Monday, September 21, 2015

Make Some Noise! Kidz Bop 30 OUT THIS WEEK - Pre Order Now

We are so excited that +KIDZ BOP 30 will be out this week!

We already know what our favs will be on KidzBop30! 
PC Kidz Bop 
Here is the list of tracts on the CD - Do you know what your favorites will be?

* Bad Blood 
* Hey Mama 
* Cheerleader 
* Worth It 
* Fight Song 
* Where Are U Now 
* Somebody 
* Lean On 
* Uma Thurman
* You Know You Like It
* Photograph 
* I Don't Like It, I Love It
* Elastic Heart
* Watch Me
* Make Some Noise

Did you know you can listen to some of these NOW! Get a sneak preview of a few of these songs off of Kidz Bop 30 NOW HERE!

Pre Order your Copy HERE - On Sale Now for $13.98!!!!

Have fun with Music and Music that is good for the whole family.
OnTheGoOC & OnTheGoOCKid

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