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Camp Scherman Weekend

Camp Scherman Weekend Rocked our Stars!

Were you a Girl Scout? Do you have a Girl Scout in your family? Have you ever bought Girl Scout cookies?

I was NOT a girl scout, I have one in my family and yes, I have bought them for years. I never realized all the hard work and dedication that goes into Girl Scouts as a whole.

"On their honor" these girls serve in many ways, to show what they are learning and how it can apply to daily life. Service hours, donations collected, animals saved, trips, journeys, camps, cookie selling and much more. These girls put a lot of effort into all that they do with the support of their amazing troop leaders, it seems like the possibilities are endless.

This is our 3rd year in Girl Scouts and my daughter loves it. She is proud to be a Girl Scout and be part of a troop that promotes the Girl Scout way or code if you will.

These girls have donated cookies to our Troops and delivered them personally, collected socks for abandoned felines to help make toys or cat nip filled treats, collected cans for food drives, donated their earned cookie money to Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach and a lot more in just the 3 years these little girls have been a troop. They started out as Daisys and are on to their 4th year or second year as brownies. So proud of their leaders and all of the girls.

This year we were able to attend Camp Scherman - Zoe and I have looked at the fun that all of the camps have to offer, but she just hasn't been totally ready until this summer.

I was privileged enough to be able to attend the Camp Scherman weekend too. I was not sure what to totally expect so I packed up as much nausea meds and inflammation meds I could and said a prayer for the best.
We left last Friday around 2:30pm and thought we would miss a bit of traffic but, if you live out here, you know the 91fwy held us up a bit. It took us almost 3 hours to get there and we passed a lot of cool sights on the way. It's like your taking the route to Julian for apples towards San Jacinto mountains.

Arriving at Camp Scherman on Friday at 5:30pm was perfect. We were able to check in and check out our cabin. It was much better than I expected. I was a bit worried we would have to creep through the woods and fight off woodland animals in the middle of the night as we made our way to the restroom... but... that wasn't totally the case.
Yes we had to walk out of our cabin to get to the restroom but it was literally around the corner of our door, attached to our structure. We also had picnic tables all around us and our cabin happen to have lights and a fridge. Looks like it was a good thing our total number of girls and parents was 10 so we were able to be in the bigger open cabin together. Other troops were in other cabins that had no electricity and were a further walk to the restroom. I was grateful!
Night one was good overall. We were asked to share our cabin with a troop that had a mom that wasn't able to walk as far, so we said of course, cause that is the Girl Scout way! It would have been awesome if they didn't allow their girls to double up on cots and maybe left that for just the moms since there was not enough for our girls to do that as well but hey all good there, no need to be petty, when our girls asked why and what we just said we are trying to do camping as much as we can in the camping fashion. We set up the cots and the girls went to bed fairly easy with a little bit of chatter but hey it's Girl Scout camp and it's exciting.
Night 1 Sunset - #Beautiful #Sunset

Next morning there was a Flag ceremony. LOVED IT! I can't express enough how the Girl Scouts motto has pressed itself into my kiddo but their routine respect for our country and to honor one another is top notch! A troop did the Flag ceremony every morning and every evening. It was awesome to see.

The day itself was filled with so much fun. First up we headed to crafts. Here the girls were able to work on whatever craft they wanted since there were 4 crafts they could do. Our girls had a blast making lanyards, making sun catchers with beads, painting a starry night (the theme of the camp) and helping each other! Not going to lie, I was able to re learn the art of lanyard making and starting, a nostalgic feeling for me for sure.

After crafts we had the opportunity to head over to archery! So many first for us this weekend. This was one of the best  moments spent with my girl at her camp. We were able to learn how to hold and shoot the bow and arrow. It was the best. I totally loved Archery and will most def do it again soon. So Disney Brave like in our fierce GIRL Power of shooting the bow - Loved it!
Loved this so much! Yes I know, we are twins and I love it!
Lunch time! We had lunch served out on the grass. Sandwiches and fruit with chips. Filling and enough to get you through the day to dinner. I mean there is not much time for anything else... these Camp leaders fill the day!

After lunch we were so excited to head over to canoeing! Oh My! Talk about fun. It was our firs time and will not be our last. There were 3 girls and I in the canoe and we toured the lake and had fun re capturing one of our girls hats that fell off and started to float away. So fun. I can not wait to do this again . Being out on the lake was beautiful and the scenery was just surreal. Nature can be so calming when you take a moment to enjoy it.
Can NOT wait to do this again!
We took a hike up to the top of a hill and looked down. WHAT?! There was the lake we were just canoeing in... oh wow.. the beautiful water, trees, rocks where Indians used to crush acorns, all of it was just amazing. Oh, I should mention that, I got service on my phone on that hill at the tippy top... just enough to send my hubby a photo of us girls loving the camp life. I did not have service long enough to get a reply lol haaa.
View of the Lake we did Canoeing in.
Where the Indians of the area used to crush acorns. 
To end the activities it was our troops turn to take a dip in the pool. So refreshing and cool. The girls playing, swimming and laughing. That really is the best noise EVER! Right before we called the girls out for showers one of our troop leaders noticed a small frog in the pool. The girls thought it was so cool to see the frog swimming. We helped it out and saved it's non loving chlorine self  - so cute, so little, so camping!
Do you see what I see!? Our little Froggie!

