Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I Want Right Now Mama...

Top 5 things said in my house when my kids are sick.

When my kids are sick, you know how that goes, it really is a nightmare. Not only for you as the parent cause you just don't know how to help, but as the kiddo too, since they are just miserable. 

I try to take extra steps when the kids are sick. I make soup, run baths, cuddle up, watch movies, sleep next to, juice fruit, make special snacks and more. I am sure you all do the same!

What are some things that are said or asked for in your house when your kids are sick?

I get these, and not in any particular order...

1. What I want right now mama...
     and that is usually followed by something I most likely have to say no to anyways, like candy or to go play outside. 

2. I could really eat...
    and that is usually followed by something I most likely have to say no to as well, like ice cream or chips with hot sauce on them.

3. I am so bored I want to...
    again same drill.. usually followed by.. go to the pool or go to Disneyland. 

4. Mom can we please...
    now.. in my house with my daughter this is usually followed by, do a show (dance and sing) or play a board game like Monopoly? Oh, and also go to the pool. Can't ever shake that one off this fish out of water's mind!

5. Do I have to...
    the list can go on and on with this one... take that medicine, gargle the salt water, eat that soup hot not cold, drink that, sit here, etc.

I LOVE them so much that I just run around like a chicken with her head cut off doing what they need and what needs to be done. 

I get so sad when the kids are sick and I fully get into the cook them to health mode. It's a Greek thing.. lol jk.
What are a few of your favorite "get well" foods?

We love soup, home made soup. These are two of the soups that I made the last few days that we've had the cold bug going around our house. 

PHO: Vietnamese Soup - I got the recipe from +Food Network HERE and it turned out AMAZING !

Chicken Soup with Fresh Mint: Home made my own recipe for chicken used 3 ways. I boiled the strips and used the broth for both the soup base and to cook the rice for flavor. I then used the chicken strips for a salad topper and also as a main dish with rice. 
Most of the ingredients were purchased from +Fresh & Easy and +Target 

Well it is about time to get back to my lil one .. I hear her now.. What she wants right now is PICKLES!
Have a super Wednesday ..

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