Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Friday!

Friday Fun Facts!

I thought it would be fun to go through and see what everyone thinks about their week. Some fun facts about how the week went!

Here are some things that went on in our world..

* Started School this week - yup back to school. We put on our +Pediped footwear and worked it this week with smiles!

* We got invited to the media night of +Knott's Berry Farm #ScaryFarm ! This is exciting since my husband and I are both fans of it and have not gone in a few years. I am most looking forward to the Special Ops, skeleton key rooms and my girl Elvira!!! Love her.

* AYSO soccer starts this week. With #AYSO it is all volunteer so I am offering my services of a good involved parent as team mom. Watch yourself. I am OCD and here we goooo. 

* I was invited to a dinner hosted by @MaroWoodGrill in Laguna Beach and +GigaSavvy ! Can not even explain how exciting this is. Love meeting new amazingly smart and friendly people and chatting with my friends I miss so much!

* It was my birthday this week - It was low key, full of family and I loved it. 

* I was sent the Invite for the +IrvineParkRailroad Pumpkin Patch fun and I can not wait to run my giveaway to share the fun with other families! Best Park ever!

* My friend of over 15 years found out  she has been and is being cheated on by her husband of over 20 years. They are highschool sweethearts, or so SHE thought. This week I have learned that anyone can be mean, hurtful and just low, even those you don't expect it from, I have also learned that a woman who was totally manipulated and held back from speaking her mind can stand up for herself, be strong one day at a time and in a week show that SHE wants her life back! So proud of my sister friend that I was honored she leaned on me this week, let me cry with her, laugh with her and most of all comfort her. Bless this woman and her kids. I know shes got a tough road ahead of her but i also know that SHE'S GOT THIS!

* It's almost Friday and I am tired but I am so happy that I have my family, friends and most of all my knowledge of self worth. I am grateful for the person I am and for those who love me as I am. I am proud to be a friend, a sister a mother and most of all a woman with an open and kind heart. I am one that is nice but my niceness should never be taken for weakness... that it is NOT. 

This week brought a lot of laughs, tears, reminded me to have a humble attitude and feel I blessed with the strength to get through it. Soooooo....

Is It Friday YET?! Yes Yes IT IS!

Happy Friday everyone, 

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