Monday, February 8, 2016

Legoland Lego Movie A New Adventure 4D Premier

Everything is Cool...I mean Awesome!

Last week we were privileged to be invited to the premiere of the Lego Movie A New Adventure.

We love Legoland and all the sensory friendly rides so that both my kids can enjoy at their own comfort. 

First we had to get in a few rides and by rides I mean apples fries... heehee! 

I always love that kids eat free after 3pm at the Pizza Pasta Restaurant...a win/win for everyone! Look at that face eating her yummy food. She's a foodie in the making...

We loved it. It's funny and fresh. Ties in the old with the new. Not to say too much bit you will really enjoy the Lego Movie 4D!

My daughter said she couldn't stop laughing. She wished it was longer!
My son is on the spectrum and sat through the whole movie and loved the special effect of the 4D experience!

The glasses work with the show best so if your child doesn't keep them on it's ok. If they can't handle them, be prepared and if they leave them on...awesome.

Get all the details on the 4D movie, daily admission tickets and more HERE!


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