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Legoland Sunday Funday

Legoland Sunday Funday

Surprise! We are going to +legolandcalifornia .  today, so get ready and rocking.... That's how we woke the kids on Sunday! They were so happy and excited.

We have not had a real family day in a while. My husbands been so busy with work and making sure we have the things we need, that we have not seen him much lately. We decided that we would head down to Carlsbad for the day and visit Legoland and the SeaLife Aquarium.

We all packed up into the car for our fun day. Hours were 10am to 6pm so perfect when it's overcast.
He was asleep before we even got on the toll rd!
It took us about 40 mins to get down to Legoland from Irvine area. Not bad at all since we ran into a little Holiday traffic headed out of town in remembrance of Memorial Day on Monday.

It did not take long for my boy to wake up and see the castle like hotel. We were ready to have fun!

First up - Heartlake City! Just opened a few days ago and already so popular to visit!

Friends Forever Stage - So cool to check out the Friends in person!


There was dancing and singing in the live stage show and we were loving it. I think the best part about Heartlake City is that all ages can enjoy the fun. My Son was loving the Horse Stables aka the Merry go Round!
My daughter said "Mom I feel like I am in the actual Lego Land of Heartlake City, this is so cool".

Saying bye to the Friends Forever for now, we sang as we moved onto some other fun. 

Mikey can ride on so many rides now that he is 41" tall. He is only too short for 2 of the rides but he is loving all of the ones he can get on!

Here he is on two new rides since the last time we came. One we missed and one he just hit the height requirement for! Big day for Mikey!  

Can I leave them here for a bit!?
 In the middle of all the fun there is one thing we have to do when we are at Legoland - Get the Apple Fries! Oh my goodness, these are the best apple fries ever and the mixture of cinnamon and sugar they put on them is just perfect. A winner and MUST every time we visit.
Apple Fries Made Fresh!

After our snack we figured we should try a roller coaster with Mikey for the first time at Legoland!
We all hopped on the Dragon and helped the Knights. He loved it!

Playing with your family all day works up an appetite. Just wanted to point out that this is an awesome deal! Kids Eat free at Pizza & Pasta after 3pm! Great way to wind down and catch dinner on way out of the fun.
Kids Eat Free After 3pm!
 It was 2pm and we had a few more rides to finish up before heading into the Aquarium to wind our own day down.


On the boat tour we were able to see the sights of the world and back to the United States, passing Mini Land. It really is a sight to see, even if you have seen it multiple times. We can't get enough!


From the boat looking out into Mini Land

We always stop into Mini Land. I am not sure if it's cause I LOVE VEGAS or just cause the whole land is cute and fun. I think it's cause I have Vegas withdrawals - what do you think? ha!

Before we left Legoland for the Sealife Aquarium we had to show out Lego fun - Everything is Awesome!
Hugs with her Lego Friend!

 Up next, our adventure at the SeaLife Aquarium...
SeaLife Aquarium Fun

The last time we were at the Aquarium we brought my 73yo father and everyone had a great time. This was my son's first time in the aquarium since he was a baby so I was excited to see what he was going to do!

Big sister is showing lil brother the
"Must See" things.


So much to see right when you walk into the Aquarium you are greeted with a slide for the kids, well for all ages, and fish right in front of you. My kids LOVE the underwater viewing through the bubbles that were throughout the aquarium.

 Always a show stopper for us are the Jellies. We all just love to watch them work their simple magic. These are the moon jellies!
Mikey Loved the Moon Jellies!

The outdoor touch pond is perfect for all ages. We loved touching and playing. It's great cause they ahve this castle that the little ones or those not interested in touching, can build on to. 


I would have to say that the touch pond is my daughter's favorite place to hang out every time.

Baby Shark Pods that are formed to
house them until ready. So Cool!


One of my favorites ever,.. the beautiful Sea Horses! I could sit and watch them all day....

Always looking for adventure in SeaLife !
We wrapped up our day in the aquarium and I think that was perfect. It's very low key and calming to watch all these fish and the wondrous sea life around you. It mellowed out the kids and got us ready for a snack and drive home.

Thank you SeaLife Aquarium for the family fun!

I hope to one day stay at the Legoland Hotel. I have heard so many great things about it. My son who is on the spectrum for speech and behavior did amazing all day and was saying "I want the Castle please" and for him at 3yo that is huge. We have to get back and stay in one of these totally awesome rooms soon.
Maybe when we come back over the summer for the Water Park and Chima Water Park fun!
Back side of Legoland Hotel, CA
For more info on Legoland and SeaLife Aquarium please see their website HERE .

Thanks for an awesome family day Legoland and SeaLife Aquarium!
Hope to see you soon - Everything is Awesome in Heartlake City!
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