Monday, July 13, 2015

Butterfli Me Make Up Studio DYI Tutorial Night

Butterfli Me Make Up Studio DYI Tutorial Night

Make Up! If you are like me, when you hear those words you either panic or know that you can do the care minimum with it. 

Last week I was invited to attend a "Make Up Tutorial" at Butterfli Me Make Up Studio. I could NOT wait. 
Located in Irvine, Butterfli Me Make Up Studio is 2 months new, going national and has 25+ years of cosmetics experience. Delphine, the creator and her sister Dusty, an artist to celebrities, together bring the glam and ease of "have it done" or "do it yourself" make up when needed! They are mobile and can even come to you for events or single sessions. 

It was a round table of beautiful girls. Delphine talked to us about some amazing tips for summer make up. They have over 25 looks you can copy or let them know what you want on your own. 
We all worked on our make up application as Dusty showed us step by step on a model up front. 

So... It was so much easier than I expected. I loved how their make up felt on my skin and went on so smoothly. I do not like make up that is greasy or oily and after applying the BB Cream (a cream that tones and helps the make up stay on) and the foundation I still felt fresh and clean. Eyes were a step of their own and came just as easy with Dusty's tutorial. She said eyes come first so that you do not drop shadow onto your cheek. Smart!
Here are the steps for the make up tutorial that I have now followed each time I want to wear make up and I LOVE IT! 

* Prep Your face with Primer
* Eyes first - Shadow, Liner (outside to in) and mascara and pencil brows
* Face - foundation , bronzer from hairline, down to cheek bone and down to jaw line. 

Tips to Keep Make Up on in Summer -
* Primer Face
* Shadow Base
* Foundation - think light when in heat 
* Blush - cream blush is better for tan skin 
* Bronzer and Highlights - use bronzer to tan up your normal shades you usually use 

These are tips that I have used daily since visiting the Studio. I can not wait to get back and see what other look I can get comfortable creating at home on myself.
I also loved that the Studio has Friday Night Eyes. It's a happy hour form 3 to 7 pm where you can get a beautiful eye make up service for only $10! That is so perfect for a night out! you can get more info on that and the full make up line at Butterfli Me's site! 

Thanks to Butterfli Me Make Up Studio for the awesome tutorial, chatter and girl time! 
See you soon.

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