Thursday, March 3, 2016

Honoring My Special BFF #UltimateBFFSleepover

Who is your BFF? Do you have more than one?

BFF's are so special. They are diamonds in the rough, so hard to find, but once you do, you never want to let them go!

I have a few BFF's. I have one that is not so close, but is just as special as the one that lives doors away. I have one BFF that is states away, one in another city and one that is in another country. I also have two BFF's in my kids (in a mothering way). I love all my BFF's individually!

Today I wanted to write about the BFF that lives with me. He is kind, patient, funny, loving, honest and an amazing father. He is my husband BFF!

Since Legoland CA is opening up some hotel rooms that are modeled after Heartlake City and Best Friends Forever, I decided that this time, the BFF award goes to my husband. He works extremely hard to be there for us from the roof over our heads to the family fun we are privileged to have!
PC LegolandCA
 I am so glad that I have him a BFF in a hubby too. I am grateful that he is always there to help when he can, support our family, be part of the kids daily lives and go on our crazy family adventures. 

It is not often that we openly share how much we love being our significant other's BFF. He does not take the place of my girls, nor does he take on the role of each of my other significant BFF's. He is his own BFF to me for being my partner in crime, for loving me for who I am, for always being by my side and for telling me I am his BFF wife too!

It would be awesome to spend the night as a family in the Legoland Hotel, especially in the new Heartlake City Best Friends Forever Room! 

Have you seen how fun it looks? Get all the details on the new rooms, hotel and even book a visit of your own HERE+legolandcalifornia 

This is such a cute Lego Kitty - We just convinced him to allow us to keep the kitty we surprised him with against his will... yup I know, I am LUCKY! I hope we get to experience the Legoland Hotel fun soon, where everything is awesome!
PC Legoland CA
Happy Building!

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