Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Give Back to Helping Hands OC and Girls Inc

Give Back to Helping Hands OC and Girls Inc!

Helping Hands Orange County and Girls Inc. is hosting a Back to School Supplies Drive for girls that are in need of the right school supplies to support a successful school year. 
Donating a backpack filled with school supplies will help these children get the education they deserve. I will be donating a backpack and hope that you will do the same! 

Start the school year off right with a full heart and helping hand. 

What I am also liking about this... my fav PR team GigaSavvy is helping spread the word like a wild fire... Help a little or a lot - there are some serious sales going on right now for all school supplies. 

Feel free to drop off your backpack at our Gigasavvy office during business hours or drop it off at the Girls Inc center where TAX ID donation forms will be available: 

Girls Inc.- Youth and Family Center
1815 Anaheim Avenue 
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Contact Ashley Cashdollar at (949)646-7181

Gigasavvy is not accepting cash donations, only backpacks, please. If you would like to make a cash donation, please contact Girls Inc directly. 

Thank you for participating!

Get SOCIAL with it!
Share your experience - tweet from the school supply aisle, instagram your fly new finds - use the hashtag #GigasavvyGives!

Here are some of the needs...

Writing Utensils
Big Pencils for Kindergarten
#2 Pencils
Mechanical Pencils
Red Pencils

Art Supllies
Safety Scissors
“Big Kid” Scissors
Glue Sticks
Elmers Glue
Construction Paper

Elementary “learn to Write” pad
Pocket folders
Facial Tissues
Pencil box
Wide ruled spiral notebooks
Loose Leaf Wide Ruled Paper
Compositions Books
Index Cards
3 ring binders
Graph Paper

Happy almost school year everyone. Have a great rest of summer!

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