Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Mason Jar Gift Idea

Valentine's Craft Ideas with Mason Jars and some Creativity 

It's always fun to get a little creative with gifts especially around Valentine's!

We love to bake and make so for us these Mason Jars come in handy all year round but are super cute to stuff with fun or yummies.

We got the idea from a craft we were shown at Orchard Supply Hardware last year.

We got all of our supplies at OSH and Michael's. Always download the apps and use the discounts to save.

Here are the steps we took to create these, we will be doing this again this year and filling them with some sweet treats we make!

Stick your stickers on where you want them
When done with stickers, turn upside down and evenly spray with the color of your choice, then let dry.

Thank you! 

Will Need:
Mason Jars
Spray Paint Color of Choice
Stickers of Choice
Ribbon for top decor
Something to set jar on while spraying and drying

Here are a few more to show off some of the fun we had with different stickers and colors! Personalize each Mason Jar with the colors and stickers you know your loved ones will like.

We were having so much fun we made a few extras!


 We always have so much fun doing this DIY craft, it will be a favorite of ours forever! I love that it can be changed up with stickers to accommodate any occasion.  

The Cost was under $15 for 10 mason jars, multiple stickers, two colors of paint in small jars and some clearance ribbon. Used coupons on the apps for Michael's.

Another fun time spent with my kiddos making something for someone else... WE LOVE IT!

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