Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick Family Meals - Feeding More Than 4

Quick Family Meals - Feeding 6 or more

What's a few more mouths to feed for dinner?! What Meals are easy and will feed a lot of mouths?!

Here are my top 5 Mega Meals that don't break the bank or your time.

I am used to feeding 4 but this last week I was privileged to help my dad and my brother care for his 4 kiddos. The total with my dad, my brothers family minus my sister in law and the 4 of us is 10.

What meals do we use for pre prep, easy prep, quick timing and favorites to all? Here goes.

1. Chili - You can pre make it and store it for days. It actually tastes better after a day anyways! Serve with chips, cheese, onion and or bread. We love ours in a bread bowl with all the fixings. A good recipe we have tried is my sister in laws but that takes a lot more love than a fast one like THIS that I have doubled and made enough for 12.

2. Pasta - This is a win win. I like to jazz it up a bit by using fun noodles or pastas. With this one I like to have a simple marinara and a pesto ready. But again, since were talking about fast and east then pick your fav out of jar or can and go with it.. maybe add a little seasoning to freshen it up a bit and serve with garlic bread on the side. Full bellies for sure.

3. Chicken and Potatoes - I like to do it Greek style. I cut up a half a bag of potatoes and I use a whole bag of chicken tenders from frozen. I like to use fresh but this is a mass meal and oven ready in moments. Set oven to 375 and pre heat it while you prep. Put the cut potatoes in a bowl and toss them with some garlic salt, olive oil, pepper, oregano, and a squeeze of lemon. Once they sit for a few moments and you mix it up so they are well covered all around then place the potatoes around the chicken in the baking tray or pan you have ready. Add the juice of about two lemons and about 1/2 cup of water. Cover it and toss it into over. Check on it about 25 mins in and shift the chicken and potatoes in the juice. If it looks like it needs more liquid to keep potatoes and chicken juicy, add some lemon and water by the half cup into it. Back into over for another 15 mins and check again. This time take the foil off the top and let it go another 10 mins or so. Should be good to go if not a bit sooner. My oven and my dads oven cook differently and I don't like to over cook and dry out chicken. Greek Lemon Chicken. Serve with Bread.
Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes

4. Burritos - Super easy. Can of re-fried beans (Rosarita Jalepeno is a good one) and heat it up stove top. Chop lettuce up, tomatoes, onion, maybe some cilantro and get a small pack of shredded cheese.  Get 2 lbs of ground beef and season it to taste with spices and cumin or you can get the taco seasoning packet and toss that in. I season meat with some chopped onion and fresh chopped garlic no matter what. Drain meat of grease and fat once cooked and your ready to put your burritos together! Add a little sour cream on top or your favorite red/green salsa and you are set. So tasty and easy.

5. Quesadillas - Either just cheese or grilling some chicken strips to add into it, they are super fast and easy to serve. Clean up is minimal and usually quesadillas are a hit with everyone for sure. Top it off with some fresh pico or some you can get form your deli and a bit of sour cream and your good to go.

I love to cook.

These are just a few faster meals that can feed a lot of people. I had to come up with a few of these last week but usually I cook totally fresh and home made. It was fun to try the easier route of packet seasoning instead of mixing up my own and canned pasta sauce that was spiffed up a bit.

I still used my local Fresh and Easy for most produce and supplies for my meals for these.
I will be posting more of my home made recipes too so keep an eye out here and on my Instagram HERE .

Thanks for reading and happy eating! If you try one of these let me know and post a pic.

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