Monday, June 22, 2015

Is it Summer Yet!? Our Summer MUST DO List...


I know some of you like that school is in session and don't get me wrong, there are times that, I do too. But, for the most part, I love having the kids out for the summer.

We have two more days left, well now one. I have a lot planned in between Dr visits, PT, OT and then some.

Here are a few of our MUST DOs this summer -

Irvine Park - We love the Railroad and all the fun that they have for the kids and parents to do there all summer long. OC Zoo is in the park - how convenient is that. More info on +IrvineParkRailroad can be found HERE

Aquarium of the Pacific - New Jellies, shows and lots more - we can not wait to get back to see whats new this summer with our local Sea Life! More info on the +Aquarium of the Pacific can be found HERE

Circus - Gather one and all for the BIG TOP! +Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is coming to town. Have you entered my Giveaway for the fun. On my blog HERE

LegoLand - We have blogged on this family fun a few times. Search LEGOLAND on my blog - but we will be returning to +legolandcalifornia . with in the next few weeks to bring you all some live +Periscope summer fun! More info on Legoland can be found HERE

Pretend City - Our Favorite Place for pretend play. We can not get enough of this awesome play place since both of my kids love to spend hours there. I mean HOURS! My 3y old and 7y old could stay and play all day if I let them... and I have... haaa One of the best things about +Pretend City Children's Museum is the staff that is amazing with all kids. Special needs, sensory or not thisx place has it down. Love it and can not wait to check out this summer's fun +Pretend City Children's Museum . More info can be found HERE

Disneyland - Disney is Celebrating their Diamond celebration this year with their 60th Anniversary! this is huge. We are covering some of the events as Ramada Main Gate at the Park's Disney Insider. Follow along on my Periscope, Instagram, Twitter, FB and YouTube. Also Follow along #RMGATP for all the fun! #OnTheGoOC +Penny OnTheGO on all social media.

Knotts Berry Farm - This is one summer you DO NOT want to miss! Knott's has a bunch of things boysenberry! Everything! From punch to candy and pies too, their famous berry is just amazing in and on everything it touches! We were able to attend the Summer Preview at Knott's with my friend and awesome Food blogger +Sukhraj Beasla last weekend. More to come about all those details on the blog soon.. keep an eye out! +Knott's Berry Farm - Did you know they have a new candy store that JUST opened?! Oh my yummy goodness - I can not wait!

OC Fair - Family traditions are big in our home. My mom and dad have been taking us to the OC fair and events at the fair for as long as I can remember! We are now taking our family there and celebrating a lot of old and making new traditions. We also have started to take our kids to concerts there since the atmosphere is open and family friendly. Very fun. We love to share the happenings of the OC Fair so be sure to follow along for more details on whats going on this summer at the fair as we get the news!

Medieval Times - A family favorite and another Family tradition - for over 25 years we have loved attending the JOUSTING fun at +Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament ! +Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Is an awesome way to spend time with your family enjoying an indoor arena show with a meal. Its perfect and there is plenty to do and see before and after. I have blogged about our fun at the tournament a few times. Please check it out by searching Medieval Times. Lets Joust!

Staycations - We have never really taken one outside of our norm in San Diego that we do yearly, usually in off season, to save money. We love it. This year we hope to do a new staycation this year. We think we have the place nailed down and are excited to venture near but far and focus on sleeping in and possible rope drops. possibly.. just saying.. we will see.. Where is your favorite staycation spot?

As or list grows, I will keep adding it here. Watch out for updates and please share your fun so that I can try new things with my fambam too :)

What are some of your must try or must do's this summer with your kids or family ?! Share with me!!

If I choose something that you suggest to do with my kiddos, I will send you a surprise!
Have a great summer -
OnTheGoOC / OnTheGoOCKid

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