Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ringling Bros Circus Xtreme is Amazing!

Cannons, Tigers, Flying high on a wire and so much more, the Circus Xtreme kept us on the edge of our seats for 2 hours!
At the Honda Center for Circus Xtreme
We were lucky enough to go as a foursome not just the kids and I this time. My hubs was excited to go since it's been a few years and he actually likes it. 
The kids were excited to see specific things. My son wanted to see the bikes doing tricks and my daughter wanted to see the tigers and high wire. Everyone was able to see what they wanted to and we all enjoyed it very much. 

My daughters favorites:
* the TIGERS!
* the clowns during the pre show 
* the gymnasts 
Pre Show Tattoo

My sons Favorites:
* the Cannon

* the bike stunt show 
* the super fun trampoline flips and flights of Free Xpression 

My Husband always loves to watch the "Wheel of Steel" and Benny in Bravery Xemplified

I love it all and the music that goes with it. The Musicians Xtraordinaire band is just amazing as the Ringling Bro. Band!
We all had such a great time. Thank you Feld Entertainment and the cast of Circus Xtreme for an amazingly entertaining, on the edge of our seats, show!

You cant forget the sweet treats you always get at the Circus too!
Popcorn Popcorn get your popcorn!

We love the Greatest Show On Earth! You can still buy tickets to see the show at the Honda Center through August 2nd! Check out their Special Offers too and have a great time.

On our way out we were given Chick Fil A cards for a Free entre

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