Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy 60th Disney - Date Night Tips from my Husband

Happy 60th Disney - Date Night Tips from my Husband

For the first time in forever.... (see what I did there) my husband and I had a date night. It was AMAZING! Thanks to my sister Anne, we had a really great time at Disneyland.
I wanted to share a few of his tips... I have tips for Disney too, but It's very interesting to hear what he has to say since he doesn't go as often!

Tips From the Husband's perspective on a Disney Date Night - (4 hours including drive to and back for kids)
* Go on a Sunday and after 6pm. Seems like people are exhausted by then and some leave early.
* Ride the monorail in - that's one ride and nice lounge on the way in.
* Don't eat much all day and eat in the parks. We like to eat at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. The menu for dinner is all you can eat BBQ and it is amazing.
BTR BBQ is our Favorite
* Ride a few rides...Suggest one before dinner and one or two after. Pirates seems to go fast and Big Thunder Mountain RR flows nicely.
* If you do not have viewing tickets to a show you can do what we did and catch the fireworks from the top of the Mickey and Friends parking structure - we were able to see all of them from front and back of Castle in the sky. The new show Disneyland Forever is beautiful.
Love is in the Air
* On your walk out catch the evening Parade - the New Paint The Night Parade
Paint the Night Parade - Ariel and King Triton
* Leave either right after fireworks from the parking structure or wait it out a bit cause there will be and always is a little rush at that time.
* Bring your kids a sticker, a TsumTsum or some thing... because as much as you try to hide where your date night will be - they always find out. It's like they smell the Pirate's ride on our clothes!

So many Props to take Pics with that celebrate Disneyland60

Side note - some of you know that we do a pay it forward type of fun when we hit the parks. Since we go early and usually do not get to stay late, we always get fastpasses. They are usually for a popular ride in each park (Radiator Springs Racers / Indiana Jones) and a show (World Of Color / Fantasmic) and on our way out we stop people and just offer them. We have only had one family tell us no thanks. So on date night, on our drive, I told my hubs..."babe, it would be awesome if someone payed it forward to us, like we do, never needed it until now" , he agreed. We walked into Disneyland and went straight for his favorite ride (I like it when he gets to do what he likes - he does a lot for us) INDIANA! We walked up and I promise you, a woman and her daughter said.. "Hey.,. do you want our fastpasses, we are not staying and don't need them" ... wait what?! YES PLEASE and THANK YOU to both of them. Okay, I am done.. but what I really want to say is.. Be KIND, Pay It Forward and You DO NOT need a lot of anything to do a little good! I am blessed.
Fastpasses that were handed to us at Indiana Jones

This was the first of hopefully many Disney date nights to come!

Wishing Disneyland a HAPPY 60th and Can not wait to see my family smile in your parks soon!

Our Fav!

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