Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Buena Park - New Orchard Supply Open NOW *GIVEAWAY*

There's a new OSH in town!

Look out SoCal there is another beautiful Orchard Supply location in Orange County. Right next to all the action in Buena Park, Orchard Supply has set up a beautiful corner lot spot that is glowing with goodies from home to garden and beyond. 
Grand Opening THIS Weekend!
I was able to check out the new store and all it's amazing offerings last week. In a nut shell, still my favorite do it yourself one stop shop, to get the things this DIY mama needs. 

We met with the store operations team from the behind the scenes to the daily customer satisfaction specialists. Everyone is beyond helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help "it" happen, whatever "it" may be for you!
Drought Resistant Succulents
The entire store is laid out as if it were a new phone and totally user friendly. Aisles have labels and there are unique items that are specialty as well. I did not know that there was a lot of construction that goes on in and around Buena Park, but because there is, this location carries a bunch of durable work related apparel. Yes, clothes, I know! 

In the garden center they still have their no die guarantee, buy it, plant it, bring it back if it does for re planting! Look at all the succulents and wonderful flowers, plants, trees and more that are on hand ready to be grounded!
Beautiful Garden Center
Did you know that Orchard Supply carried Rain Water storage barrels. Yep, get ready SoCal, El Nino is coming and you can be prepared. 

I was fascinated on the bird houses, in fact since it is bird month, I bought one to take home for my kids to set up. They are so cute, detailed and the price is great.
Happy Bird Month!
On a side note, the mason jars that I bought to do my Valentine's Day Craft were $2 cheaper at OSH than they were last year, so I would say that is a win, I always need mason jars!

What I love most is that everyone in store is friendly and has a great personality. It is almost like the service level is that of Disneyland, and well it is an amusement park for fix it and DIY!
Bird Houses!!
I had such a great time on our tour, I am really liking that each store has the same values but their own personality! The DIY and crafts that they are personalizing it with are spot on. I can not wait to see this location hopefully set up some DIY nights we can register to attend!!

If you are local to the area, head over to the Buena Park location, you can check out their Community Board, where they will post what they are doing with and in the community locally. Very cool. 

I hope to be working with Orchard Supply in the next few weeks to bring some DIY projects to my readers.
Duck Tape for ever and ever!
Do you have any ideas or DIY projects that you have been wanting to do? I have wanted a raised garden bed for our porch for ever!

Beautify Your Space Inside Out with Orchard Supply! Find a location near you HERE!
Join club Orchard and get coupons, tips and more HERE!
See my Valentine's Mason Jar Craft HERE!

Leave your ideas and DIY ideas in the comments...but before you go enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Orchard Supply Hardware! 

Good Luck to all who enter. 

All opinions and writings are my own, the gift card was given to me to give for a reader giveaway by OSH. 

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