Friday, October 2, 2015

Knott's Spooky Farm Opens This Weekend - What my Kids Are Looking Forward To Doing!

Are you ready for Spooky Farm at Knott's!?

Camp Spooky Banner
PC Knott's
We can not wait! This will be my son's first year and we are all excited for him to attend. Look out Peanuts bunch, here we come. 

What are the deets?! 
Spooky Farm opens this weekend and we will be there to report back all about it!
* Perfect for ages 3 to 11
* Celebrating Cheer not Fear 
* Costumes welcome for contest
* Day time fun 
* Dance Party
* Creepy Crawler Cabin 
* Ghost Town Trick or Treating 
* Charlie Brown and all his friends in a show
and much more...

What my kids are looking forward to doing at Knott's Spooky Farm!
* Dressing up... costume parade anyone?!
* Seeing the peanuts gang especially with their movie coming out soon
* Candy uh duh ...trick or treat Charlie Brown!
* Rides my daughter says she is happy to see her lil bro ride the rides she first rode in Camp Snoopy!
* Eating food they love the grub at Knott's !

Thank you Knott's for the Invite to attend and we can not wait to share all the fun that can be had.
Snoopy here we come!!

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