Friday, August 14, 2015

Discovery Cube OC Is Cool Summer Fun

Discovery Cube OC is keeping Summer Cool!

We had so much fun at +DiscoveryCubeOC . yesterday. We had not been there in a few years. We most definitely had not seen the expansion and we were super impressed with it all!

So excited as we exited the freeway my kiddo had to snap a pic!

My daughters 5 favorite activities yesterday were:
* Planetary Research Station - Where we sent a satellite into space and tracked it.
* The Shake Shack - Interactive Earthquake 
* The Winds of a Hurricane - See how much force of the winds you can tolerate! 
* The Helicopter Tour - Very realistic flight simulated over sights like Irvine, Newport and OC Landmarks. 
* Inspector Training Course  - Goes hand in hand prep to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit there now!
She heard there was going to be a Hot Wheels  event and wants to attend with her brother since she says that is his favorite... well it is for sure his fav!  

Grocery Shopping - Scan and Save!
There is so much to see and do we did not want to leave but we had to pick up my son from summer school so we had to head out for the day. We got all of this fun in between 10am and 1pm. So much more to do so we will be returning. 

We were unable to see the Rocket Lab area since it was closed for the day but I hope to return with my husband too, I know he will love it!

Also DID YOU KNOW that Discover Science OC has kids camps. Find out more here!

Until next time...
OnTheGoOC & OnTheGoOCKid

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