That's a wrap, the day's activities were done and we headed back to evening Flag ceremony and dinner. All meals also have hoppers. A hopper (not to be confused with Hopper in Disney's Bug's Life) is one girl scout at each table that makes the food runs, sets the table and leads the way in service at each meal. Once again teaching honor, respect, patience, service to others and working together. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Our girls were hoppers on Sunday morning for breakfast.
Every meal was amazing! Shout out to the Kitchen staff at Camp Scherman!
After dinner we gathered for a camp fire with lights (since it is fire season, dry and warm) and watched all the troops perform skits or songs. So much fun and loved seeing all the Camp leaders full of Camp Scherman spirit all weekend long. They never stopped singing or smiling and that made us all feel welcome and willing to do the same in return.
These Camp Leaders really know how to have fun!
Our troops skit song - Hug a Polar Bear - So Cute!

The night was getting dark and with that we were able to take a night hike. Those who wanted to were take on a night hike to see stars. It was super overcast and cloudy while we were there so we did not see any stars but we got a few stories told and we were also told that in the summer when it's clear up at Camp Scherman you can see a shooting star every 15 minutes! We tried but it just was not clear enough but I guess that's all the more reason to get back up to Camp Scherman asap. Hint Hint.
We tucked in for the last night there at camp and got rest for our morning hike to red rock!
At 6am we were up and getting ready for our hike. The amazing camp leaders led us up and over and through to the bottom of red rock. The rock itself is beautiful and so large! It was a semi rock climb and we were told to keep 3 point of contact on the rock at all times. The girls went up ahead of us with a few of the leaders and I hung back at the bottom since I knew I would not be able to make it all the way up. My left side just isn't what it used to be and I cant take the weight and strength needed since my right side is much stronger than my left side.
View From Red Rock - Rock Climb
The girls made it to the top and around. We were all enjoying the view. It was a bit intimidating to see how high up we were and how far back we had to go down!
We started our decline and had to be very careful not to slip and slide down the rock.
We DID it! It was a huge accomplishment and the Camp Leaders were motivating and always happy to help or make you feel good about what you had just done! Seriously the best Camp Leaders that we could have been blessed to have leading us all weekend!
The girls on the way down - slowly but surely 
We walked down and back to camp where our troop was setting up the tables for breakfast and learning what it means to be the hopper. Remember I told you before that each troop does it's part to serve others...We were up. The girls handled being hoppers like champs and rocked it!

After breakfast we all got together and did a final camp closing with "Scouts Own".... a reflective few moments that allow us all to see the beauty of the weekend inside out. It was beautiful to hear the troop that led the "Scouts Own" share their most memorable moments. I know that the girls had so much fun cause Zoe did not want to leave.
Breakfast is served.. thanks Hoppers!

Thank you Camp Scherman, Erin and ALL OF the girls. I have to say that they all rocked it and made our girls feel so comfortable and at ease with all the new things they tried and experienced over the weekend!
A shout out to FLO and all the Camp Leaders - want to say that all the leaders had a great attitude, always smiled and were so kind to the girls and us moms. I love how all of the leaders really loved what they were there for. They ALL showed our girls not only is Camp Scherman amazing but being a leader and a voice to be heard with respect and dignity is brilliantly welcome! THANK YOU LEADERS!
Best CAMP Leaders EVER!
So after much dancing, singing, star gazing, eating, hiking, teamwork, crafts, activities and much more, we did not want to leave and WILL BE BACK for more.

Top 3 things my Girl Scout loved about Camp Scherman:
* The Outdoor Activities - She is now asking to go camping and is on a mission to get us outdoors in the wilderness more often. I'm okay with that too! She loved the different rocks she was able to find too.

* The Archery - she had so much fun learning how to use and correctly shoot the bow and arrow that I myself want to find a place where we can do this mom and me style! We love archery!

* The whole troop in one cabin sharing everything. She said "mom, were together and have a buddy and the buddy changes but we always stick with our troop and help one another" PRICELESS lesson learned and told by my 7yo. Teamwork makes the Dream Work!
We shared a lot of firsts over the weekend - Archery, Canoeing and rock climbing, among others and I am grateful and very thankful for all of them!

For more information on the Camp itself please visit HERE .

Thank you Kelly, Vanessa, our troop girls and the Camp Scherman TEAM for all the efforts put in and done to make such an amazing weekend unforgettable! See you soon!
OnTheGoOC & OnTheGoOCKid
Vanessa and Kelly our Amazing Troop Leaders!

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