Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kicking off 2016 With Some GOALS!

Goals, Resolutions and more for 2016!

Super excited for this year already. There are many things in the works and to work on. 

Today's rain bring me to my desk and with a few moments to reflect on what I want to get done in 2016, short term, long term and NOW. 

I have a lot to catch up on for my blog. I have been wanting to update a few things and also learn a few more things to keep it fresh, organized and up to date. 

I want to updated a daily check off to do chart for my kids. They each have their routines and daily activities and it is getting harder to keep track of it all on my own. With this I hope to teach them that they too can handle a check list and make it happen to help mama! Thanks for the idea Jen over at Balancing the Chaos blog. 

With meal prep I hope to get some new ideas in the mix. I have my favs that the family loves but I need more and I would love it to be multi cultural! Ideas... drop me a comment below and Ill try it out and reply back!

Be more social on Live streaming. I love that my blog is video friendly... I love to snap vids, do live coverage and be goofy all the time. I hope to get the opportunity to do more of this with my daughter Zoe. 

Family time. This is always a priority but with my husband working so much it is totally a hit and miss. Usually I am with the kids and he gets to join us here and there. I want to appreciate those here and there moments more and know that he is doing his best to give us what we need and the moments we are all together are a gift of time to make memories so we will do just that!

Exciting news, we welcomed our new Nephew into the world with my amazingly strong sister in law Miriam. May God bless you and your family of 4 now. 

There is so much more that I hope to add to this list as I figure out what the next step for each challenge or event may be but I am eagerly looking forward to the positive blessings that I will give and that will come within this new year. 

Keep an eye out for my son's +Pretend City Children's Museum Birthday review, we had a blast and are still recovering from all the EduFun that was had for over 4 hours! 

Happy New year and Three Kings Day tomorrow everyone!

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