yes please . I was loving that.

My kiddo was able to stretch her creativity sitting at each table set up for crafting. HP hit it on the dot with Valentine's inspired supplies. She sat and made over 5 crafts that included photos, stickers, foam and much more.
I was really happy to just sit and watch her print what she wanted, how she wanted and craft it up !

I was able to talk to over 10 HP techs, program creators, marketing specialists, customer service and more of the hands on awesomeness that makes all that fun possible everyday !

All that fun.. that's what it is to me... to us... to my family. We love making memories ! +MyPrintly  is an awesome tool that can help me do just that ! It is very easy to use, create and bring to life !

We were able to take everyday photos that we take hundreds of and print out creations that we made in seconds ! It really was fun and a joy to experience, especially with my daughter. She enjoyed every bit of the fun as well and can't wait for another event !

We want to thank +HP  and all their Team for all the amazing fun and invitation !


We hope to come back to see what else you have in store to help us extend outside of our creative boxes.


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 Thank you +Maria Bailey and team !

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