Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dude, Let's Get Some Curry!

Dude, Where's My Curry 

PC Dude, Where's My Curry
Have you tried Curry before? I bet you have never tried Curry like the Curry at "Dude, Where's My Curry", in Foothill Ranch! I was able to taste all their dishes and guess what.. you can too!

It is NO secret that I love to cook. If you follow my posts, you see that I cook Curry, often!

I was so eager to check out the variety of dishes and the spice level at Dude, Where's My Curry to see how it stood up to my own homemade version. 

So remember when I said you can try it all too... well my most favorite part about this awesome Curry joint is that you can taste any or all the dishes they serve. Yes, taste! Try a sample of something you have never had before and I know you will like it. 
Sample any and all the Dishes
Get a Combo Plate - 1, 2 or 3 items. 
The way they make their dishes is almost all oil free and you can feel it. After I tried everything they had I still ate half of my 3 item plate. The portions are so big that you will have leftovers if you want by going with a multi dish combo. 

I really enjoyed how the staff takes a lot of pride in how they cook, serve and display the dishes to those that have or may have not tried Curry before. The staff is very dedicated to serving the great tastes with an awesome attitude. 

Did you know there are spice levels you can select from and dishes at Dude, Wheres My Curry that are vegetarian!? I had never tried the bean dishes and or the vegetable curry and loved them both! 

It is refreshing to see someone bring traditional family recipes to our local community. The fresh herbs, spices and ingredients used really do bring out the bold flavors in what Curry should taste like. 

My fav's so far are the Chicken Malai, Chicken Bhuna and the Mixed Vegetable Curry. 

A few things to know:
* Try everything - really use the sampling as a way to experience new Curry tastes!
Samples anyone?!
* The owner Rohit is dedicated to bringing good, quality, cultural food to OC. He uses recipes that his family has passed down for years and incorporates a lot of pride into recreating his father's dishes. 
* They make in house homemade Ice Cream - it comes in three flavors - Mango & Rose Water, Pistachio and Cardamom. All tasty but loved the Pistachio. 
* They serve a traditional Indian drink called the Mango Lassi. A yogurt based mango drink with a hint of Rose water. It was refreshing and tasty. 
* They deliver! Call it in.
* They make their Naan Bread fresh and I mean FRESH in their traditional Indian Clay oven. 

I hope you get a chance to try their dishes out too - Heads up they will be at the Taste of Lake Forest, get your sample there! Check out their full menu here! 

Thank you to Rohit and his team for an amazing dinner full of laughs and tasty eats. 

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