Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cantina Plates at El Torito Grill is Perfect for First Friday Nightlife

The festivities are tasty & fun at El Torito Grill in Irvine!

El Torito Grill is special to me.
This is where I would go after working my first job out of college. Where we would meet have a drink some chips and a salad (the dressing oh my gosh) and return a few days later for more fun with friends.

I am so grateful I was able to join in on the new foodie tastes they have going on. With their amazing tastes they have created signature dishes. 

These Cantina Plates are tasty and filling. I have had some GI issues lately and all the dishes I tasted settled well. I did not have any issues with the spices, seasonings and felt like it was a clean cooked flavorful meal. 

Let me show you some of the amazing eats they are offering.
Serious goodness on one plate!

Perfect for one or grab a few and share them, either way they leave you wanting more.

Shrimp and Chorizo Tacos
The Shrimp and Chorizo tacos are full of bold flavors. Cilantro, onion with the mixture of meat and seafood is an explosion of feasts in your mouth.

I also had the Tres Ceviche. I love seafood and this is fresh. My favorite was the one with fresh mango. That sweet and spice with pico de gallo mix is perfect. I also had to take some avocado and toss it on there. Yum!

I say head over to their First Friday fun with friends or family and share so you can taste even more.
Tres Ceviche
The atmosphere has always been great and today it still is just as authentic as ever. The new fresh desserts are savory and sweet. Perfect! 

Mango Ice Cream in Honey and Almond Shell

Talk about authentic...I love that they are using premium tequila. Their drinks are smooth and refreshing and my all time favorite is the ....

Libre Tequila Thin Mint Martini Shot 
The food, entertainment, drinks and company are the best on a night out with or with out the kids...I just happen to get lucky to enjoy this particular evening solo!

The full Cantina Plates menu is here but let me share the goodness too!
* Tres Ceviche
* Charcuterie 
* Filet Mignon Asada Tacos 
* Brie Quesadilla 
* Blue Corn Nachos 
* Fish and Chips
* Shrimp and Chorizo Tacos 
* Mesquite Grilled Steak Sliders

Check out El Torito Grill in Irvine for a refreshing spin on an already awesome classic! You can make reservations and join the E-Club on line too. 

Happy Eating!

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