Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Savor Santa Ana was a HIT!

Savor Santa Ana was just perfect!

Huge shout out and thank you to my girl +Melodi Steinberg for the invite to the hot foodie event in downtown Santa Ana. It was awesome and the tastes were so flavorful I wish we could have had 3 more hours of fun and eats. 

We started off at the VIP table and got our goodies. Off to the bar to redeem our drinks and we took our shots with a smile. Yes we started off with a bang. When you only have a few hours of mom time aka gno aka the savor Santa Ana event .... you make the MOST of it!

We hopped onto the trolley, yes I did see it as the air bus, when it clearly said ART BUS. I blame the tequila shot that's all... and made our way to some smashing eateries. 

Everything was just amazing but some of my favs were:
*KTCHN DTSA where we had the most tasty Chilaquiles
* the Little Sparrow where we had a cocktail that was so tasty and creative - yes please may I have another!
* Taquerias Guadalajara and that was some amazing Ceviche 
Everything was very fresh and all the tastes I had, I would most definitely come back for!

Cant wait until the next Savor Santa Ana - where the art meets the food masters and your tummy if full of great eats!

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